Janakpur Nepal Tour | Mithila Kingdom and Railway Train Station, Dhanusa Dham
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Janakpur Nepal Tour | Mithila Kingdom and Railway Train Station, Dhanusa Dham

November 16, 2019

Today we are heading towards
Janakpur, Nepal Birthplace of Goddess Sita The Beauty of Janaki Temple
We will show inner view Electric Museum inside temple Crown used by Sita The Costume of Goddess Sita We Will Show The Exact Marriage
Place of Ram and Sita Thereafter we will move towards
Janakpur Railway Station We are informally informed that
from the month of Ashoj Train service will be re-activad After that we will go to
Dhanusadham Here the bow broken by Ram
is kept This looks like a root
But it is metal The size goes on increasing Beautiful View of Ganga Arati
Performed at Ganga Sagar Hello Everybody
Its me Sachin Neupane Today we are starting the
tour of Janakpur from Itahari We will move Approx 170km west
from here upto Dhalkebar And then turn towards south
for Janakpur Now we are at Inaruwa This is the headquarter
of Sunsari District We are riding on a motorcycle This is a gate of Koshi Tappu
Wildlife Reserve This is extended in 3 districts
Sunsari, Saptari & Udayapur This is the place where Koshi
river changed its route before Whole river flows from here No water was there beneth
koshi bridge that time Before 10 years, I crossed this
Place by boat While on a tour from college Koshi river is not far from here A bridge is being constructed
at this small river Since long time this is not
completed We are very close to
Koshi river This is called Koshi barrage Canals are constructed on both
side to take water to India A mechanism is built to block
and release water here This is built in 1958 This place is in Nepal but is
in control under India Here are total 56 of “gates”
for water This bridge was constructed aftr
the koshi agreement Between Nepal and India This bridge connects Sunsari
and Saptari districts Koshi river is the largest
river of Nepal Its tributories are Arun
Dudhkoshi, Indrawati, Tamakoshi, Likhu, Sunkoshi
and Tamar river Barmajiya is famous for “sweet
Made up of Milk” (Peda) Different names are given for
Peda Shops We have seen different unique
names for Peda shops We halt here for a tea break A lady is making Peda there The Peda of Barmajiya is Pure Pure milk is boiled till it
becomes paste Sister, How long does it take to
prepare Peda? “Four Hours” Is anything mixed except milk? Its of pure milk. But we add
some sugar when it is paste “From where the milk is
Supplied?” “From Koshi Tappu” Is this of cow or buffallo? It is mixed but they say
this as buffallo milk Chure hills lies towards north Its a bright and sunny day We are riding through this
straight Mahendra Highway Mango trees are planted on
both sides of the road The highway is not so busy The vehicles of long route
passes in high speed We may not feel thirst while
we are on a long journey Dehydration can cause serious
problem while in a long journey, even if
we are not thirsty, should intae plenty of water This makes us hydrated and
health threats are reduced Moving further, now we are at
lahan city This is one of a main city of
Siraha District Dear viewers, please comment
below your opinion on our video Please subscribe our channel After this, we will upload the o
of Khotang, Okhaldhunga & Solu If you press bell icon
you will be updated We are at Golbazar Weather is favourable The sky seems blue even
it is a rainy season Now we are near Mirchaiya city Previously this place was called
Ramnagar Mirchaiya The northern route from here
goes up to Katari, Ghurmi, Khotang
Okhaldhunga and solu The market area is large
Even it is extending we are near Kamala River This river seperates Siraha
and Dhanusa Districts According to previous division
this river seperates Sagarmatha and Janakpur Zone This bridge used to seperate
Eastern and Central region Now we are near Dhalkebar From this point we will leave mn
highway and turn towards south If you are coming from Kathmandu
or western part, note this place Janakpur lies nearly 25km
south from Dhalkebar One can also take a flight
from Kathmandu to Janakpur We are turning south from here That road on the right is Mahena
Highway Electricity sub-station is
located at Dhalkebar The road towards Janakpur is
being constructed One way and divider at center We are near Mahendranagar That bridge got collapsed
so this new one is made We will drink water at
Mahendranagar again While moving from Dhalkebar to
Janakpur, we are in middle This place is called Mahendranar A person is making “Satu” here “What is the Price?” Rs. 25 per glass Please make 2 glasses Is it delicious? Will it be cold? What are the ingredients? Jeera, Jawan, “?”, ?”, salt, chn
many more are mixed Is this of Barley or Gram? “This is of Gram” “Its Good” Still this is in practice here We are nearby Janakpur city In the middle there is a statue
of Janak Ploughing field Here is a railway crossing Today we will go to railway
station also This historical Mithila City
Janakpur is the birthplace Wife of Lord Rama Now it is a busy city This is Ramananda Chowk four pillars are erected in a c. Our hotel should be nearby here We have booked a room in hotel
Crown Plaza This is zero mile, we may have
left hotel somewhere before We will make a turn here We are at Janakpur now. This is
Hotel Crown Plaza Hotel is perfect, we have
pre-booked that Dont be anxious about the
quality of hotel in Janakpur Hotels are clean, well hospitald
They heartly welcomed us. We will tell you the services of
hotel and rates also We have given the number here
you can contact and book Sir, how are you.
Whats Up Sir where exactly is this
