Helping out the Railroad for Ballistic Weave – Fallout 4 Railroad missions Ballistic Weave
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Helping out the Railroad for Ballistic Weave – Fallout 4 Railroad missions Ballistic Weave

August 18, 2019

hello hello testing one two three how’s everyone doing hope everyone’s having a great time what sorry follow four update Survival Guide be nice to your fellow settlement citizens if they feel it necessary to do so they can revoke your workshop privileges really what’s that for is that is that just like Oh once not here I wonder if that’s just for the it’s a single-player game were sent for a specifically survival mode or something like that that is interesting okay anyway let’s go switch to the game because I didn’t actually start the thing yet I mean it’s on here but I haven’t loaded the thing up yet so let’s go do that Ludi dip loaded up loaded it how’s everyone doing I hope everyone is doing well I don’t know who I was here ah hello Ricardo how are you doing welcome to the stream are you watching both mine and Milo’s and hello Benny how’s it going now thanks for subscribing Ricardo I appreciate it and Sayed if you’re still here hello to you as well how’s everyone doing oops my bad okay I just start clicking on random things and spin this around I think it’s kind of clear connection go those things around I don’t know why but for some reason always intrigued me hey Thurman ater how are you doing oh geez I clicked on something wrong we’re fine no one to yours now um so I wasn’t up yet okay no problem no problemo so I I decided I’m gonna actually use this gun because the freezing one doesn’t seem to do that much damage but this one like I can almost take this guy out in like one one hit like just watch this I will I will reload it don’t worry um I’ll reload the save hey Randy star how’s going see look at that one hit with that thing where’s my ten millimeter I don’t think I can do that or my other ten millimeter one with the freezing damage I don’t think I can do that okay anyway let’s ignore all that and pressure my inventory has been cleared out yes it has I also have quite a bit less inventory space because I’ve changed up some of my upgrades on the apparel and stuff so that’s ok butcher’s bill go to the dead drop yes ok where’s this dead drop that I need to go to way over here that’s right ok you only use the opie weapons of course why not I like the exploding exploding shotgun is dang good you can’t you can’t deny that yeah use the exploding shotgun to to completely destroy death Klein like three shots and goodbye or a super mutant behemoth I love that hey I didn’t know this was here before I don’t think I’m supposed to go into that though mm-hmm I’m supposed to go that direction I think yes well you over there ok oh the bridge looks nice hello Rick face how’s it going hope everyone’s doing well ok ok so we got the yeah still going on the right way it’s like checking everything me sure way over here is where the dead drop is oh that’s right I remember last time I came to this massive fusion disposal site I I found I found the stupid thing the legendary enemy ended up disappearing somewhere I found him he was like hiding in the flippin trees somewhere it was really annoying but I found him it wasn’t totally gone and why why are those guys back seriously go away I don’t like you guys I’m doing good good I’m glad umm I like to have big fat hard fight yeah hey a challenge is always nice too but I like being Opie bingo pee is just ok I’m gonna switch to this hey you eat some of this see oh well okay yeah you can’t tell me that this thing isn’t good or fun to use sorry doc me I think that’s the only problem though poor dog meat gets in the in the blast range of a robot model kit parts what wait wait you don’t like the BOS I don’t like them popping in all the time that’s the only thing I don’t like because because they pop in everywhere and then start causing fights and then they end up getting killed themselves and it just causes a lot of chaos then I have to go and clean up the mess that’s the only thing I don’t like I don’t know why I just took the beer that’s not what I wanted I just wanted to care it oops whatever I guess screw up it No thank you I can take this oh no not more hello goodbye two shots ouch well that didn’t feel very nice I don’t appreciate this get blessed see this is what I don’t like is that them flying around they’re flipping flying around the circles Oh see they’re causing they’re causing problems up there you can see the laser blasts way way up there yeah this is what I don’t like because they come in and they take all my kills and now those guys are in trouble because they’re spinning out of control well I didn’t cause it it’s their own fault okay burnt textbook Oh oh my god seriously you came over here to crash and blow up and stuff where did you go I want the loot everything is out us right now five vertibirds around himself is great goodbye ah where did they blow up they blew up not far from here where’s the fire is that it no that is most certainly not it well it blew oh it’s right there okay where’s my lute did they have anything on them I’m pretty sure there was still one guy in there when it crashed unless he fell out or something man those guys they they need to learn to drive properly I haven’t seen them drive very well yet let’s take that thing okay it doesn’t look like there’s too much house here what’s over here though Oh cigarette carton yeah I’ll take that might as well go away radio all right so the dead drop is across the river here okay well let’s go stream okay well W [Applause] okay oh no I hear gunfire people are being shooted at there’s not good things no more gunfire okay that’s fine with me then very sweet Augusta report determined status of Augusta safe house okay let’s go to the inventory and it’s in here so just report there we go um I miss a person where is mom oh she’s here I think she may have just go into the bathroom or something I’m not sure never heard of a website called to Buddy absolutely how’s my day been going really good actually thank you how about yours is that it oh that net equipment that’s not owning it um you used to buddy absolutely let me guess 1008 there oh let’s quick the check yes well 1009 but yes okay what okay so where is the location it still just tells me to determine status hmm hey cuz I can’t how are you doing could you do watchdogs after you’re done with fall at four I’ll probably do watchdogs on Wednesday all right I have that already set up to do on Wednesday I don’t know where I’m supposed to go where is the thing where is the location am I am I supposed to take the thing back to the people at the railroad or something oh god I don’t want to fall down there thank you oh no excuse me oh my god okay well you know what you’re not that scary come here take a couple of these there you go goodbye so I assumed you were killed everything in here mm-hmm I guess okay I think you hope you do okay thanks okay I’m glad you’re doing Edie stall right hmm today okay so what what else was in there did I miss something else in that thing because I know there were two things in there excuse me pre-war money pretty well money it’s all good but where is the location I’m supposed to be able to know where the location is I thought maybe walking around it would just tell me all of a sudden but nothing is happening gross okay then thank you game do use a free version or two buddy with a paid one um I was able to get a star license for two buddy actually oh excuse me oh I’ve got a safe house but there’s bill yes please because this stupid thing didn’t tell me location in clothes that’s it I see the location the dark for a long time who knows what to do what no you didn’t find it I didn’t find it go away no don’t don’t you start playing random music and stuff head to the dead job take the holiday from the container play it ok then head to Kendall Hospital make your way inside that’s it just just go to flippin Kendall hospital I didn’t get the location though is it worth getting a paid version um it it definitely can be depending on what you plan to do with it I recommend taking a look at the differences between all the licenses and then making a determination from there because the main thing I use is a tag Explorer which is really really helpful as well as being able to copy cards and annotations and stuff um how do I forget to answer in cursor queue a Q&A video from the 26th I don’t know oh no that’s okay Orion you’re okay no prob hello z XC ymn on twitch how are you doing welcome to the stream this is a test is I were you sent by croco did you play Wolfenstein I have not yet and yeah tag explorer is definitely really amazing uh where’s the game there it is okay Shh I don’t huh what no one’s here I haven’t done nothing I’m gonna leave and go this way oh my god seriously what pika-pika poo no this isn’t pokemon okay oh my god seriously I haven’t shot anything loser can you can you’re just like enough oh my god yeah well I see you that guy popping around the corner here I know where the heck he’s gonna go where are you I probably shouldn’t even stand here and try and fight these guys I should just leave those guys are rude rude rude oh yeah the German version is bad sure what do you mean just the word or or do you mean Wolfenstein Oh get out don’t startle me that way stupid thing I’ll send that thing it was in my face oh my god sorry if I scared anyone else out there burnt textbook that’s not helpful what’s that nothing okay I apologize for clearing my throat so much for some reason whenever I start talking my throat likes to not play nice of Wolfenstein okay well living same to me anything can I knock it in there are you seriously oh my goodness thank you Kevin Cox for subscribing I appreciate it how are you doing alright let’s see here I want this and there’s quite literally nothing else and well that was pointless okay so uh what’s this mission called again mm-hmm and butcher’s bill butcher’s bill hollow butcher’s bill glitch I’m just gonna look up that does look at that I’m tired of all the glitches in this thing basically there should be another continue with the dead drop contents where the blue marker is what’s okay yes just go steam you don’t need to do that okay I thought doesn’t make sense no missing their job containers I compared the quiz seems a random dead drop spawn by system may be booked for unlucky people that’s the same bug looking around for course I do oh my god this this is this is ridiculous what why all the glitches with this game now come on butcher’s bill so let’s say you’re dead drunk may not appear in the noted location okay no that did happen it’s just I can’t determine the flipping status of the darn thing here Jackson was tough of the very survivors at the dead drop I believed that I received a location okay so there was a thing at the dead drop so I did get something else then a gust report [Applause] where is it then I have I have no clue