It’s a Kinder Joy Train! Kinder Eggs are hidden along the tracks, can you find them? Train Lab fun!
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It’s a Kinder Joy Train! Kinder Eggs are hidden along the tracks, can you find them? Train Lab fun!

October 10, 2019

(upbeat piano groove) (train whistles)
– [Kids] Trainlab! – Hey guys! And today there is Kinder Eggs hiding… (xylophone up and down musical scale) in the Trainlab! And the trains are gonna find
’em, and put them on ships, and bring ’em over to the store. And Cody and I are gonna
divide them and open ’em. – [Dad] Where are they hiding? – [Eric] We can’t tell you. – [Dad] Where are they? Where are they? – [Eric] I’m sti– in here. – [Dad] It’s in the metro
station? Whoa, cool! It’s a Kinder Egg! Quick, bring it over to the ship. – [Eric] Cody! – [Dad] Where’s the other Kinder egg? Oh! I see one! – [Eric] Oh look inside this mountain! – [Dad] Where is it? – [Eric] I think it’s in here. – [Dad] Ding, ding, ding,
ding! Oh, fantastic! – [Eric] Bring it over to the ship, quick! Bring it over to the ship, quick Thomas! Quick, quick, quick, to the ship! – [Dad] Oh, might have
to get, there we go. Little bit of the magic.
Okay, bring it to the ship! (upbeat folksy guitar) (train whistles) Alrighty, now it’s a–
– I’l find the last one. – loaded ship. Where is the last one? – [Eric] I think I see one–
– Where is it? – In the, I think I see one under here. – [Dad] Is it? Oh, there it is! ‘Kay, let’s load up the
skiff pontoon boat here! – [Eric] Yeah. – [Dad] Cody, can you
drive the big cargo ship? – [Cody] Um, I’ll grab the little one. – [Dad] Okay, alright let’s go into port! (ship sounding horn) Oh here we are! At the Trainlab docks! (ship sounding horn and docking) – [Eric] Okay! Grab away! – [Dad] Here he comes,
he’s going to the store! He’s taking it up so we can sell it to some fortunate young kid. – There we are.
– Yeah, which is us, right? – [Dad] Uh-huh! Alright. Wow, look at that hauling all that load all the way up!
Kinder, yay! Hi guys, what would you like today? – We would like these three Kinder eggs. – [Dad] These three Kinder eggs? Okay, that’ll be three
million dollars please! – Here! – [Dad] Thank you! Three million dollars.
Oh, here’s your change! – [Eric] Let’s open them
and see what they are. – [Dad] What did you get? Huh, that looks interesting. Oh, looks like it’s a
ball or something, huh? – [Eric] I wonder what mine is? – [Cody] I don’t know what, what is this? – [Dad] I dunno, kinda looks like a– – [Cody] Ooh, I know how,
I think it’s directions. – [Dad] Oh, it’s a wizard with a maze. Oooh yummy, that looks good. Looks like it’s some sort
of a inspecting device. How many crystals? It is, looks like it’s a spying device. It’s a magic Kinder app! There he is, he’s a wizard! – [Eric] Look out! – [Dad] You can take him on a train ride. Here’s a spoon, Cody. Mm, looks pretty good. The cream on the bottom and
the wafers in the middle. What a nice surprise. – [Eric] Mine didn’t come with a spoon. – [Dad] Yes it did. There’s your spoon. – [Eric] Oh. Cool, those are really nice
little surprises, aren’t they? There we go, now you can
take a look at stuff. You put it underneath there
and you can see it magnified. Whoa that’s cool, like
look at leaves and stuff. Huh, cool, that’s an app. So we got a wizard and a magnifying glass. And some yummy treats. Alright guys, thanks for watching! – [Kids] Thanks for watching! – [Dad] Yum, hope everybody has a treat! (train whistles)
– [Kids] Trainlab!


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