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November 5, 2019

You can just run and BOOM! train isn’t that awesome it’s FGTV achievers at study and tasting we are back anymore alpha neighbor or hello mommy yeah always being sugar this kid you should share with your granddad hey what it’s healthy if you haven’t seen that part one go check it out it is so awesome what we’re doing here in part two we are why we are continuing the madness and when I say continuing the madness I don’t know what I’m talking about there’s a couple places Oh monitor martyrdom alright there’s a couple places that we can start there’s so many ways we can go up this ladder or we can go up here I’m thinking let’s let’s go up here is there anything new no no no not already not already saw what fuck where are we what never been a bit lacking I catch me fool why was he looking up quickly okay Google okay we’re going haha we kind of know a little bit what to do this time hop on these boxes we can go up there we haven’t done it yet we’re waiting we’re waiting to record all right chase you’re gonna do the honors standing on the box and you got it guys have something to show you my real nose more like my eyebrows or my mustache I tricked you guys you guys were so trick I can open the door oh my goodness whoa what is that thing a washing machine see the kills you go close I did not lose my voice I lost my voice but it clearly hasn’t come back and we shall get around he’ll be good on the master key picker-upper what – you have too many boxes I think well I don’t know trash line we whoa lovely turn off that machine well you can’t think of this either what oh the boss magnetic dude into magnets like a giant magnet it’s creating friction yeah look see it’s tilting towards it that’s a magnet machine all that’s white duct to the wall where we throw something in it to break in like a box I think that would do it try to turn off the power I can’t get all the power right yeah before we turn off the power for the magnet let’s go ahead open our umbrella and let’s just go and start with Oh No oh my goodness no oh my goodness no wait where am I No I want to train train you tell me where should we go cuz look there’s a dummy right there there’s a hole right there there’s a ladder right there and there’s a door right there why don’t try that door sister further in jump no no Alice tell ya all right redo turn off your phone the offices were down here – return of the Pirates okay and power off aren’t now nope still on all just took our binoculars a flashlight so we can’t bring anything metal over here oh my fist machine she really stuck get it Chuck and yes we made it alright let’s hope this door open please door open you try transceiver to open system I hope it keep using question he goes oh oh remove that child at instant throat I love that a little bit of your build warg you might as well get it I would throw it down in the neighbor’s yard so it odd know what’s in it your chair joking that’s an umbrella jump we got it yeah well yeah what’s it sir ah doesn’t open what is that apples so nice rexella apples dude who’s throwing Apple like a ghost for almost in furniture of gross droid something that’s American no more wait what is it opens up this way or we get that box yes open to work almost in which is do a mark did in our last except kicking us okay promises what’s in there oh it’s just a box throwing apples at people can we make it in or is it just like aunty is it yeah okay wait let’s dump this fall down okay we’re falling down and what can I take bit great that no come back to me but what’s down here we want to go in the I don’t yeah yeah yeah unless you’re trans one more time yeah come on hope it I’m starting to think that we just are not supposed to go in it are you go kicked me up the computer goes like something like a shooter right yeah Apple shooter just go down and down and yes I made it remember that room yeah we found the key for already known is saying wait how can we break if I braked it that’s just gonna here then with noise come back and lock whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah what what is it where’s that button Oh got the Train Larry yeah look but we turned off the power in the compressor rats do we have to fall down I think whoa what should we turn on the power their compressors what melted the ice in the last jump okay definitely home where we go I have to go down there am I gonna make it one through Apple yeah oh that’s the room all right let’s see and fall down let’s see we get that train to work don’t want let it out no ha dude when you press this on hope oh listen a viable under disease 1 was ran’ yeah go back underwater to try to hear the side in there stop playing we are about to go chugga-chugga choo-choo how do we get in Oh open a door no reason we can put that in slow motion mm-hmm – we’re about to all avoid this – – should we just go down here yeah Caleb in the Train look at that nice and healthy house we we are riding the track we with an umbrella that’s a berry tree you know they were there waiting that’s not the spot daddy yes yeah what’s this oh this is the other side of the room ah habiliment abana and Zhanna Cara how do they say system his records road roadblocks because robot that’s where okay what is this this is this this is that what was that do it well that’s where we were oh okay cool don’t with the chair escalator oh my gosh Marv is a traitor he has parties on the escalator we have parties in the elevator upon what Oh what can’t get around that do I just turned something on August tells you the track oh look at that never see thing up there um tink what do you think that thing did let’s go down there and sure drops a down those Oh what where are we should we fall yeah you sure are we’re doing it oh this isn’t one where the keycard used to be an alpha sweet sweet don’t keep going near this time would you want to do this pie as well right open up juju Dora oh there’s a flat site yeah yeah the door what oh it’s rotating sweet or just shuts again can we can you block it no no what is this from from our first video okay there’s a key they remember how do we get that key oh we have to go around the house but that’s actually a good thing okay all you want to open it yeah yeah yeah okay so just do just do dip and then run out all that but oh cool anyway this let’s just put the cherry what yeah you know squish me turn-offs push me that she is haha no oh yeah actually did it now I am ready on my armor ella ella ella eh eh with a raise ballin hello Laura Oh Oh Kiki what’s this key oh wait wait a sec so where should I go right now I know you know oh you did they shall treat me we’ll miss about me brother Shi Zhai Kusanagi aileenchen still there I hope so yeah yeah yeah ok we’re coming for you we’re easy change if I was a key and I pull out of that window I would land about there look at that kitchen chase is that keycard tell me from episode 1 it’s due there do chase me shiny you so hard keyed out of the window – Delaney the mailbox oh there it is ha ha ha alright guys well we were just kidding about the mailbox date um but she’s actually lost a row okay I open this key card in amazement yes it worked