if you wait too long doing this query will change your sense to hate you and this question any other way every request will be canceled what okay fine I’m I’m cheating this thing then add the note phone of the dead drop okay I’m very confused hello mum welcome what could be avoided by not fast traveling going out the escape way mentioned by the doctor it’s not what I want Anthony I found in the dead drop okay let’s let’s quickly do that one and see if that changes anything so if I do this we go player dot and I’m sorry about this I hate doing this thing who wants to talk to who I actually haven’t yet I’ve heard a lot about it but I haven’t watched it Oh 1 8 9 B 3 8 space 1 what was that a ghost a report and ok that’s the same thing then my bad [Applause] can you yeah you never want to do what I want you to do do you game oh my god [Applause] [Applause] I wonder if I can like delete no can’t do that okay okay yeah no that’s not changing anything game thank you very much sit objective completed oh oh oh B 1 f 1 D 101 oh wait I think you should be 200 then haha determine stat yay so what now yeah apparently nothing advance to the next okay no oh my god I’m sorry I hate doing this set stage Oh Oh B 1 F 1 D 200 no 300 report back to dr. kinky okay well that would have been nice to know how am I I apologize very sincerely I hate doing that I hate it when things glitch out this way that you can’t do certain things like my goodness hello there I can’t um I I don’t know that language that you’re saying there so I apologize for that I only speak English I apologize for all the glitches by the way and I apologize for having used console commands it’s not the kind of thing I like to do glad you’re with us yeah Tom’s coaster safe house was destroyed by the Institute oh there we go feed three safe houses gone I like to imagine do you want to mark it off the wall the should I know oh wait that’s it complete butter oh I thought there’s something wrong with it oh it means Anatole okay okay so who do I talk to nay Carrington I suppose you’re here for my medical services let’s see what’s wrong with you today I’m gonna pass let me know if that you Shengo back in doctor testimony to make sure you’ve never fathered he’s not your glory you deal wastelanders can actually made it inside the institution yes I did and I honey Desdemona please work with us instead of the Minutemen the lives of many sins are at stake I do I have to do this in order to progress with anything else here after butcher’s bill a budget bill to what I’m so confused okay so what what’s the next quest that comes after butcher’s bill oh my well you don’t you can’t put them in alphabetical order that doesn’t help me I am extremely confused you don’t stop it okay after elevator wait okay I didn’t I didn’t go to Kindle Hospital so what I you know what I don’t know what happened with this everything just went wacko everything don’t you know that robot thing was that I grabbed I’m gonna try and restart it and see if anything gets fixed I apologize for this I don’t know what’s going on it was very nice this is very very annoying okay let’s go back to here yes please these fast travelling should be it’s too big of a deal except for the loading screens of course okay oh well you guys weren’t there before I’m just gonna you know sneak on over this way and friend ain’t putting up with that Garbo okay way over here a little bit further hello there thing goodbye hello never mind goodbye hello sing okay go away one shot for you take this it eats some it’s an oh my there we go give me that I am just gonna go back and take the important things like that guy’s head I mean stuff nuttin not his head but the stuff he that’s stored on his head I guess I don’t know the teddy bear teddy bears are important let’s go this way there was this thing here this robot model kit parts which I don’t understand what that is that’s very interesting to me I kind of I kind of want that a good dogmeat thank you okay now over that way again hopefully it doesn’t break on me this time yeah quick save mm-hmm excuse me all right so right here what do we got here we got I got some report okay hopefully it go to the did job determine status of Augusta safe house okay so the be in here the custard Augusta is still dark location enclosed exercise extreme caution I saw them do anything hello and welcome I’m sorry I only speak English I don’t understand the language mm-hmm this is still broken well I guess apparently you’re supposed to go to Kindle Hospital but how the heck am I supposed to know that head to Kendall Hospital make your way inside then listen to the report how am I supposed to know that it’s Kendall Hospital that I’m supposed to go to though and where’s Kendall Hospital that’s mid tick research Carson State I’m Milton general that’s Mass Bay oh okay it shows up on my mat well you didn’t tell me that game hey y’all missed you all oh gee how are you doing I haven’t seen you in so long how’s it going you’ll translate ha ha all right perfect sounds good how are you doing JD um a little sick but good well I’m glad you’re doing good hopefully the sickness doesn’t get too bad for you and hopefully you can feel a little better very quickly because it’s never any fun being second I’d kill both of those things at once sweet okay I’ll take this might as well take that all right well let’s go into here sorry oh it’s just like reading up on all this stuff because this the the game isn’t telling me much of anything here Thanks game my goodness okay okay so this place I am but I’ve actually been here keeping myself busy busy switched jobs and everything okay what are you doing now for for your job a drag nope not itch roam okay well they only have one left here is sorter boys just I don’t know 100% fan long that has nothing in common most nothing in common tenth okay nope haha door control okay you’re in the hospital for four hours on Saturday oh that’s not good make biscuits in making chicken chicken is delicious I’m sorry biscuits that’s not so good that you were in the hospital who is that no one nothing yeah I swear I’ve already been in here I forget if I came in here off stream or on stressful well goodbye hey lady you did wonderfully didn’t you nothing there now oh really yeah and you think I can’t okay let’s see this um return over to books yes please I don’t know how many are there oh I had three okay well it’s good to get rid of them what do we have in here we have a magnifying glass I can get I can also get Django’s to moon monkeys I don’t know if that’s important or not but I realize he was right in front of me get over here um be careful in the basement oh yeah don’t you worry oh this isn’t your first gunfire oh well that’s good to know I’m glad you’ve done this kind of bull garbage before now holotape I believe I do have a comment Roberto what thank you my vision oh wait okay right never mind that that’s that thing okay so let’s reject that it’s loaded another thing because I believe I have a thing protectron override program there you go I don’t know if this is really gonna help me too much disengage safety override Alliance parameters yes please but raisins that have been used a group of Allied okay sweets cool thank you protect your own control activate unit mmm-hmm I’m mostly just like letting those things get destroyed are you broken no okay good I bet you will won’t you oh oh there’s a safe here I’ll take the safe please oops my bad there we go that’s it yeah might as well take everything we can eat when I’m dang sure we’re not about that what the truck was that that’s hilarious the dialogue with these guys okay anymore yeah you go tell them mr. protector ah no protect Ronnie thing had an asthma attack and of ammonia come free Saturday that’s not good have you ever had an asthma attack before oh other things giving me experience place good hmm that’s really not good though but I’m hoping I’m assuming and I’m hoping that you’re doing much better now so that’s the important thing excuse me who was shooting at me when I find them boom there oh he had one shotgun shell a single shotgun shell delightful yeah I was already in here because I already took all the bodies out of here and dropped him down that way and where are you should I obey move it I want that thank you give me give me all over this what’s this just a normal sense okay I find I like hello pretty much all the junk does respawn though oops I guess I didn’t need the Nuka Cola bottle is that so I don’t even know where you are apparently I’m hidden it detected hidden okay well I don’t know that I might that guy might be glitched let’s just go in the elevator yeah buzz Batu I have asthma as well um but I’ve only ever had one hasma attack it was like when I was a kid and I feel a little light-headed right now well don’t do anything that’s gonna aggravate it and please take care of yourself boom get out oh I will take this please uh-huh and sure don’t need that I don’t need this sure hunting rifle that’s with us these things are not though open open there okay don’t you hop me there’s no one here and you know it lady hiding nothing it like you said just noise just noise just noise just noise is that so oh I don’t want cram cram is gross I know you know you don’t you don’t know I’m here you don’t know nothing mr. Rader do that anything else of use no it’s called fear I think you’re about to feel that okay come here lady getting a little better I hope I get back to work tomorrow mr. Rickey today oh well yeah hopefully you do feel much much better tomorrow okay yep I forgot I knew there was gonna be that guy there I knew it okay you yeah that’s right get blasted goodbye all right where are they but each song there you go is that all yeah there’s one more down straight below straight straight down below I don’t know what I’m speaking turpentine turpentine is useful I guess oh wait oh I don’t really service all this money last time I was here okay uh-oh all this money is to oh I just lost to balk at your stupid game why you do this how dare you boom take your legs off Oh eat some or you know not not eat anything anymore ever again mm-hmm terrible jokes I’m sorry Oh Mentats yes please and jet oh of course there’s an overdue book why would there not be I guess the station less oh okay so let’s look at that thing again with that that was really all you needed really okay so they were destroyed by the Institute well at least this time I complete it without it without ruining it love my new job they’re friendly understanding good that’s important that’s very important when you have a job it sucks when you have when you have a boss that is not very understanding okay that’s great what else forgot here not much oh there’s this you know take those okay well III was just gonna like jump straight down there uh yeah you know what may let’s just go oh geez don’t don’t scream in my ear like that I wonder if I can punch this thing to that no punch it punch it punch it punch it with your gun there you go one more hit punch it come