How do you make a Bobsleigh track? | Burning Questions
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How do you make a Bobsleigh track? | Burning Questions

November 17, 2019

It’s the Formula 1
of the Winter Olympics. So what do we know
about this daredevil sport? It might surprise you to learn that one of the most
adventurous sports on the planet wasn’t
originally a sport at all. Before the Jamaican
bobsleigh team made it cool, bobsleighs were
actually invented to ferry wealthy visitors around the posh
ski resort of St Moritz. They were literally
too posh to push. Soon, people couldn’t resist
racing them around the streets, so before someone
got seriously hurt, the first official track was
built at the Kulm Hotel park, ending in the village
of Cresta. This track ended up
hosting the sliding events at two Winter Olympic games
and is still in use today. Modern bobsleigh tracks
are made of concrete and then coated with ice. That sounds pretty scary
just saying it – concrete coated with ice, the two hardest substances
known to man. There’s actually a lot
of technology going on to make sure it’s safe
for all the athletes. First, the design of the track
is modelled on a computer. Then it is simulated
in a laboratory in order to measure accurately
the amount of friction that’ll be created between
the sled and the ice when travelling
at high, high speeds. Basically, this means
they can calculate the maximum speed
a sled can reach. The designers take into
account numerous factors, even the differences
in the ice itself. The ice in Canada,
for example, is different to the
ice in Russia, which is different to the ice
in Hawaii because it – because it had melted.
It’s like a little joke. It doesn’t matter. Then the track is constructed
out of reinforced concrete with evaporators embedded
in it to cool the track to exactly minus 11 degrees. Not minus 10. Not minus 12. Minus 11. The track is then
sprayed with water to create a layer
of ice two inches thick. Like snowflakes, no two courses
are exactly the same, but there are certain elements
that each course has to have. They are required to have
at least one straight section and one section made up of
three turns in quick succession. This is known as a labyrinth. A modern track should be
1,200 to 1,300 metres long and have at least 15 curves. The most distinguishing
feature of the tracks is the Petersen turn. The 180-degree turn with
a 270-degree bank angle is a compulsory feature
on all Olympic runs and is named after
pioneering track designer Heidi Petersen. These tracks
are so specialised, there are currently
just 16 in the world. All of them are
artificially cooled with ammonia refrigeration,
with the exception of St Moritz,
the very first track, which is still naturally
cooled. Of these,
the track at Lake Placid is considered the most
technically demanding, featuring 20 tricky
turns, the most for any competitive
sliding track. The fastest track in the
world is in Whistler, built for
the 2010 Winter Games. It is also the steepest
track in the world, featuring a vertical
drop of 148 metres. That’s like jumping out
of a 10-storey window in a bobsleigh
with Lycra for fun. Getting the track spot-on
is essential. As we’ve said, speeds can
exceed 120km per hour, and some curves can subject
the crews to 5G of force. That’s similar
to a fighter pilot – I mean, a fighter
pilot wearing Lycra. The crew is made up
of a pilot, a brakeman, and in the four-man
bob, two pushers. Athletes are selected based
on their speed and strength. Pilots must have the skill,
timing, and finesse to steer the sleigh along
the path or line that’ll produce the greatest speed. If you think you’ve got
what it takes, you’re in luck. Several tracks offer
tourist rides in bobsleighs, so if you fancy yourself as the
next Shauna Rohbock or Pierre Lueders – those are two famous
bobsleighers, but I mean, you knew that – now is your chance. So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Burning Questions”. Don’t forget to leave your Burning Question in the comments!


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