Tommy needed a crowbar now we just need to croaky the crow ball now I got an idea why I to meet a lie to her I – I – the neighbor has not come to get it maybe the neighbors stop I’m getting a blue key that’s right you forgot about the blue key Parris yep and just go oh my gosh you think we trap the neighbor somewhere I think he gone through the bay smell already you think so this soon yeah you know there’s a glitch cuz the crow is just like should I buy I’m gonna fly I can’t fly object from Titanic ah oh yes I did it okay hello wait wait yo can you do it can we turn that thing off I wonder if we could get that key hold it down there we go put it down grab it alright alright we grab it alright alright we clap are in tweet wait what was it just doing it I just saw something wait what is that wait what okay yeah let’s stuff touchwood here for a bucket there look at that knowledge oh look at that alright no dude Marr is gone which is the blue key Dukey I don’t think there’s anything is even anything they’re doing here and we saw it we stopped what is it in there you sure yeah how do we get in there wait oh there’s no co-wash know what is what what’s that yeah wasn’t there like a little pillar thing here crowbar resemble looked off the coolers a different color then ago what wait hold on if you take that out there won’t be any more electricity what do we have it is all right I take out of the flashing now kit can we get it to where I can’t get off you burned your hand yeah oh it’s hi waited what oh wow don’t we just do things hahahahaha – that is good the crowbar is electric boogie woogie whoop we can’t make it to the door to show you a robot no no that’s isn’t a crouch oh that’s why yeah careful careful careful careful are you a Crouch potato is this worth it still works yeah have a AB allergies allergies have like a cutscene of it you can’t bury stick and if you don’t leave our stick you’ll be very sick how can we get to that door should we knock the dunya yeah that’s a fail are we seriously about this seriously seriously about you open up this basement right now oh no we can’t because we’re work no give us back our zilla’s now probably why how do we just blow let me put it in this thing turn it up yeah what if we frizzy um for guys you can watch this video cuz we know what to do well apparently not we are not I get our thing back what’s in here we still even check out where he’s up here the head no did he coming – he’s been up here this whole time look at these bloody ghost we can compress them nope nope three million circle or doesn’t know how to get it haha or you stuck behind that thing Oh what is that room should I make it open okay that rooms lot I’m making around for it go oh no now he’s not going stuck in all right why not about to go home check mark just want to check on the crow for sure – why there – you should know right okay it’s still hot what is issue I need a flashlight I’ll have a flashlight I drew the flash things are flashed up here I love your job bad thing oh this doesn’t embarrass us can’t see anything it’s actually kind of flying I can’t see anything did it get darker I think that’s what’s making it hot yeah oh no he’d come don’t talk attack why don’t I do the letters to the electricity oh here is then let’s talk about the crowbar cool the bonus okay here is a new mister because my mother crowbar was connected or what goodies for the buzzer allow me to go faster I am of remember the crowbar was collected electricity connected electricity so it was hot but it shouldn’t have let us take it off the wall don’t tell me there’s no way it can be almost no way that if I turn did you turn it off yeah wait let’s check on the crowbar now Oh record out your cobalt no I took all of me killing me Shh do we can get in the basement right now yeah Mars hey Marta listen listen can we just go in the basement together I’m right here Marc what woody Marc he’s such a goon that guys are super nice to it quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick hey Marc I got your basement always got it no oh my goodness look at that beautiful base now hey Mark hey Mark daddy stop just go and bathe me whoa look this place looks like Christmas I know but anyone to be nighttime because now it’s six more tweets in face the problem mark could have your curl bar back I don’t want this umbrella you can have the magnet gun and the key because we are going to know where is it stinking doors and away get out of here door we need to actually to burn da da da da da da what what what next time on ft TV together fix washing coupons to the bus bus well good job FG TV looks like they got into my basement but there’s a couple things they didn’t show you a few TVs and I’ll show you now so you go over here in this little tiny box there’s a little poop nugget seed and if you grab that we’re gonna bring that outside I’ll show you grab a flower pot fill it with water then proceed outside do a gigantic parkour jump Bob just kidding with you doesn’t glitch now we’re going to make our way to the garden now we got to take out the seed plant it in the ground and then water it and a little tiny poofy tree will grow or some or something like that okay alright now about that room with the shooting flying apples you actually can’t get in there grab a box of like shield or something be careful because if the Apple sent you you will die but anyway you could also use things to block the apples which is really neat and the reason you want to do this is because you have to get into the middle of the floor to grab the gun you can’t turn off the machines so you just have to be quick like super quick Oh like that grab the gun and then boom revenge on the machines just kidding you can’t hurt the machines once you have the gun won’t piece of cake anyways just time mention that too all right next up this is much cooler the Train that’s right if you want to ride the train well this is how you do it red buttons on the left arm are activating then the train will come to you and the doors will open and all you have to do is just jump inside but if you’re doofy and you miss like like this guy playing cool who play who’s doing who’s playing this well then you can try this method you can just run and boom jump straight into the trade isn’t that awesome you don’t even have to let the door open but if you want to do it the right way just be quick once you’re inside go for a drive and enjoy come already trained to and Radek come on ride a train through the toolkit chugga chugga and that’s pretty much it for the train it’ll just take you on over and over and over if you’re really daring you can open up the doors wanna train is driving at the right second jump off onto the platform and goodbye but just make sure that if you’re gonna run into the train get to it really well looking at jump in where you’re not quite in and then you figure in but then you are out and then yeah alright well that’s it for more tips see you next time boo boo boo boo boo boo you going to peace chuckling something quickly mm can’t get in our house and there’s nothing behind house why is our house of tiny it’s not fair that the neighbor


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