on I have that there you go I punched it I punched it dead this time is too heavy to carry well cluck you was I keep seeing some glow up there okay I know my boss I like her and she’s one of my friends oh that’s good that’s even better ouch sorry my eye piece of dust or something just got my eye uh before the stream like half hour before the stream there’s something really really stuck in my right eye and I’m like oh my god it was terrible okay so we powered that up I think I think it was powered up hopefully it wasn’t powered down well I mean considering I put it up I would assume it got powered out but yeah you see I’ve already been here because of that thing you have anything oh you have a magnifying glass yes please might as well take it off alright then in here yeah tons of flippin rads in here oh this is fun got the turpentine the glue oh there’s a bunch of junk in here yes please I’ll take all of that Oh fine by me all right and goodbye hello Giovanni Minos welcome to the stream and ready start I’m sorry I’m as people in my place to work and I’m always fair with my people that way you get the best of them that is very true that’s very true definitely have to be fair with everyone it’s always better to to to be fair and friendly than is to be a complete jerk to everyone you know you get much more morale that way let’s try thing good word there okay excuse me go to get out go away oh ha there’s no more ha goodbye I believe ha ha there we go happy right in the car sativa I have no clue what that even means oh sweet safe house there oh that’s another way to get in okay oh wait no that’s why I went to the first I’ll kind of mine now report back to dr. Karen Carrington okay let’s go to here just like that okay I need you in her room oh okay excuse me well blue thank you Deacon’s record is the best you could learn a lot from him dr. Kington there you are no signal interceptor actually worked yeah okay can’t can we get away from that what to say sure just let me talk to those missions was destroyed by any managers who work for the same company as I do in there to some of the people back home it’s terrible I have nuts that’s terrible okay so Pam hello Pam how is Pam doing their agent has arrived I have a mission for you without increasing efficiency of silk traffic flow arts of entire organization being compromised increased daily solution a new fatherhood seals way to go well I’ll get the Brotherhood of Steel at some point distribution center yeah okay give me details pacified the target location fortify position to protect current and future railroad assets new distribution center will be codenamed Mercer safe house good luck okay sure respecter spectacle Island they use workshop okay interesting to do it let’s do that and you need sir you need the jackpot quest from pan to get the ballistic weave yeah that’s what I was gonna do shoot some of the fat boy I have that somewhere at buy a safehouse good Tom’s cook I haven’t used it much something just because I don’t like destroying absolutely everything oh those kind of fun alright so I don’t need to do that this is I should be able to teleport from here for fast travel I guess I should say go sanctuary I’ll go sanctuary I’ll chop off my junk I don’t know what that robot robot thing was though that I had kind of hope it’s not in the junk though cuz there was that robot parts that you built then I built I should say fallout 4 robot robot toy model kit robot parts model that’s it the robot parts model the small collectible model made up of parts okay yeah you cannot sell quest that’s that is considered a quest item interesting okay well look at that I like to create one game where I’m savage I just kill everything in sight it’s really fun yeah that can’t be really fun destruction is fun I need to protect some settlements I’ll mark it on your map oh god no no please choco dude you can you can keep your settlement and you can keep your garb oh I don’t want none of those settlements okay I got like 30 30 here already that that’s more than enough how are you doing by the way sorry one sec you don’t like Preston Preston can be President can be a bit of a weirdo where is okay so in the junk where’s that robot thing that’s probably not in the junk is is probably in here I don’t know what robot actually got though okay fine details I just I really do hope that it’s not in my food for the grasshopper okay hope that didn’t go in the junk I guess I should have seen if it was in there mister gutsy model okay so I have the mr. gutsy model there’s thing I’ve just got another one there what does that protect John over I know that’s something different curious okay well I have no clue um Joba need dooba need no clue no he’s very repetitive annoying that lazy bum yeah person Garvey is a bit of a weirdo excuse me I need to hobble over to my workbench thing here okay I’m just gonna quickly double check the junk and make sure that none of those things are in there wait was that so I saw something something that looked like a thing I didn’t want to get rid of okay that’s fine no don’t don’t take all don’t take off put everything in there oh god take everything lucky policy yeah that’s right I had that there goodbye milk heaven indicator City but I don’t know no doggy where am I going over here I think so I have a couple of couple of weapons I can get rid of goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye and goodbyes there you go okay haha put everything in there I’m not sure if I have anything else in here to get rid of I have that but one of those in their house my grenade it’s going to touch my vine she don’t know what the UM sin three the grenade does because I haven’t actually used it yet for some reason okay we should be good teddy bear teddy bears are fun let’s keep them all oh wait the fat man grabs a famine wears nothing yeah in there check it out okay this way weapons I have big Jim no no I’m not using Big Jim Big Jim can go go away all right here’s the fat man thing let’s take that I don’t think I haven’t listened to a fat man yet or maybe I do I have no clue but let’s go upgrade the darn thing because we might as well mm-hmm standard launcher let’s make it the I can’t nevermind I like how it only has one one thing here okay with how much inventory space okay it’s fine let’s make it safe here I had to go about need to lay down for a while all right no problem JD you go have some rest and you feel much much better enjoy the rest of your day it was good to see you though okay let’s do this and now where do I need to go for the vs. safehouse spectacle Island and use workshop so where is spectacular island there should be that it nope that’s not it Oh way over there I have to go all the flippin way over that are you serious let’s go to work I’m saying I’m by the big boy I wait where do you get that I feel where that is I know that somewhere yes we were different Missy JD um I’ve seen it I’ve seen the big boy somewhere I forget where he was a batch button to live for melee attack yes I know this okay work hits dead the place that over there yep okay Arturo at Diamond City ah okay I thought it might have been Diamond City I wasn’t totally sure though someone’s shooting some things up there oh okay well this is not what I want to be using in this situation I have never seen that effect before the water spraying up that’s really cool big boy in tonight’s check it is sorry a big boy in a nutshell Michael Bay that’s funny okay go away I don’t want any thank you why are suitcases locked well I guess that make sense um hello Diego Santos welcome to the stream how you doing geez you two loves to recommend random videos to me well that’s how I guess new people come is ID Berg rip Zoidberg mmm bye Zoidberg – bit too bad for you you don’t get to do that okay that way onwards to the place what’s this Oh plants plants sticking out okay chips there’s BOS place over there thing I can see the outline of the ship like down in the bottom left right that way okay maybe that’s not quite a ship there maybe that’s something else I don’t know what that is let’s go this way instead [Applause] [Applause] okay no I should take out the fat man here we go oh excuse me do that save quick shave I’ll just shave quick let me go get my razor all right Zep is fine note first time here well welcome how’s it going pride when a dang floating boat with knights and shiny armor it’s ridiculous isn’t it floating boat oh yeah this place signal check that what okay make sure the wires it’s generator I’ll connect it properly lesson weenie is another short blowing out the generator Randy generator must be on before turning on signal towers – just to stay out of the tower we’re flipping the Gerry switch distain you know the signals playing when well you’ll just know once the feedback goes away it will sound like there’s nothing coming all the speakers there is but only the mirelurks can hear it okay why is that important I want to know too bad I can’t kill them all by shooting that floating boat with an oak and end it things like logic has no basis in this game didn’t you know is this well gourd well I don’t need that okay so spectracal I I’m supposed to what secure this place well what do you want from me game there’s nothing here there’s nothing here oh no there you are hello oh my god okay I’m going to run this way ha ha excuse him wha oh wait are we playing from afar okay duck me don’t jump off the cliff please ah how about I should not shoot myself with a mini-nuke that’s not pleasant at all okay let’s get back in there and get the excuse me where are you what are you okay go away don’t that’s right what does Oh a hotplate yes please I’ll take that that gives me screws screws are good there we go let’s save again quick save again now okay man okay um thank God for for quick saving another one of you well why were these things popping up last time there you go ate some okay now let’s grab this again quick save let’s go back this way and hopefully I can find that thing the legendary one that was there okay excuse me can I please go up into here thank you well I can actually still get me in here oh no hmm well then this thing does a lot of damage to that that’s a legendary legendary my butt well some legendary you were junkies 44 pissed sweet does increasing muscle damage to more withdrawal effects you’re so what that’s weird well I’ll take it dang you have strong bones and flesh and so your arms don’t get blown to pieces by my biology teacher lied to me what front from the from the nuke the the nuke should have ripped my arms off okay what crate what kind of crazy talk is that nukes won’t rip your arms off come on my gosh your teachers sheesh no okay I thought was hitting invisible walls or something that was weird who else is here knock knock no no one Howard in here oh there’s a fan for me I’ll take oh I didn’t want that yes yes please a single 308 round lovely drip it down anything else there’s a person hmm okay open the door knock knock figured I’d just say knock knock because