GTA 5 Online Solo Director Mode Glitch Modded Outfits Unreleased Casino Mask White Joggers
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GTA 5 Online Solo Director Mode Glitch Modded Outfits Unreleased Casino Mask White Joggers

August 14, 2019

yo what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at you with another Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 online glitches video in
today’s video I will show you a solo easy director mode glitch and the
unreleased casino dlc mask after the new update be sure to the bell icon to get
post notifications so you won’t miss any of my latest uploads and hashtag I’m
Robert Z one in the comment section for a shout-out okay let’s get right into
the video these are the unreleased casino dlc masks you could find them in
a director mode glitch there’s a queen mask Joker mask lucky 7 with Horseshoe
mask skull with top hat mask and a Burger King mask let me know in the
comment section which mask you’ll be getting I personally like the Joker mask okay now for the solo direct demo glitch
go to single-player then hold down slack then go to director mode now go to
actors and shortlist your online character and a bird if you do not have
the bird you can do the peyote mission a single player now exit the story mode
then go online once you get online put on a parachute then go to the time trial now start the time trial then select the
single player character once you get into single player go back into director
mode then switch back and forward on your short list actors the bird should
start duplicating do this for about 24 minutes I leave the controller facedown
on analog stick until my online character ends up on a he bail once your
character ends up on a hay bail remove the bird then go to actors beachbum then
change appearance on different actors this is to make sure your character
doesn’t change back to the single player characters if the character does change
back shortlist the bird again then switch back and forward on the shortlist
characters until your online character ends back up on a hay bail you should be
good from here now pick an outfit with the Christmas mask and no blacklist
clothing like single player clothing and Christmas clothing I’ll be picking an
outfit with the pink camel pants and Christmas mask shortlist the outfit then
pick the short list outfit then go into director mode once you’re in director
mode select your single player character when you get it’s a single player you
should still have the modern outfit now go online you should get an error
message and it should take you to the single player all you have to do from here is go back
online you should still have the outfit save the outfit and you’re done like I
said before gaming online is all about looking unique and different and having
these sick modded outfits would definitely set you apart from the rest if you enjoyed videos like this click on
my playlist for more videos and again like and subscribe follow me on Twitter
@imrobertz1 I upload all the awesome showcase glitches tips and
tricks that’s all I have for you today I’ll see you guys in my next video


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  • Reply imrobertz1 July 24, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    Unreleased Casino DLC Mask:

    1. Queen Mask

    2. Joker Mask

    3. Lucky 7 Horse Shoe Mask

    4. Skull Top Hat Mask

    5. Burger King Mask

  • Reply CydHD July 24, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    Coo vid Robert!

  • Reply imrobertz1 July 24, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    ♛ Text Tutorial ♛

    1. Start Single Player then go to director mode

    2. Shortlist your online character and Bird

    3. Start Invite only lobby put on standard outfit with parachute

    4. Start time trail and hit right on D pad to start

    5. Switch to single player character Franklin

    6. Go to director mode switch between shortlists online and birds

    7. The birds will duplicate switch back and forward 22 minutes

    8. Online character will in up on the hay with birds after 22 minutes

    9. Go to actors beach bum and change appearance

    10. Find a modded outfit with Christmas mask then shortlist

    11. Bring that outfit into director mode

    12. Then switch to single player character

    13. Outfit with Christmas mask should be in single player

    14. Then go online to invite only and save outfit

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    Awesome!! <3

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    Click bait were u just should us how to do the dm glitch not how to. Get the masks

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    Thank you for the help!

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    Thank you for the help!

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