How to Ride the London Tube
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How to Ride the London Tube

October 13, 2019

♪ Yellow productions presents… ♪ – How to ride the London Underground. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are
fun, informative, entertaining and in this video I’m
going to be telling you everything you need to know to ride the Underground, also known as the Tube. While it may seem complicated at first, after you watch this
video, you’ll be a pro. I’ve broken it down in
the seven different areas: First I’ll give you the system overview, then I’ll talk about
planning your journey, buying tickets, getting in, finding the platform, riding the train and then finally getting
out of the station. So, here we go. The first thing to know
is a system overview. The London Underground,
also known as the Tube is never known as the Subway. A subway here in London
is a pedestrian underpass. The London Undergound is the best way to get across town or to a
different neighborhood in town. Though it may not be the best
way to go a short distance. The Tube stations are
a long way underground, so it can take you quite
a ways on the escalator walking to get to the platform, so if you’re going one or two stops you might be best of walking or taking the bus. The Tube has two hundred
and seventy stations. There are twelve lines
which are named and colored for example the Central line
has also the color of red, it’s the red line. The hours of the Tube: the trains run from 5:30 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday
it’s open till 1:00 a.m. and Sunday it opens a little later, 6:30 a.m. and closes a little earlier at 11:30 p.m. Rush hour in the morning
is from 8 to 10:00 a.m. and then in the evening, from 5 to 7:00 p.m. Those are probably times if you can you want to avoid the Tube, it is definitely most
crowded at those hours and is also more expensive. They have peak fares and off-peak fares. There’s also a few lines that
offer Night Tube service; those lines run 24 hours but only on Friday and Saturday nights. The second thing to know is
about planning your journey before you go someplace, you gotta know where you need to go. Obviously you could wait
until you get to the station ’cause every station has a Tube map but you really want to start planning before you even leave
where you’re standing. You can do that online, there’s Tube maps you can pick up, a handy Tube map that you
carry around with you. But the best way to do it is to download the Citymapper app. Yes, Citymapper you can get
it for iPhone or Android. It gives you great
connections, great suggestions, it’ll tell you the Tube, the bus. It’ll tell you which part of the train you should be in. It’ll tell you how long it takes to walk between stations, it’s really great so you can use that. Google Maps will work in a pinch but the Citymapper really a lot better. The third thing to know about
riding the Tube in London is buying a ticket. And simply put, don’t buy a paper ticket. They do sell paper tickets and unless you’re only going
to ride once in London, it’s totally not worth it. A single one-way paper ticket
is Five Great British pounds. You are best off buying an Oyster card, it’s their stored-value card. It costs Five Dollars to
store some value on it and then you can use
the tap in and tap off. You buy the Oyster cards
at any Tube station. They’ve got a whole bunch
of vending machines, you just go up there, you say buy the card and then you put exactly how much you want to load on it. The machines will take bills,
coins and credit cards, though maybe not your credit card. If you’ve got a foreign card, so so luck on actually
getting those to work. So if you’re not from the U.K or Europe and you don’t have a chip and pin card then make sure you’ve got some cash on you to buy the Oyster card. I find if you’re here for
say three of four days, loading up about 20 pounds is pretty good. The only reason you might want to buy something on paper is if you’re purchasing a travel pass. You can buy a One day Travel pass or a week long travel pass. It depends in that case
how many zones you going, how much it would cost. For shortness of this video I won’t list out the whole prices but I’ll put a link in
the descriptions below that you can look up the
exact prices of the single day and the week pass to determine whether
that’s a better deal . I should mention one good
deal about the Oyster card and the way things work here is there’s a daily cap that’s basically if you ride the Subway about twice it works out to
be then every ride after that is pretty much free. So, that’s nice. The fourth thing to know
is about getting in. Every station has ticket gates so to get in find the
ones that have an arrow that indicates it’s for entry, insert your paper ticket in the slot or tap your Oyster card, the gates will open up. If you have an Oyster it
will show you the balance. You could also use the
contact less credit card to go through but maybe not your credit card if you’re not from the U.K. ‘Kay, once you’re through the ticket gate because you’ve planned your route, you know what line and
direction you need to go to. Look at the overhead
boards you’ll see colors and names and directions so just head that way,
likely down the escalators or some stairs. Once you get to the platform, you’ll see things up on the tops and signs up on the top, that’ll tell you what
time the next departure is and what direction and what leg or spur of the train it’s going. Some lines, they’re just one line but other ones, they don’t travel to all stops, they make a split so make sure you’re going on the
correct split of the train to go to the stop that you want to. And while you’re on the platform make sure to stand behind
the yellow line to wait or when the train gets there, step to the side of the doors, let the people off then get on the train. Make sure to mind the gap there could be a pretty big gap between the platform and the actual train. Sometimes it can be significantly higher than the platform too so make sure you pay attention as step onto the train. Once you’re on the train, either sit or stand Pay attention to the priority seats for disabled or pregnant or older people. Also, if you’re standing
right next to the door pay attention to the doors, the doors are curved so watch your head. If you’re tall the doors are going to kind of come in a little bit like this. When you’re on the train the stops are well announced in English, you can look outside the window and see the stops as well but use the Citymapper app it’ll tell you exactly how
many stops you have to go so just go ahead and count. Once you’ve made it to your stop its time to get off the train. At this point you’re either
going to exit the train and transfer to another train or you’re going to exit the station. If you’re transferring just
follow the same process, look at the overhead signs to transfer. If you’re exiting you’ll be looking for signs that say Way out That’s what to says: Way
out, usually in yellow And then make sure you
go to the correct exit, many stations have different exits. When you get to the exit
just tap your Oyster card or insert your paper ticket. To get out and there you have it. Well thanks for watching I
hope you enjoyed this video If you’ve found it useful please hit the thumbs up button or click on this little
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one of these other videos to watch some of the other videos from our London series, all right. Thanks, bye bye.


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