well I already walked in that’s too late to actually knock knock okay there’s gonna be more of those mirelurks around here somewhere okay fine how am I supposed to clear this place out if the my election won’t come near me they won’t just like pop out all at once oh hello you know what for science remember kind of nicely it was cool I’m happy with it alright so there’s one more thing I think for the science yes boom let’s do that haha thank you I believe I only had that one point there and you have to flip a switch on the boat Oh what uh which boat that boat there’s too many boats around here from ok doctor you scared me there’s too many boats around here for it for me to know oh okay and then that signal will we’ll bring out the things won’t it oh my goodness oh okay note this two of them goodbye oh sorry doc me don’t get in the line of fire boy give her that here’s here doc me it’s my other King it seems you’re the Kingslayer hmm I kill all them iron up kings I killed two mirelurk Queens – hmm of course I had exploding exploding bullets exploding guns so they weren’t that much of a challenge excuse me can I just like can can I just – can I jump up on there that would be nice Thanks thank you okay grab those sake no signal on here is it okay nope no not that way just the wrong boat what’s that nothing it’s safe don’t worry not about the crab is that picture hilariousness that’s what that is wait ergo you don’t like the picture I’m not this boat okay different boat not that boat I assume because that one’s too far away Oh dad’s boat okay I see the specialty boat no excuse me stop walking around circles grab all the things what else is in the here nothing oh hello yes please I’ll take that why not okay no not at all Oh well I’m confused by that water is glowing that’s creepy very creepy I don’t like it ah there you go okay this boat no excuse me can you not oh look another fat man I didn’t even have to go grab mine I could just come here because there’s one sitting here waiting for me oh well whatever better to have it than to not is this just a generator thing and do I turn it on I guess not okay up here I go update no nope let’s not get myself stuck okay bobblehead here’s ahead and what’s above it which fatherhood is this is this one for strength I hope is for strength I want to follow head for strength give me this give me all so that you can use it oh no it’s a luck bobblehead Oh perfect your luck is a bit early increase by one sweet haha so croco do you think with that new way with that one extra luck date do you think I can get that stupid filthy cake as I want that cake Bodi COO is biological oriented attack transactions of true boat seems there’s a boat conspiracy of powerful bullets ho my god since I’m here after so much time how much did I miss not too much you missed me um thinking the game was glitched because it wouldn’t update thing and tell me I had to go to Kindle Hospital it just popped up on my thing so I used console commands to try and fix it when in reality I didn’t even need to do such a thing so it was totally fine and I wasted everyone’s time doing so what is that apparently nothing okay aluminum can there you go okay so this is a Turner oh they’re circuit breaker you missin nukes are so oh yes there was that to it do you want to tell me where do you want me to tell you where the swing Abajo is sure why not oh hello whoa okay yeah no let’s uh I’m gonna take this this thing is this sounds like a much more pleasant idea in my opinion it’s um there you go I only have four 15 of these oh my direct hit okay goodbye anything else no everything else fine okay cool I’ll take that I’ll take that might as well take that and okay interwined dog meat dog meat I hear you where’s your barking come see me Oh God nope they’re mine oh okay excuse me hello Milo how’s it going huh okay we’re fine we’re saying there’s dog meat okay I need you over here huh mass fusion building okay it’s a fast efficient building I think I may have already been there at some point I forget move here come over here now here dog oh my god what is wrong with you talk of meat came in on great sound oh I’m doing explosives of course no zoidberg’s were hurt in the making the string exactly there’s never any soy Burks hurt we hope I’ll put one of those away okay let’s go up here yeah explode shotgun all over the place I think exploding everything okay excuse my up okay that was gonna catch fire I was expecting it to go boom sadly there was no boom no no no fuckin I meant in general since I don’t watch dreams after they were life ah I’m not totally sure I don’t think you’ve really missed to too much cuz Annette nothings oh oh I thought I thought I couldn’t hear that I thought only of the mirelurks could hear that I can clearly I can clearly hear that that’s gross okay I hate when I fluffy how’s it going and hello PBT sceetos welcome to the stream you just dropped your hot pocket well don’t drop your hot pocket that’s not a good thing yeah that’s right run away from me my alert King or my other hunter sorry not king you’re not king I am The King as mirelurks are friendly no not the hot pocket and welcome back word face what am i stuck on a tiny little log oh no I was so sad I cannot do it well wild corn cool can I plant it make normal corn I guess not haha okay well we’ve done that now so what am I supposed to do it now it says something about build defenses yes build defenses I was okay sure tractor going boom you are fool there’s no logic and that tractors kind of thought they can explode they are invincible tractors are invincible now well that’s just ridiculous defense how how the heck am I supposed to build any of any defenses I have literally nothing here you Sears missile turret oh my god um well the this is just rude you’re gonna have to go get a bunch of gears and steel and stuff so I can build flippin defenses here what the heck why do you gotta force me to do this Pam I don’t like Pam no more Pam not nice oh no stuff to build I hate it hey I’m kidding settlements loot I there’s not too much loot on that island anymore I cleared out almost everything there at least everything important anyway let’s go here and back mate I need you oh wait I gave a bunch of junk to dog meat that was unintentional for dropping off like that I was totally I need your stuff please hey Greg how’s it goin welcome to this dream okay no wrong button over here okay talk me dog hey over here over here now you can connect your settlement so you don’t have to care about drunk indifferent summarize it here yeah but I need to level up twice more to be able to do that which is sad you can keep that and see what now has great social skills oh good I’m glad see one has great social skills now that is always the best thing okay defense guard po yeah nope I have no wood nope I can’t do that neither oh I could build a machine gun turret or a heavy machine gun turret I could also build a spotlight I know what that’s gonna do it for me but okay yes please this Oh what oh well why would you not let me build this one what was that well it won’t only 5% see so I have to go back to sanctuary anyway I need gear and lots of wood that’s why I made it it’s our kids no I I’m just I’m just gonna take a bunch of wood that’s only gonna do um scrap the trees ah I forgot about scared for the trees no my goodness how can you screw up so much with ability points because I’m spending them mostly on my special skills and stuff let’s just see and discard perfect I’m glad what collection of iron man Sui I mean power armor do you got oh I’ll show you one sec I got a couple T 45s I’ve got a couple T well you were terrifying there’s T forty fives there’s T 60 there’s a t45 there’s a T 60 there’s a t45 there’s also a T 60 there’s extra one and there’s also another extra one the this is this is the best extra one out there because it’s known actually all the parts I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure has its torso helmet right arm right leg left arm left leg yeah that has a full set I’m very successful good for you okay I don’t know why I didn’t didn’t let’s let’s go back let’s let’s let’s reload that save this one this one here and then I’ll go scrap the trees because I forgot that’s thing I could do jeez I was wrong with me mm-hmm Hawaii what does what it mean okay trees you are now going to you’re gonna get scrapped goodbye are yes please our hip our hip okay everything okay get rid of everything here please goodbye Oh trees we don’t need none of these these trees are just wasting space totally wasting it what is this I don’t want it good bye hmm oh what’s that driftwood yes please I’ll get rid of that too ranch can’t kind of get rid of stuff off the boat probably okay can i scrap this is there any way to reset points I don’t think so no actually I have no clue though Farrell yep I’ll take the barrels well the barrels always good oh hello okay can’t take those there might be a way to do oops my bed just wait give me that mmm can’t jump there okay why is there a porcelain toilet here what’s that can you not scrap that either seriously okay well that’s fine then all of the scrapping hello Dan Bevan welcome to the stream what is the meaning of life in this absurd and chaotic world I have no clue I guess it is kind of what you make it there’s no way without mods but that’s just not nice oh come on press the right buttons there you go there I should have enough I don’t know why I got rid of that actually excuse me go back in there we need the defense no not resources check with the resources we just need to fence this oh god that takes so much steel though I’ll need more there’s so many people here yes there are aren’t there yeah let’s do that I was that not correct huh well that’s odd why what to let me build another very odd you playing on survival nope I am NOT sorry need to leave but I like your channel bye okay thanks Diego see you thanks for joining we’ll see you again soon I joined them when they were just four of us true best way to survive voice and show yourself and live a good life dead on the floor alright then that would be totally nuts best 50% ah it’s only a 50% is it let’s go this way see if I can scrap some stuff from over here maybe maybe there’s some random junk I can get rid of excuse me moi yeah well obviously not the tent you oh what’s this ok well that’s nothing really hey excuse moi you see usually not scrap any of this well that just ah okay I was in the wrong menu that’s oh my goodness my dad is he maybe do another fat man explosion sure give me a give me a few minutes I want to I want to scrap a bunch of junk first so I can get what it is I need to do the things on a why I’m scrapping so much of the wood there’s no point I just need metal I need I need steel no you go back no okay come on there you go huh maybe there’s some metal stuff over here cooking station well does that give me a couple steel or Steel sorry not metal on the what I’m talking about patio chair that gave you some steel good that’s exactly