INDIAN IN CHINA | Bullet Train Review | Vlog 1 🇨🇳🇮🇳
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INDIAN IN CHINA | Bullet Train Review | Vlog 1 🇨🇳🇮🇳

November 8, 2019

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our vlog this is our first china vlog Right now we are in Qingdao railway station Waiting for the train which will arive in an hour which will take us to Beijing railway stations in china are very different from indian ones this is fully covered and its air conditioned. you can only go on platform if your train is about to arrive like airports most people here take away their food and eat it in the train maybe thats why there are so many restaurants and souvenir shops here this right here is the bullet train this is our first time experiencing this our coach is the last one in the train lets see how the experience inside is the journey is for 4 hours total and around 800 KM lets see how the atmosphere inside how they have built it how. is the cleanliness and seats its going to leave by the time we reach there so we have arrived this is looking clean this is our seat it looks so modern good air conditioning our ticket was around 3200 Rupees for that amount of money its a good deal because its a long journey around 4 – 4.5 hours inside bullet train if it was a normal train it would take 13 to 14 hours lot of leg room the interrior looks like an first class airplane look at this lighting doesnt feel like we are in an train this is our first experience looks good so far this is the seat you can put down your food or drink here this is the leg room out train is about to leave in about 10 minutes right now we just witnessed a fight police is also here now the people in 2 seats front the guy in front pulled his seat back and hit the kid so the guy who moved his seat back he started fighting with the family behind him first it was between the father then his wife started fighting too then the father left with the kid but wife kept fighting and she got angry and hit the guy on his face he had a cut on his face and he was bleeding thats why police is here and now we have reached beijing our journey took 5 hours we left Qingdao around 11:30 and now its close to 5 and right now we are in south beijing the whole experience of the bullet train was very good in only 5 hours we covered 1000 km the train was very fast and clean as compared to trains i have traveled in the past this one is the best. the seats were very comfortable there was food inside too but we didnt buy any but the way they were selling the food it was very clean and the toilets were really clean when you see railways toilets in india they are usually dirty because so many people use it but these toilets felt like airplane toilets they also had paper covers for the toilet seats which i have not seen elsewhere overall experience was excellent! this was our video for today if you liked our video please hit the like button and if you want to watch more videos like this in future please subscribe


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    Bro I like you vlogging style.

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    welcome to China !

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    awsome video , seen many china vlogs but from a indian will be much better , keep making more and many videos

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    Hindi vlogger ko dekhne ka mazaa hi kuch aur ha yaar.. Great job
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    Any English subtitle ? Thanks .😂

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