HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks
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HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks

December 15, 2019

– Hi guys and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m gonna
be sharing all of my top tips with you guys on how to
recover, or get back on track after eating like absolute crap. If you guys are new
here, hello and welcome. My name is Becca and I
would absolutely love if you would subtribe to my channel if you are enjoying my videos. So that was you can join my little family here on YouTube. But today’s video is going to be all about how to get back on track
after being not so healthy. So in my last what I eat video, I was just totally real
and open with you guys about the fact that I was
super off my normal routine. I wasn’t feeling myself,
I wasn’t eating very well, I wasn’t working out. I talk about why I was like totally off my normal routine in that video. So in that video I kind of
eluded to how I was trying to get back on track, but I didn’t share any
specific tips with you guys. And I definitely have some tips up my sleeve that I wanna share with you. So that is what I’m gonna
be doing in today’s video. But before we dive into
all of my tips and tricks on how to get back on track
after not being so healthy. I do wanna start by saying,
we are all human okay. I may be a registered dietician,
but there are some times where I eat crappy food, I don’t work out. I am not health minded what so ever. We are all human, and it happens
to every single one of us. And with all of that being said, I just want you guys to know
that if you ever find yourself in a situation which, I’m sure you will, cause we’re all human and we all do it. But if you ever do find
yourself in this situation and you do wanna get it
together, get back on track, you don’t need to result
to extreme measures. Lik you know, you ate
badly for a week so now you’re gonna do a three day juice cleanse. Or you’re gonna exercise like crazy so you can burn everything off. You don’t need to do that. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. We can just you know, get back on track. It’s not that big of a deal. And for those of you that know me, who know that I am anti-extreme. So all the tips I’m gonna
be sharing with you, are very practical. They’re all very healthy,
you know, simple tips to administer to just
kind of help ease you back into your healthy lifestyle and get you back on track. Okay so my very first tip is a simple one, but a very important one, and that is you gotta drink your water. Especially after you’ve had a few days or a weeks or a few months or whatever it is of not eating very well, you have got to keep hydrated. We require water for so
many different processes throughout the body, so
if we’re not hydrated, we are just not going to
feel our best in general. Plus drinking lots of
water is going to help our digestive system just
kind of flush everyone out. Just get rid of all of
that crap that we just ate. No pun intended. And lastly and what I think
is probably the most important when it comes to getting back on track, is when we are dehydrated, a lot of the times the
signals that come across to tell us like, hey we’re thirsty, you know we need to drink some water, we need to get hydrated. A lot of times, those
signals get a little muddled when they’re coming through and they come across as cravings. So a lot of times when we’re thirsty, our body’s actually gonna say like, let’s eat some chips, or I really want you know, X Y or Z food. A lot of times they
come across as cravings. So when we’re trying to get back on track, we wanna make sure that
at least at a minimum, at the base line, we are hydrated. So we are at least knocking
out some of the potential weird cravings that can come across and keep us from getting back on track. My next tip doesn’t really
have anything to do with eating or drinking at all. And that is just to get busy. This always helps me so much. When I’ve had a weekend where
I just didn’t really eat very well, and Monday rolls around, I know that I have work to
do, I have to do, you know, this huge to do list, just
stuff that I need to get done. I know I’m not gonna be you
know, layin around on the couch, thinkin about food. I’m kinda bored, I wanna eat that. None of that is going to
happen when you are busy. Now I’m not saying to
completely ignore your body and get so busy that you’re not eating. You should still be
listening to your body, you should still be eating, you should still be fueling yourself with wholesome, nutritious foods. Very important. But if we stay busy,
it kinda just helps us to like tune out those
random, unnecessary cravings of foods that we don’t really need to eat, but we’re only craving em because we just ate a bunch of junk. So whether that is you
know throwing yourself into your work, if you’re at work, or like me, if you work from
home, just sitting down, and just getting some work done, and really focusing on that. Or maybe it’s just knocking
out some household chores. Whether that’s getting some laundry done, or cleaning the house. Occupying your mind with
