Hyperloop Vs Bullet Train in INDIA Which is BETTER ? Detailed Comparison
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Hyperloop Vs Bullet Train in INDIA Which is BETTER ? Detailed Comparison

October 12, 2019

Hello friends welcome to our channel social life friends two types of Technologies trains are coming to India first bullet train and second is Hyperloop today we will talk about this in detail and compare them and see that which train will be best for us watch the video till the end I am ahaan and you are watching social life lets start the video first we will talk about bullet train in sept 2017 japan’s pm shinzo abe and PM Modi launch this work the bullet train which is coming to India is of e5 series named shinkansen and its length is 253 m its whole body is made up of aluminium and its estimated speed is 320kmph now we will talk why these train’s are so fast first the shape of these trains are of aerodynamics which means it cuts the air and moves easily and these trains does not have locomotive engines and these trains are light weighted it’s big advantage is the tracks these tracks are not like general tracks this tracks are specially made to maintain and operate high speed train these trains have ATCS( automatic train control system) whenever A train travels tracks have sensors which senses the train and transfer that information to another train for this reason accidents chances decreases in bullet train and Japan has a record of one single Bullet train accident in last 50 years now you will talk about Hyperloop train first of all Hyperloop train Technology is new in the world and not yet operational only some trials are being conduct on this we will see what Hyperloop train is first of all a vacuum tube is present i.e Hyperloop and in the tube tracks will be laid track will be of magnetic levitation the train will not touch the track but it will be propelled up above tracks for this reason its speed will be more than aeroplane speed that can be more than 1000 kmph the transport carrier will not be a general train like thing which has 10-15 coaches its not like that it will be a pod which will be transported from one place to another place and that pod will be low pressure tube which takes electric propulsion through it and will be transported and this is Hyperloop theory many experts have rejected this theory completely and some have accepted it and it is elon musk dream project and many different companies are trying to make it and new lets see what is India’s role in this hyperloop in February 2018 Memorandum of understanding was signed between Maharashtra Government and Hyperloop one company according to this and Hyperloop track will be laid between Mumbai and Pune the distance between these two cities is nearly 150 km and travelling between these two cities takes time from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours government wants to reduce this time and for this reason hyper loop technology is being used and if this technology is successful then the distance which is taking 2.5 hours will be covered in 25 minute friends these are two Technologies which are coming to India and now we will see their progress first we’ll talk about bullet train bullet trains total length is 508 km which will cover from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and the target is to build 12 new stations in between total project cost is estimated $17 billion when we see its progress 1400 hectares of land is required to the government to run bullet train but till July 2018 0.9 hectares of land has been acquired by government government is talking to people and trying to convince them and now in Gujarat High Court case is going on when will be the result declared ,and what will be the result and when the government will acquire the land and when it work will start and its a later thing and now we will see the progress about the new technology coming to the world work comp Hyperloop is going on very fast and for that a 15 km test drive is being built in pune and trial run will be done on that after trial run safety measures will be checked to see whether it is suitable for passengers or not after that only this work project will be approved and after that its construction will be started and 15 km track is being built whose estimated cost is 3000 crores and this test track is to be completed before 2019 August this are the details of two trains now let’s talk about which is better for us firstly let us compare the speed our bullet trains maximum speed will be 320 kilometres per hour if Hyperloop succeeds, then its maximum speed will be thousand km per hour which means Hyperloop will be way faster than bullet train now let’s talk about the cost Hyperloop one’s founder Richard Branson has told that Hyperloop will be built within the half price of bullet train but if we look at the facts he is wrong as for only 15 km of track 3000 crores are being spent which means for one km track, it will cost 200 crores while to construct a track of one kilometre for Bullet train it will cost around 120 crores from this we can understand how costly is Hyperloop whenever a new Technology arrives, it is always costly later on it is made cheap by doing R and D and many other processes on it now let us talk about the passenger capacity India’s bullet train was estimated to have 10 coaches and 750 passengers capacity but now its 16 coaches and 1250 capacity now lets talk about the hyperloop capacity this will not contain any coaches, their will be a pod used to transport from one place to other which will have passenger capacity of 15-20 and maximum of 30 this means a pod will travel from Mumbai to Pune within 25 minutes but will carry only 25 people you may say that many pods will be available for travel lets talk about the scenarios if two pods are sent one after the other reaching half distance then in one hour only 90-100 people can travel if its 4 pods in an hour then 200-250 people can travel not more than this this means that bullet train can transfer more people in measured time there is no doubt that Bullet train will be a lot costlier than general trains as its technology is completely different and speed is great if a common man can afford this? we will get to know only after the launch of this train and its expected to launch on 15th august 2022 and we hope that this gets completed before the day now we can say that Hyperloop is only ahead with respect to speed that too if it is successful and completely operational apart from this Hyperloop Technology Falls behind in every aspect and Hyperloop can become a barrier to the bullet train as after the completion of Ahmedabad to Mumbai track, this will be extended to Southern cities for more economic benifit cities like Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad will be connected and to connect these cities from Mumbai it should go via Pune fo more profits but as Hyperloop will be already operational from Mumbai to Pune, bullet train can face many issues as connecting via Pune to the southern cities will benefit the bullet train more thus we can conclude that bullet train is far better than Hyperloop now the question is, is bullet train the only option for India? it’s not the case amazing if we compromise in speed somewhat and go for semi speed trains cost will be very less as an example, train 18 has a maximum speed of 180 kmph which is known as the semi speed train while bullet train has 320 kmph which is known as high speed train this brings a difference of 140 km per hour but if we consider the cost, then bullet train tracks cost 120 Crores per kilometre but as train 18 will run on our general tracks, it will cost us very low which is 8 crores per kilometre that means train 18 costs 8 crores while bullet train costs 120 crores per km of track from this we can understand how much cost we can save if we go for train 18 and train 20 like Technologies for long distances but we have to compromise on speed if you want to support as you can donate on Paytm Paypal and patreon that’s it for this video, post your opinions about this topic and suggestions in the comment box like the video subscribe to us if you are not yet subscribed, thanks for watching


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