what I need I have you a table the chair chair good you mad you can’t recycle that skeleton that’s there it’s just hiding goodbye perfect ha ha all right back to defenses no excuse me there we go this is America explosions you just got rid of entire house exactly exactly 2 o’clock with the houses I don’t care about those things no one needs them no one needs him on this island here all right there we go now I can’t build anymore apparently um what’s it at now 50% seriously so this isn’t working then this is doing nothing for mm-hmm well that’s just mean in a way this these aren’t doing anything guess I have to go and actually build a turret or something can you stop tickling like that that’s very disturbing thank you okay so what would it take for another term aha perfect just like that ah there we go report back to Pam good finally follow it one it’s not so good character follow two kind of good follow three evil or good character new Vegas a mailman and follow four logic breaker exactly those guard posts require people I don’t want no people on here though man stupid game why does it make me have to do things like dant already spooky scary skeletons yeah too bad you can’t recycle them scrap them for parts excuse me that guy I need your bones for things hey Pam Pam you got something for me Pam come here Pam hello why are you doing this anyway so I can’t get the ballistic weave I want the ballistic weave thing good small-time joshing sure since this is worth cash huh this will be interesting is Pam is not love this team thinks her face every stache our scaly bros tactic so okay Oh RFID device oh it’s an RFID – oh my goodness gracious it is a credit card Oh jackpot Oh jackpot Carrington wants to talk with you Oh does he know well too bad with him I – too bad for him I’m bad I’m I can’t speak as well I can’t do where’s the thing I need to go sorry I completely ruined that skyscraper thing it scared dia cash okay cool this is the quest perfect I’m glad I thought I just saw something change all of a sudden dia cash right right here okay let’s go a good neighbor wait what’s what’s this one all right mmm-hmm bat credit card it could be who knows life is good I appreciate it I appreciate very much Thanks okay we’ll hmm a bit I put that over there submachine gun it’s beautiful good neighbor yes I know I know about good neighbor okay don’t worry oh sorry my bad I don’t want to hurt Cleo poor Cleo boy okay I would tell the financial district and we shall go to earth sort out in to the financial district and then we should go find this a dia cash thing Oh hmm now if you’re into 30 steps holy crap that means I’ve gained like three just today oh my thank you guys so much I appreciate it that’s really cool it was earlier today I had only 3:30 I was looking at that I assume two people were actually watching good that’s always good it’s cool that your mom was watching – Milo okay here we go okay I got a hundred one bottle caps for some reason Oh no I’m not here there’s no one here okay so that way right there okay so right around this way to around good neighbor this way okay well excuse him lad data needed me had to give you stuff for doing mission by protecting both 100% even though nobody attacks it anywhere because I’m a robot haha I’m Pam he was a girl robot voice all right I know what’s going on here oh hello well something tells me you got did it very much poor guy that direction I think great that way is that correct yes that’s correct oh wait am I going back the way I already was let’s go back to good neighbor isn’t it huh yes my grandma grandpa good that’s even cool too excuse me oh oh god nope oh that’s a legendary thing well if you would use stimpacks when I tell you to use stimpacks buddy that would be helpful [Music] nothing yeah you go get some you do that okay good bye now what does it give me exterminators sin threat I don’t want that I don’t care oh my um yes you dieded death so much death so terrible how dare this happen oh I know right okay there’s lots of super us up over that way no one hears nothing okay I need can you guys – oh my god that’s a huge nuclear explosion that just happened no thanks I’ll take the pre-war money though three more money is always good take that yep what else okay aluminum can okay haha no save here mm-hmm heard you humans came from a life animal called Harambee you might know yes sir you know made out of circuits and oil nope sorry I I ain’t got no oils well I mean that there’s some oil but it’s not the same stuff okay there’s a whole lot of leg going on right now one quick second here nope that’s all worthless um if you wouldn’t shoot your exponents not gonna target two feet away that would help as well hey hey my exploding shotgun as Kroger says it is Opie and it is the best shotgun ever okay well those guys are here hello with those guys I’m here to ruin everything cause leg oh hello like I said I’ll shoot that now oh my I don’t know why there’s so much leg going on right now I’m also happy with the with the constant explosions with everyone destroying everything around that doesn’t make this very fun oh hello Oh get away from me thank you this direction you’re saying why are they blowing everything up please stop it do I have to go all the way to the top what oh what a loser gotcha or not these guys explore shotgun as well it’s amazing but I have to be so careful yeah you do you don’t want to be blasting yourself with the thing like I do leave that to me I’ll just blast myself with of those exploding seconds because it’s fun for some reason apparently um anyone here yeah eat this eat it you’re not eating the bullets okay there it goes to the mouth exploding shocking fun very much exploding gun beats a hammer fist anything absolutely okay you are doing lots of damage to me and I don’t appreciate it at all thank you excuse me now eat your bullets there okay one more one more bullet for you to eat and Kindle explosions with the cars stop that’s that’s my job I want to be the one to destroy all the cars okay now just just Quint okay that that’s a car that’s not gonna explode shoot at those ones instead okay I’d appreciate it very much Lee don’t dock we just jumped off the building it’s much more dangerous to play only slash mostly with fat man oh god oh god no thank you I already use a family oh I didn’t do another family explosion what one second what’s in there nothing okay there’s nothing in there excuse me am i well not if you’re just gonna flip and stand there and stare at me you yell at someone you’re dead and then you just stand there hoping that they’re gonna just like fall to the ground oh I’m dead yes I love it how do you I’m sorry I’ll go do it right now I don’t know how green armor with the star in middle can block a long bullet from a sniper no clue especially since I’m shooting him right in the face where there is no armor period at all do you have a bayonet to fit it to your fat man no I wasn’t able to do that I wasn’t able to give any um any mods besides the experimental thing and it wouldn’t even let me do that okay here comes one more mini nuke education only one where do I aim it hey you know it somewhere somewhere way up there sounds good to me sure perfect now who died anyone no okay well as long as it was bad guys that died oh my god what somehow I just like fell through the floor or something mealy famine oh my god fat mealy that’s what that is now fat me at home I was terrible I love it though or sure it just be called a mealy man fat melee or melee fat me melee man what oh no noise I heard a slight bit of noise someone must be here trying to hear me listen oh come on worry did you even say seriously you cannot see me from there yeah that’s right look at that what one shot from this thing took down most of your health didn’t it oh okay well she died somehow I didn’t kill her what’s this maybe man you were dead by that he was trying to fast type the kill command at you that’s when he was still nice reactions oh my I just remembered that I played with double shooting fat men oh yeah yeah creepy how does this little tiny ten millimeter pistol kill these guys in two shots when my sniper ray in the face doesn’t do nothing and why did this door randomly open when I walked this way it’s a little creepy well what’s that hard and sigh but no thanks all I know is I’m gonna continue using this thing cuz this thing is darn Opie fat melee every melee hit explodes plus a grenade on attack speed explosions per second god help us all nice yeah did she yeah I don’t know what happened to this lady no she just like falls down here I will die for dramatic effect and stupid people I don’t get it sometimes the craziest things happened in this game you know I love it camera give me that give me also that I where’s the thing I need to get it’s over that way what uh-huh down here I but I didn’t get it yet did they report back oh that was it that was it huh it’s a James Bond pizza that’s why James I’m pizzas ROP ah shoot okay that’s why cuz never ever feels in your hands are pretty useless nasties users are followed yeah they don’t seem to work too well sometimes I mean at the odd time the odd time I’ve been able to take some take an enemy down in one hit sorry the hid went silent there I’m like did it crash okay geez you’re taking a very long time to load their game I don’t like that and this go teleport back where we were going this place ha you mean they they couldn’t just come here and do this themselves that if they needed me to go well I guess it spam it’s not the others fine I’ll accept it but that’s way Carrington wants to talk with I don’t care sounds important I did a much for that aren’t I okay dispensed future tasks may be assigned sometimes the direct approach isn’t the best covert sweater-vest gotta take everything seriously that that’s such a waste there’s such a ding darn waste oh my we’ve got a sense in play right now oh good things really dangerous cool the one that scored the DIA Oh Tom’s dying to talk to you about how to make a sniper work don’t use it dad by the way I think you missed elevator inside oh really where’s Darren elevators are shoot okay where’s Tom where’s King Tom where are you does this not know that’s Carrington Tom you’re not time well oh good see you Milo yeah I’m relieved actually without I can tell okay have you eaten anything out there because if you have they got you uh I I don’t know I never eat anything using this one this smart man s ta RT you gotta be careful the Institute has these tiny microscopic robots in the food man and they report Tom that’s a rubbish the Institute is in your blood lunatic that’s simply shoot if you really want to be saying this Desdemona says no one has to but he will kill this battery acid in that serum of yours you can’t nuke an omelet without radiating some eggs you have a green screen behind you don’t you yep but in English shot some yummy bacterial culture ahead Tom I hope you got some internet what happens deikun like they have to oh my god okay what what is this gonna