How to change train from Shin-Osaka to Midosuji Line + Shin-Osaka Station guide!! #058

November 19, 2019

So you can take rest at here those are souvenir they have around this area Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV
I am Rion I come to shin-Osaka station I’m gonna show you how to change the train from shinkansen to Midosuji line which is Osaka Metro And also, I’m gonna show you what kind of store they have around the shin-osaka station as well all right so let’s go to check So after you get off at the Shin-Osaka station just get out from the central entrance and just go straight So if you use the escalator right there
you can just go straight to the subway station but then, if you wanna buy some souvenirs then just go there there are many souvenir stores as well Okay, so let’s go to check what kind of souvenir they have So as you see, there are many seats right here, so you can take a restaurant at here Well so those are the souvenirs they have around this area and there’s five five one, which is GoGoIchi And also the Rikuro Ojisan no Cheesecake which is a popular cheesecake store So you can buy the souvenir at Shin-Osaka station as well, well so let’s go back to the original route well so at this place you can find Tsujiri which is kind of popular green tea stores and also you can find bento,
That’s called Ekiben which is a station bento It looks so good right?
the price is about 1,000 Japanese yen if you want to try the Japanese bento This is the place to buy
so if you come to Japan you’d better try once Well so that’s the entrance of the Osaka Metro
front of the station entrance you can find a McDonalds as well So, you know if you are hungry just grab something from there well by the way there is McDonald’s coupon in Japan if you want to have a discount price
then just download their Japanese McDonald app and also front of the station,
You can find the tax free souvenir stores as well if you want to use the restroom,
then just use that stairs to go up and you can find the restroom left side And then that’s a Sin-Osaka station Osaka Metro
it is so easy right That’s pretty much it thanks for watching my video and please subscribe to my channel if you like the video Please thumbs up and also please check my other videos as well

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