How to Ride Metro Transit
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How to Ride Metro Transit

October 17, 2019

New to riding Metro? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be riding like a pro in no time! To start
find your nearest bus stop by using our trip planner at or by calling
customer service. It’s always best to arrive a couple minutes early at your stop. As the bus approaches, double check the
route number and destination because many stops are served by multiple routes. Remember: all bikes ride for free! Before boarding the bus be sure to have
your fare ready. For your convenience, Metro offers a variety of ways to pay for your fare. These options include 10 ride tickets, monthly unlimited use passes, or cash payment on board. If you don’t have exact change the machine will
issue a value card with the remaining balance that you can save for future bus
rides. Have a seat and enjoy your ride. About a block from your destination,
request your stop by pulling the cord or pushing the yellow strip. Once the bus is stopped, please exit through the rear doors to make room for the passengers
getting on at the front of the bus. Discover where Metro can take you at

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