do to me though I feel like this is know encouraging him you you get it man I’ll make things around here you you go and do you do whatever and come back and I will set you up uh I’d appreciate the help you and me okay Ann Carrington’s out of here no I got all these ideas in my head so bill do that do that that basically just killed me Tintin what does that actually do it excuse me the DIA man but the creme de la creme is ballistic lightweight listen tell me Marie there it is that’s what I want some in stock now give me some time get all sorts of ideas you have in stock okay I am falling more and more in to pass with an answer by so you I say okay thanks for joining we’ll see you soon so me and my boys can you know make even more toys want to see what we got yes of course yeah we would you go okay he is what huh cool weapon so you have anything special anything tinker time special if you’re not yet in vets they’re sorry if you’re not yeah in combat increases that’s actually if it costs more ap I don’t think that’s really that hmm just so you’re aware there sir armored bathrobe an armored bathroom deliverer powerful receiver and where is that gonna go deliver a powerful receiver deliverer hmm I don’t have any of that so I want I want all of the animals pretty much that’s what I want to take I’ll take those as well and those too yeah though of the 45 rounds those are those are important and shotguns shotgun shells yes railway spikes might as well perfect got it hey I was power nap and whammo hit me got some ideas on how to kid out deliver your troll well show me what you got hey he’s already made new stuff for me hmm finger time special what’s the deliverer thing I want to know what this deliverer is did he already give me this deliverer thing too much traffic George more learning assignment I need my weapon venture aren’t no not not weapon bench armored bench that’s it this yeah good for you I don’t want any right now okay protector of all 114 chumps for the twist is Victor planning already killed a shield heir to safe house Desdemona clings to the far-fetched hope that hey black 0p 10 millimeter oh he can tell us what happened how to use the legendary sniper Tong as I found so she wants you to tackle this fool that’s what the deliverer is all right well Ami’s work with us instead of the Minutemen the lives of many sensitize you hey hey everything you field agent types need I’ll take a so how do I use a ballistic we’ve now then do I already have it or what let’s just get the armored bathrobe she’s nothing good ever came too much I can’t run okay I am very confused deliver is a mission item at armor sorry armor workbench but I can do anything with it there I’m confused let’s meet let me one sec let’s go to the junk let’s drop the no yeah you know what let’s not drop anything let’s just go down here and where’s the beer thing that I grabbed before oh it’s not it’s it’s non-existent okay let’s grab one of these then here we go okay so where’s the gun workbench or whatever I don’t know where anything is in this place I’ll take the ham oh you’d say I was helpful sorry Tinker Tom’s got me doing things it’s got you doing things ain’t okay well here’s the armor workbench so the armored so ballistic we’ve okay so it’s possible to add it there okay so can you can’t use that on just anything then can you you can only do it on certain things or something yeah why do I have nothing on this one oh okay nevermind I know why so unfortunately you can’t do it on the jumpsuit then which kind of sucks but I guess that’s okay now I can just go and get some random outfit Oh heads up there’s something with him where is the gun workbench thing though Oh be quiet Desdemona where’s the gun there it is oh my weapon workbench I mean okay so the where is that it is my this one mmm-hmm so well that’s ridiculous you got too many T’s worthless yeah I have the advanced receiver advanced receivers much better I don’t know why I bought the thing okay rail rats are as lazy as a minimun but I guess I can give that pass with pen oh no I’m going crazy saying robot from the future codename blackbird the twist is we thought he was so she wants you okay only a certain height of some of the items goes one under your armor the kid just like regular clothing and stuff – yeah okay well I’ll go back to tinker tom I’ll see if I can buy some of something else ran down a little medicine before glory oh there you are hello we know about this just you excuse me the boys have been working on some new toys yes I want to take a look good okay thank you – I want a clean gray suit I could get some that has energy resist our longshoreman outfit charisma and endurance increase there’s endurance total okay could wear a red dress that’s funny let’s get the let’s get to that yeah the armored black vest and slacks so that’ll be a little better than my protective vault 114 it also weighs one more but yeah who cares you give us more bonuses and stuff dirty army fatigues better fedora whoa that’s one so I could be good stuff actually okay so let’s go over to the will you please be quiet lady Oh My yes goodbye and I want well you can’t get rid of those things unfortunately so we’re see what what did I not buy the thing from him covert okay there’s a covert sweater-vest no I didn’t actually guys a darn thing I don’t know how yet this is glorious in apparently you know me what you got that’s what they’re saying okay this yes thank you goodbye let’s drink another thingamajig one of those there we go cool now let’s go map and let’s go back to sanctuary so I can cutable this junk and do what I need to do oh geez are we getting a bit of lag here OBS calm yourself thank you appreciate that very much alright this is almost Christmas it will be good a red outfit hmm I could get a red outfit hello happy Reds welcome to the stream how are you doing thank you for joining you are on Twitch there once I can we bring that up haha I got that okay dogmeat I need your help Oh or I can do that too that works I didn’t lose much health thankfully over here good man yeah whoo Houston hosted you oh that’s pretty cool that’s really cool thank him for me this one here take things one day yeah she’s been talking me I need that or her I don’t I don’t know actually if if Houston is man or woman or I have no clue so but thank them for me okay so we have the armored black vests and stuff let’s go put ballistic weave mark five because we might as well I like I like how the value is like pretty much directly related to the the bonuses it gives its over this you need some handrails to stop you falling off yeah I should we don’t need either oh okay well then no problemo okay perfect there we go grab that thing I could now get the protector or make this a shielded lining just for the heck of it yes okay Piper Piper you can you can go away right now okay go over here I’m gonna get rid of one of the fat man’s because well I have lots so Kilowog pistol refills your action points on critical hit this one does increasing amounts of damage more withdrawal effects you’re suffering I don’t know which one would actually be better to have standard sight let’s give it a reflex sight my Israel lurking no problem to do this here remember when you said that dock meet jumped off that building well I guess dog meat is as his master because you fall as well apparently huh doc me wants to be just like me I should be telling doc me don’t don’t be just like me please I don’t want dead dog meat I’m gonna I’m gonna take this thing and I’m gonna call this now um can I can I please rename it we’re going to call it dragon 44 there we go uh-huh perfect sounds good to me huh works well enough mm-hmm let’s go in here and put all the mods okay then into here well put this we’ll put oh the crap I have tons of these things let’s get rid of all those goodbye goodbye get rid of one of those bye bye okay there I’m gonna shove that thing there cuz that’s worthless my opinion um it’s like a well I’ll keep it for now where is that this that’s what I want gone good haha okay now the amount of damage stuff I have here protection eighty nine and eighty seven well let’s just see what happens when I go and I put this darn thing on 124 and 124 sweet 110 plus plus eighty equals 124 yep that makes perfect sense game how to make storm armor get a hammer beat an anvil and done that’s how my camera thanks fellow dude no problem dragon forty-four the new skyrim meme oh god instead of legend 44 is that it mm-hmm that’s hilarious okay that’s shove all my crap in here mm-hmm is that someone should totally make that a thing yeah let’s go back to my oh thanks for subscribing hip and chocolate I appreciate it okay let’s go to the wippen to make this thing let’s put it yeah where do I usually put it seven that’s right seven for that just peril I think I think I was good wait what are my black vests and slacks oh no I can’t use this anymore agility and perception what [Applause] okay so the black vest thing ah so it didn’t add anything there interesting you can go a lot more than that you have the newsboy cap I don’t think I do let’s quickly go check apparel I I should have lots of different things in here actually I have a baseball cap I don’t think that will help cage armor that’s not what I want there’s a colonial duster can I wear that underneath my stuff there’s also the course our uniform that weighs 15 though that’s ridiculous Comfort are covered in security eyewear I’ll try the same the Skyrim revolver perfect absolute perfection farmhand clothes field scribes oh I could use the the field scribes armor or something maybe I don’t know if I can work or not Dark Knight costume has a Kellogg’s outfit maybe we should do Kellogg’s outfit that might work better Morgan’s spacesuit yeah I forgot I had that thing mechanic jumpsuit huh okay well let’s let’s go get rid of the this because that takes up all my stuff neither army fatigues whose revolver Wow who plays watchdogs one end too well you know I played the first one okay so army fatigues I have to go find army fatigues and nope can’t do nothing without me with any of that set Oh apparently I’m walking around naked well not really naked but my underwear okay well that’sthat’s totally fine this is fine this is totally fine I like this not really let’s get rid of that okay I want I want this get rid of Kellogg’s outfit I want to keep everything all that I have in here now so army fatigues a newsboy cap yeah polymer labs get a sound off Mali okay hmm for which the the army fatigues okay so polymer labs I forget where the polymer labs is like sometime SuperDuper Mars there’s that nope this thing polymer labs is around here ha ha got it right here then off Molly you can get the newsboy cap for the murder guy and diamond city murdered a guy I think he might be gone unless I’m not totally sure what that what that guy is so you’ll have to let me know of that when we see him let’s go see if I can get the the the army fatigues you should rename dragon 44 fools revolver okay remind me to do