hotel located? “Durga Chowk” Can you please tell the services
and charges of this hotel? What type of rooms are
available? Normal room, AC room,
Non-AC room Triple bed, double bed
and single bed What is the rate of AC room? AC room costs Rs. 2000,
Non-AC Rs. 1250 Is restaurant service available? Yes, we do have restaurant This place is called
Ramananda Chowk. Janaki temple is towards east
from here Dhanus sagar is located near
Janaki Temple At evening, Ganga Arati(Worship)
is performed at Ganga Sagar now we are going east
from Ramananda Chowk This road will take us to
Janaki Temple Near Janaki Temple lies two
important ponds Now we are at This Beautiful
Janaki Temple Lets move ahead Temple was built in 1911 by the
Queen of Tikamgarh, Brishbhanu The more you go near
the more beautiful it will be The palace of king Janak used
to be here at ancient time King Janak was learned and
Saint King Many saints and scholars used
to visit Janak’s Palace According to my experience, it s
better to visit here at morning During day time, it is so hot
At evening photo and video will be destroyed due to
antilight as sun is in west We are getting inside the templ.
Another temple is made inside It is so beautiful So beautiful We will put tika in forehead
from priest Inside the temple there is
a museum we can find many information
related to Mithila culture, Sita and Janak Lets get inside Mithila Paintings over the wall These statues are electrified
and are movalble Statue of Tulasidash Reading
Ramayana The view of Janaki temple
from Museum Dhanush Mahayagya Ram and Sita getting Married This is the crown used
By Goddess Sita This is how the Crown
of Sita looked like Its dark here so we are
using additional light This is the crown of Janaki’s
“Bigraha Sarkar” Its “Chandrika” a type of
Jewelleries wear on head Here are the costumes Sunday costume Saturday Costume Wednesday Costume This is of Tuesday For Monday, Dress according
to particular days are kept here Antique jewelleries No information is pasted here
It looks like jewelleries This Mithila Painting shows
“Holi” festival Outside the Temple, Sweets are
arranged here Flower Garland and sweeets The famous sweet is
“Motichur Laddu” Please Subscribe our Channel After this we will come up with
Video of Khotang Halesi Okhaldhunga and Solu Which one is the
“Motichur Laddu?” What is its price? Rs. 10 Per Piece I want to have one. This is Motichur Laddu It is still hot. Is this made
recently? “Yes” Religious items are kept
outside the temple for sale Nearby the Janakai temple
is Ram Janakai Marriage Site Is temple inside here? First take tickets Can we take photos
here also? Photo studio here This temple is the same place
where Ram & Sita got married Lets get inside and see A priest is sitting at door
We should put tika here Ram and sita got married
here Dear viewers, please give
your opinion reagarding video Those who haven’t subscribed
Please subscribe now This is Ram Sita Bibah Mandap This is aside Janaki Temple This is Janaki Temple Perfect Lighting from this
side, Previously was antilight Tomorrow we will take video
again for good lightings We are going towards the
Front side of Bibah Mandap ********* we are at Janakpur Railway
Station The only one railway service
of Nepal From Janakpur to
Jayanagar (India) Now the tracks are being
changed to broad guage Currently no rail service is
provided here From Ashoj, Broad Gauge rail
will provie services If any authorized person are
there, then we will ask details Lets get inside Dear viewers, please comment
your opinion below We are getting inside the
Platform to see the changes A type of vehicle is here Nothing else than tracks Janakpur Dham written here Taking Bicycles and Motorcycles
is Prohibited inside platform Previously this was narrow
gauge, now is Broad Gauge What we have seen is, this is
not for electric train No infrastructure are built
for electrifying From the month of Ashoj
Rail service will resumed Now we are going towards
Dhanusadham This is the highway towards
Dhalkebar, we will go bit north We should go towars east
from Baba Petrol Pump For Dhanusadham While you are at Janakpur
you must visit Dhanusadham It is very important
religious destination Ram broke the bow to marry
sita, broken part is kept here Easy access of road Today we will be back again
to Janakpur for Ganga Arati Dhanusadham is at 20km
North-East of Janakpur many people just visit Janakpur
They dont go to Dhanusadham Just 5/6 km north from here
Main highway is accessible Now we reached Dhanusadham
Temple That “Shivadhanush” which Ram
has broken is kept here We will have talk with priest
also. Lets see Front view of Dhanus Temple Shiva Dhanus that ram has Broken
one piece remained here This may be the root of tree
but this is of metal It is undefined This is even not stone
It is said to be increasing Before 7 years, when i visited
This part was not there In my view, its increaing
as well This is “Kunda” (natural hole
of water) The level of water depict good
and bad condition of country Today, a group of 200 people
visiting here from India The next side also got extended I dont think this was so big
previously This is increasing This is like iron its like metal When i visited 7 years ago
This was not so big Small area is increased The size of this is increasing This may be a root But it is like metal
as iron The size used to increase I cant say what exactly this
is We consider this as the bow
influence of boken piece We have returned to Ganga
Sagar Boating is also available We have returned from
Dhuanusadham Ganga sagar and Dhanush
Sagar lies side by side Janakpur itslef is a city
of ponds


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