GTA 5 Train Simulator Mod – CRH380A (Train Simulator 2017)
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GTA 5 Train Simulator Mod – CRH380A (Train Simulator 2017)

October 10, 2019

This thing guys, it’s amazing! Oh, let’s go ahead and slow this thing. What is up guys welcome back to GTA 5 today with Doc GTA so I have been gone I’ve been super sick, but today I have a mod for you That’s not like any other, not like graphic mods or vehicle mods Or script mods, this mod is massively enormous and super quick and fast This is the world record, world speed train in real life and now the fastest train in GTA5 let me introduce you guys to the CRH380A High-speed Bullet train. Now this train has four wagons on it, it usually runs with eight, but it’s really cool It’s actually running from CSR Qingdao Sifang locomotive rolling stock It even has doors that slide open And people that actually fit inside of it and are integrated into the train, you can walk through the train You can also sit and ride in the training you can drive it, so this is Gonna be pretty awesome so join me as we get involved with this train and Possibly even drive it and take it up to the massive high speed of a two hundred kilometers an hour Alright, so now let’s go ahead and jump in the train. This is the cockpit in the nose part of the train This is where the ehhh, conductor sits, and that’s where you drive the train and we’ll be driving that soon So let’s drive on and we’re going to ride to the next train station and we’re going to get into the cockpit there All right, so we are at the next station. Let’s go ahead and put alt F12 and let’s get into the conductor now We are using train sim mod links in description down of the mod too And as you can see here’s the cockpit. It’s got various different Little things your battery metre (meter if you are American), your pantographs windscreen controls And you can actually see the wipers you can actually slide the doors open, so it’s pretty cool You can actually let people in now Let’s go ahead and get going though guys because we got a lot of s**t to do and let’s get moving And you just heard that that was the train horn guys that thing is kind of funny for a small train But either way, that’s the real one, and that’s through how the real-life one goes, so I guess we’ll continue on this track we’ve got it up to level three on our erm, running and erm We’ve turned our Reverser off and powers all the way up But yeah, we’re going to be running really fast not sure on all this train stuff but I definitely know the power regulator is at full speed right now and erm We’re moving forward on the reverse there. We got the headlights on this train is really really cool. It’s integrated into GTA 5 it has all kinds of different variations of it And if you like a link of it, make sure to erm hit me up on my email, and maybe I can get you one So let’s continue moving through here Now this is the Subway part of the station if you’ve ever been in GTA 5 and you haven’t played for a while You’ll know or you won’t know this is the subway We’re about to come out of the subway in a second check out the beautiful graphics that this game has to hold I was actually going to use the 8 wagons on this train, but it was just too massive to do it, so We didn’t do that this time But if you guys want a little backstory this train usually runs 8 cars, and it’s erm operated by Chinese ministry of well *(mispronunciation of railways)*, railways erm It’s axle is 15 tonnes (tons for if you are American) and it’s length is 203 metres (meters), and I think thy erm The height is 3,700 millimeters correct me. If I’m wrong, but the maximum speed really in real life is 380 kilometers or 236 or 200 miles per hour in GTA 5 Erm it’s actually running some engines on it and they’re traction motors they’re actually I think their traction motor type is a synchronous three-Phase AC motors I think and erm it’s got 25 kilovolts at 50 Hertz for the voltage and erm Yeah, it’s a really cool train, and you know those of you that are Chinese you’ll know this train And you’ll thank me for putting this in GTA because it’s really epic. I got motivated dude Here we are and we’re seeing the beautiful Los Santos downtown district. East district anyway. We’re coming up above moving really speed 60 miles an hour When we are overtaking cars on the highway look at this guys. This is so fast. We’re passing that red car and the 18-wheeler Surely we’re going to get to 100 soon and if you’re asking about the graphics mod I’m using I can’t release it because I’ll get in trouble like I did with the other one But I’ll just tell you this it’s a really cool GTA 6 graphics mod Go back into the first person here check this out. Watch out people move out of the way. We’re coming through high speed, high speed *sniff* Now this train is actually, erm, in development. Still. I’ve been working on it for a while. It’s pretty fast though *Phwoah* look at that guy’s just passing station going about 90, how about that guys, erm, I kind of want to add a couple more mods to it, but I just haven’t been able to do it I’ve been so sick, but it’s got cruise control I’ve been wanting to add The windshield wiper that actually works and swipes I want to add different Integration to make all the Handles work inside the cockpit that you see like the tower regulators I want to make them all Dynamic and I want to make them move, but until I can do that That’s all we got right now, but the pantograph still work I actually wanted to get some lights working on there So we got that at least working and I wanted to get the miles per hour working yeah, we’re going to kick this thing up into high gear and I guess we’ll get going because we’re going to try to get this to 200 miles an hour you guys want to see that Let’s see it and let’s continue watching because we’re going to get try to get a 200 by the end of the video coming out of the downtown underground Railway coming back north proving super speedy and super nice And look at this from First-person, these graphics look amazing, and I hope you guys and I think you guys will agree with me Look at all the cars we are passing And this horn is so funny though I’m assuming it’s very high frequencies. So when you’re going faster, it actually can be heard I’m assuming only assuming So we get signalling stations? We’re actually supposed to be stopping for but I’ve decided we’re going to skip all those because I’ve already shown you guys how You can actually do that in other videos in my trains and videos how you can actually You know pick up passengers and stuff like that But there’s no reason to do it in this one because I mean why it’s this is a high-speed train come on guys We have to drive high speed. We don’t need to stop for anybody especially today Since I’ve finally got this into the into the game into Los Santos and working fast 150 here we go guys we are moving so fast oh my God Surely nobody hits us because we will total this thing. I mean Really as surely guys. We won’t hit anything will be because I got the derail mod in if we hit some we’re screwed It’ll blow us up hang on guys all That card you see that card almost hit us oh Oh My God! 165 Oh My God! This is from first person looks a crazy crazy whoa hang on people People are dying back there. Oh Let’s get a view going from the side of the metro station 185 Wow we are moving super fast guys hold on All right, one eighty-eight. We’re almost there guys 190 High-speed the world’s fastest train in GTA 194 Hang on. Oh my God! I think we’re going to make this, 200, we hit 200! Hell, yeah guys I got to slow this thing down as soon as I can Because we’re not going to stop. I don’t know how long it’s going to take to stop this train. What do you guys think? 200 Let’s go for 202 and We did it 201 202 That’s it. I guess we’ll go ahead and slow this thing down, and we’ll get it ready to stop emergency Brakes on And we’re stopping Through our transmission gear in the neutral and we’re pulling up to a final erm Stop at our station over here at Puerto Del Sol. We got 200 yards to go pulling up and I Think we’re going to be good. We didn’t wreck And, erm, passengers are all safe, so I think we’re going to be good here. I think we’re going to be nice God the graphics look amazing really good nice sunset day. What do you guys think about the sunset? Ah look at that I hope you guys enjoyed this high-speed bullet train in GTA 5 if you did make sure to leave a like oh as well check out my other train sim videos and I’ll see you guys the next one see you later


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