that when I get back there go change it I think that’s hilarious okay Molly Molly is Molly oh there’s a military calf what is this take up only a filthy teacup Molly Mali’s you here I have a revolver I have a 44 Oh revolver 44 I don’t think Molly is here let’s just stand right on top of this thing I like how those things flap around the one well they might be gone if you already clear this place there should still be some in here though okay well then Molly probably is gone though I thought I I swear I heard her it was this can that door open no of course I can’t there’s like I can hear that noise there’s some kind of noise going on oh I think Molly’s dead Parma honey yeah Molly seems to be 100% gone from this place there’s a dog at my house named Molly very loud oh my poor dog teacup gives me cuphead flashbacks oh yes of course cap had ice 11 play cuphead see there’s machinery noises happening I don’t see a news cap anywhere though or didn’t see a news company worth oh that’s so sad yeah I don’t know this one here huh can the military can’t be used is that a thing it’s cuphead bad there sir sorry it is cuphead bad sorry I’m totally misread what you said there I apologize let’s go back to Dimond shit aid no it just dark spells hard just like Dark Souls huh is everything it’s just like Dark Souls now no one see Becky felons she will sell you some dirty IRA fatigues ok Becky Helen oh I love the weather in this play actually that might just be the Sun coming up I don’t miss Becky felling the lady that comes like right here something like you could use a drink I look like I not clothes you don’t think I could use clothes not gonna say anything about me being a my underwear ok I guess that’s fine but Dark Souls hasn’t hired optic are you kidding me dark souls’s doghouse hope excuse me I’m going to assume McDonough gave you permission and leave it at that oh you better you you you certainly don’t want to mess with this oh I’m sorry I never heard of easy huh Becky I don’t know oh this is not a sense what what ya know what a scent is right those machine people didn’t only I think they made Geneva a little cheaper so she’s a sim Geneva who’s who’s Geneva she’s a sense definitely finally you seriously couldn’t take the opinion of some random stranger over your own son if someone off the street can tell Geneva it’s one of those machine people then so should you you just said no one could tell the difference mom now will you leave my customers alone we got hair styles for days weeks he goes immediately into you for that oh my okay well that’s definitely not the right person nice piece you got that merna merna thank you the moo moo cow was we can do business where is Becky Ellen anyway I forget is she is she in this place or she’s somewhere else it was just fate I don’t want that I already have something exactly like that mmm-hmm is she here in diamond city or she elsewhere because I do not remember how oh so how do you get into there – I wanted to know that you have to go down the stairs for shop oh yes now I remember Fallon’s basement ha thank you hello Ike I just wanna thank you so long as you have the cap yeah no III don’t care about the caps seriously uh all I really care about is your phone right now thank you that’s all I wanted appreciate it lady Becky you know new clothes absolutely sure let’s take a look you can’t you see I’m totally naked pretty much champion chess piece yeah champion right arm oh okay there comfort no I don’t want that um hazmat suit newsboy cap oh let’s take that okay and the I don’t this she doesn’t have any dirty army fatigues or does a dirty striped suit another we want battered Fedora as well you bet it Fedora okay there there’s a there’s a padded blue jacket I could take that with me I don’t know if that’ll do anything or not patched three-piece suit tattered rags no God no like a tray fisic we’ve the facts of that stuff welcome how are you doing Fox well there’s no dirty everybody’s in there why does she not have any attorney everyday how dare you lady you were supposed to have dirty army fatigues and I don’t appreciate that you don’t know that you didn’t deliver on you on your promise lady it’s all your fault lady I don’t like yeah sure just teleport a broom on your face what’s your best gun or weapon ah this thing I’ll show you boom you’re exploding shotgun for the win almost perfected this actually this this six millimeter pistol is pretty darn good to dress well synthesis skeleton which is put muscles are made by a machine then gives blood that electrocute it and puts in some juice and done a human-looking seen since thought all sounds way too complicated I I don’t want none of that thank you none it’s a very disturbing and creepy I don’t like it okay let’s go I’m good dirty I’m fatigues usually an army basis not just true mmm I need to go find someone to buy it from though where’s that one store there’s a gonna see if it’s that’s a good neighbor a good neighbor might have it sitting there somewhere never know yeah excuse me ma mmm-hmm if there’s skull displayed next to Amy’s name blah blah blah skull Shmuel I just want to quickly find pair of dirty iron fatigue so I can do this so I can do the ballista queefs toughness yeah that’s me run daisies discount do you have been to some things you’re rockin let’s see what you have everything’s guaranteed to last until it doesn’t well that is true okay yeah cool do you have she has military fatigues will that help will that do the same if you gotta need yesyes no not yet I do not I want we were talking about the best gun well dog me it was glitching in the stairs yeah Park dogmeat that oh no dogs me just doesn’t want to do things properly you got balls yes do I also have a question oh I’m sorry well you shoot her once in the head and she just like freaks out holy cow woman calm down enjoy head over to the third reverie situation uh-huh what you have let’s get you outfitted mmm-hmm I’m looking at getting DLC soon Lu batting helmet a spike armor no thanks devastators right know that no pointless okay you don’t have what I want Clio how dare you well there’s usually if I could do the things with the stuff ballistic we’ve back at sanctuary well it’s great for illuminating dark areas a light generator hit-boy light actually makes you less stealthy why why why why would having a giant spotlight coming from my own person make me less stealthy it’s just gonna blind the people and therefore they won’t be able to see me can you all come to see okay I get it geez no one likes that I’m not wearing clothes calm down you walk in here and everyone just freaks out sheesh okay so there’s that there’s also the wait what how do you how do you do anything with the with the newsboy cap I had the newsboy cap there oh seven military camp wait I don’t haven’t use but I bought a newsboy cap did I not that’s not about a newsboy cap military fatigues okay so that’s where that yes okay now I should be able to wear everything else still look at that sweet yes that please and that ah ah beautiful 199 and 202 key blow stuff up please I will I will possibly Oh first revolver right love robot thanks thanks devs you can gives the ability to do dirty things in Redditch or whatever so say he had pictures no things nope none of that polymer combat armor hmm alright so that that was that there was garbage but the military fatigues is nice that gives me plus two agility as well as all that damage resistant stuff perfect now we just need a hat talk now shush I don’t care you really should be able to do something with with the hats as you can’t do much with hats and it’s frustrating okay so this thing was revolver there we go got it oh shoot it saved it yes okay for this revolver that’s what it is now oh god I love it I love it hmm let’s go into my floating house here because I have things no don’t don’t don’t take things I guess transfer um okay so I should have so I had the luck ball ahead I know that I don’t know if I have any other luck any other bobbleheads or not though I feel good if I picked up any others oh there’s the energy weapons ball the head let’s put that one in there I know I have the luck one uh and intelligence okay luck bobblehead I forget if I have anything else oh wait what’s that something no those are mr. gutsy model never mind knead the batter fedora or the newsboy camp I I got the batter Fedora though didn’t I or did I not actually complete the purchase I swear I could play the purchase Oh their robot parts model okay I swear you completed the purchase but it’s possible I didn’t so I’ll go back again one second just want a fish put it on my bobble heads out on here how many of these things are there okay that’s that’s it oh-ho look I like the luck one that was kind of cute we’re in that hat right there it looks really creepy because you can’t see its eyes so there’s still like seven more no six more my bed oh my you have to go okay see we haven’t talked about things sorry thank you see you heaven choco dude jeez thanks for joining we’ll see you again very soon sorry for not being able to get your name correct there I but I swear I got the thing let’s go back mmm-hmm I have it apparently if not actually completing flippin purchases no cuz I got the I got the Oh was it twenty bobblehead in total suite but I got the the military fatigues there it’s that strange why I didn’t get the batter Fedora so sure I got that let’s go double check shift run there you go much better hello kid out of my way hey excuse me funny club but this is not funny clothes this is military stuff sheesh oh I’m sorry I’m not trying to pick the lock don’t you worry you look like you could use a drink oh my god now go Deanna’s get some that’s all you ever want to say to me isn’t it go dump a drink over your own head okay looking as green as the day she was built oh good I realize I’m the one that painted the wall right hmm just put like one stroke of paint yes I finished the wall that one piece of paint is gonna clothing on the racks if you’re paying else I’ll take a look I’m sure try this one on mater fedora I swear about the Turing thing or the newsboy cap okay so what is there a difference between the two this one gives charisma this one gives luck my charisma is maxed out so I’m gonna well I’ll keep it I’ll keep both but I am gonna try to use the the the one that gives luck instead of the one that gives charisma sweet oh yeah let’s go to back over here the sanctuary haha I got it so I only have six more bobbleheads left to get I know there’s a strength one and I’m pretty sure I don’t have agility yet I could be wrong I mean you’ve gotten agility I can’t remember I can’t remember which ones I’ve even done luck equals loot ah yes that is that is true that is a very very true luck also means the greater chance at being able to get the stupid filthy cake from the stupid filthy cake machine thing if that’s a pretty even possible at all okay so bad if rhetoric is the one that gives like sweet there we go finally much better well now I can finally get rid of this