something productive will just ease into getting back on
track, and keep you from snacking on things that you
probably shouldn’t be eating. My third tip is something
that is very important. And that is, get active. Get some physical activity going. You need to exercise. After you, are eating
like crap a lot of times, we don’t wanna work out because
we feel kind of sluggish, and we just don’t feel our best. Maybe our energy levels are really low, cause we just haven’t
been fueling our bodys with nutritious food. But one of the best ways
to actually get us out of that slump, is working out. So whether that’s you know, getting yourself outside to go for a walk or a run, or going to the gym, or maybe doing a at home workout. Anything that you can do to move your body and get sweating is going to help so much. Exercise releases feel good hormones, like dopamine and serotonin, which really just helps to life our mood. I definitely find that
if I’m craving something not so healthy for dinner, like I wanna order a pizza
tonight, and then I go workout, afterwards, I’m like I don’t
want that pizza anymore. Like get me some veggies and salmon, like I feel good. I wanna keep this going. I wanna eat well. So is definitely a huge helpful tip. My next tip is to eat lots and
lots of fruits and veggies. You probably saw this one coming. A lot of times when we
eat not so healthy foods, whether they contain like refined grains, or added sugars, afterwards
it’s going to make us crave those foods. After you eat a whole
pizza, you’re not like, I could really go for
some roasted asparagus. No, you’re like I want ice cream. So that is just like that
is just unfortunately how our bodys work. So it is important to make sure that you are really poignant and
mindful about the fact that like okay, I didn’t
eat so well over the weekend but it comes to Monday morning, I’m gonna eat lots of fruits and veggies, and whole foods and not processed foods. Because that is really
gonna help fuel my body and just get all those
micro nutrients that I need. And just make me feel really good. Also, fruits and vegetables
contain a lot of fiber. So if you’re having trouble
digesting all of the not so healthy food that you just ate. That fiber is gonna help
kind of move things along. And get that going. And the more whole foods you’re eating, for example, fruits and
vegetables, versus processed foods. The more friend they’re going
to be to your blood sugar. And blood sugar stability
is everything guys. Let me tell you. Blood sugar matters so much. When we eat a lot of junk food, or processed food that has
a lot of refined grains, or added sugars, it’s
unfortunately most likely going to send our blood
sugar out of whack. So you’re gonna en up getting
these really big peaks, and then these really big
dips in your blood sugar. And we don’t want that. Because every time we hit a dip, even if we just ate like
some kind of cupcake or something 30 minutes ago, and it’s still practically in our stomach. Our blood sugar’s gonna drop and our body’s gonna go oh no, we’re low on sugar, I need the carbs. Feed me the carbs, feed me the sugar. And then you’re just
gonna want another cupcake 30, 45 minutes later. So that just gets to be
ina vicious, vicious cycle. So if we’re eating whole
foods, that aren’t really processed, and they have a lot of fiber. And if we’re making sure to
also get in poly proteins and healthy fats, those are
also friendly to blood sugar. And going to keep it
very steady and happy, which is gong to keep our cravings at bay, and therefore much easier
to get back on track. My fifth tip is kind of a fun one. And this is something that I absolutely love to do personally. And that is to go food shopping. So some people probably think I am crazy, cause I actually like to food shop, but it really really gets me
excited about eating healthy. Especially if I’ve had like,
an off week, or weekend, or however long it may be. If I go to like Trader Joe’s, or my local grocery store, and I just pick up, some good produce, and I pick up some
different healthy snacks, maybe like some fruit and nut mix, or stock up on Almond
Butter, or Peanut Butter, things that I just, like
healthy little things, staples I like to have on hand. It gets me really excited
about eating healthy. Cause I’m like, oh, I have
all this like good stuff that I’m stocked up on. I don’t need to eat that crap, like look at all this you
know, yummy healthy food that I just got. So that is kind of a
random tip, but definitely something that helps me get back on track. So those are my five top
tips to get you back on track or recover after eating like crap. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and learned something from it. Don’t forget to subscribe if you are new, and haven’t already. I would absolutely love to have ya. And of course, if you guys have yet to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, I would love to see you on there as well. But that is all I have for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching it. And I look forward to
seeig you in the next one. Bye. (upbeat music)


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