piece of garbage polymer combat armor helmet that I’ve had sitting in my inventory for flippin years look at that it weighs 600 that’s ridiculous i oh my god okay two nine five two nine a sweet holy crap this stuff is freakin amazing man so I’m curious here if I get rid of the military fatigues yes this goes to 185 from 183 okay now if you add 110 or 115 oh my gosh it actually has perfect match perfect math agility is on the big boat by spectacle Island then that’s when I just got isn’t it no that was that was a luck one wasn’t it you can see yourself with your own shotgun no I don’t know I don’t want to do that that doesn’t sound like one time okay get rid of the this goodbye goodbye that piece of garbage can finally go like I’ve kept my wedding rings in my inventory of this entire time oh that’s hilarious goodbye but all the garbage in here that I don’t even need anymore okay so have a couple junk and that’s kind of it okay transfer where other mirelurks were when you were on your way there oh one the giant rent boat with Raiders on okay sorry my bad I want to go get that then so the giant red boot sure spectacle Island just right to there so that there’s a big red boat like somewhere over here kind of thing that’s the one you’re talking about let’s go quickly see that I’ll see if maybe I can go get that get the jelly ball ahead just cuz I kind of want it before I end the stream but I won’t be able to stream for two too much longer I’ll go probably oh no two and a half hours total that big thing that is that big boat hey yes I would make more sense right and you see if I can sneak sneak around kill everyone on this thing well not like that oh oh there’s my girl over there I I don’t want to deal with that thing looks like I’m gonna have to deal with that thing goodbye yes it wasn’t too difficult mm-hmm we can’t miss it I’m colorblind that’s why I didn’t know who’s right oh okay no problem oh sweet what – two shots for this thing for my other hunter are you serious how is that even possible hmm yet grace are checking jeans I want that Oh No well let’s just go swimming in the drink shall we I hear a generator we just kind of make me think that there’s probably going to be what they’re called fusion core I think Oh alright those are already dead well I guess that’s good news for me I don’t have to deal with him mmm Raiders up that way seems like it know them goodbye oh hey I like that I like the terminals that are locked you get experience points for forgetting right alone the other thing is these things are sometimes annoying to deal with well let’s try recognize that is not it okay nope it’s go out and try again in dethroned okay Mar then the that has nothing nothing in common piercings that sure there we go got it um don’t tell me where it is I see if you can find it okay how many oh there’s three connected holy cow well let’s shut them all down this is the first time I’ve actually shut down turrets before destroying them oh isn’t amazing oh my hey hello there what’s this scattered lasers sure I’ll take it moldy food oh wait there’s a bottle cap on there there’s a bottle cap mixing with a moldy food well that’s disturbing goodbye gonna take mr. Skelly ton with me no oh that’s sad how are you supposed to get up and over there and where are these guys well that worked hmm that is not going to work did I took a wrong turn somewhere I probably I event probably maybe unless oh never mind I don’t care I’m cheating around the system hmm did someone mention where it is innovators trying not to look I’m very tempted to look oh my god that voice terrified me what why are these guys speaking different languages all of a sudden what was very strange oh my one good one shot for him rags why are these guys speaking different languages I don’t even know what the language is foreign Raider girls holy cow I mean I guess it makes sense if they’re if they’re foreign or something that’s interesting okay no one else know there’s still there’s still gonna be more probably Oh 20-pound dumbbell hey you go away I don’t want lights 80-pound bar oh my dog meat dark meat I can’t come here I need to give you my 80 pound barbell please good do you think I can carry it on your back eighty pound barbell there you go dog meat that I the weight is actually 80 holy cow that is ridiculous poor dog meat he’s like walking around he’s totally fine yeah woof woof woof okay Oh No I’m getting lost in here already okay this way somewhere probably that’s a cooking stove left okay a stealth boy I’ll take that yes okay well nothing there how about up top oh yeah if I don’t fall off yes okay not that way oh cool and many new to replenish the ones that I wasted for fun things hit radio there there’s nope those are wastes I’ll take this I’ll take four might as well what else is here oh there’s a terminal that I didn’t see the first time interesting okay merchants oh sweet first try got it oops go away here we go so here what’s that nothing huh wow that’s strange huh what nice well okay the way that I’d never be afraid to dodge decisive issues until he’s been permanently increased by why yeah agility bow the head get and instead of achievement get agility bobblehead get got it haha there we go thanks for telling me that’s where it was now you look here’s the newsboy cap I could have got that welcome back RIT face how’s it going okay well there we go I just got the agility ball ahead haha now I need the strength one somewhere I don’t know where that is that’s somewhere robots tend to get more dangerous as they get more damaged when both their arms are disabled the most rama’s within robots robit so am i will then charge at an opponent while initiating self-destruct sequence I explode in a fiery final attack sweet cool stuff Bravo merci beaucoup that was fun that didn’t take too long either as I suspected take like 20 minutes to clear out all the Raiders there but nope yes good for you strong you’re welcome okay mass fusion building oh that’s right can you test all the weapons please wait which weapons cuz I have lots here and I use I use different ones periodically for different things come here okay give me give me all of those they be quiet about the junk be quiet about the junk it is my junk I choose if I want it or not okay everyone can just calm down is totally fine thank you scatter yes I need get rid of that all of them does that would take a long time test every single one of them what I do have here Oh oops my bad that’s not what I wanted what I do have here I have that’s I’m not gonna do those things I’ll take one of those things as well yeah might as well mm-hmm Gauss Rifle I’m not gonna do the me the weapons though because there’s no point with those things power fist which I’ve never even used once I don’t know what else there even is they Palmer oh yeah I haven’t used that thing ever there’s a passive sniper rifle I’ll take that might as well let’s take this thing shielded Gauss Rifle that’s that’s always good to cry Oh later this is a railway rifle Institute rifle there’s a gamma gamma gun quick draw laser musket there’s Lorenzo’s artifact gun I only remember what all I have in here anymore the shish kebab is the shish kebab is a thing as well just the ones that go boom gotta go catch you again soon okay see you ready star thanks for joining we’ll see you soon all right well let’s just quickly see here we look at the weapons we have the minigun so much wacka-wacka to more pie I feel like the Terminator right now there we go sorry sorry if I shoot anyone’s faces my bad the Gauss rifles pretty cool to make more of an explosion if you charge it down a little bit I haven’t ever used a cryo grenade let’s use one oh there we go that’s cool okay there’s this one of course my exploding shotgun there’s the whistle on cert launcher which I’ve never used oh good I’m glad okay sorry do you not walk like directly towards me there’s a plasma scatter gun which is like a plasma shotgun thing there is the frag grenade which I’m not gonna use cuz these hoes ones are boring use them all the time my bad you don’t come down here weapons there we go there’s a in a polymer which is like a fire thing flamethrower that’s it you can think for a second there so this thing is kind of fun kind of cool I like this giorgia can’t like actually sent wood things on fire oh oh you actually can set with things off I sweet that’s cool I didn’t know that there’s a laser I like the lasers ah all the time which I almost never use smash let’s see here there’s a sniper plasma sniper rifle where job is kind of cool someone’s face oops sorry five crank laser musket that are not here you go got it so that the five crank laser musket is kind of it’s a little bit weird because you kind of charge it up and then fire it so it’s not really the best thing there’s another gossip I feel which I actually have to grab there’s a gamma gun which is kind of fun come on get out of here ouch there you go eat some of that mm-hmm there is the cryolator this basically freezes people as you can see somehow those guys are still able to move and for some reason I can’t run anymore oh I carry too much and can’t run okay that’s why I’ll stay here there’s the railway rifle which I have never used yet oh my there we go really I feels kind of fun institute rifles basically like a like a laser rifle lorenzo’s artifact gun that takes a very long time to reload there’s also the needle thing which I’ve never used I have I have no ammo for it never mind okay a shish kebab thing it’s like a flaming sword basically and there’s also the sin 3 Alegre which I have no clue what it even does oh it actually teleports naina scenes sweet that’s really interesting huh that’s kind of curious about that one ok let’s reload the safe though there we go so mass fusion building I will write that down for next time but I think right now I’m going to end it because I need to go have something to eat it is lunch time for me so thank you everyone so much for watching I appreciate everyone who joined mm-hmm I hope you all had a wonderful time here you like the sword you know the flaming sword thing is kind of cool it’s like what is it it’s almost like a one-handed mini chainsaw thing which is kind of cool the they had those also I think in Fallout New Vegas and follow three maybe so they’re kind of cool they they work really well they obviously cause flaming damage which is fun but yeah thank you everyone for watching I appreciate it and I hope you all had a wonderful time well that doesn’t show there sorry I was just curious because the the immersion right there the lurking thing where it says lurking right there yeah it’s blue on the actual twitch chat but here it just has this weird symbol on it it says kind of interesting things 20 fluffy on Wednesday I’ll play some watchdogs and Friday somewhere Mass Effect 3 yeah and I will see you all again very very soon have a wonderful verse every week and God bless bye see you bye bye oh geez OBS has problems

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