Growing Jobs: Amigo Mobility in Bridgeport, Michigan
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Growing Jobs: Amigo Mobility in Bridgeport, Michigan

August 31, 2019

Since 1968 we’ve been building
mobility vehicle for disabled consumers to use and some of our
famous amiga owners are impact Perlman, Colonel Sanders, Ray
Croc, Tony Fields and then over the years we added
a model for motorized shopping carts for the grocery stores and malls and we started that nineteen
seventy and today we provide many retailers with motorized
shopping carts. This really is a manufacturing base and our product has wheels. What is Michigan
known for the wheel capital, the automotive capitol so we belong here. I like working at
amigo there it is a number reasons why, probably
the biggest one is we get to help people every day I come in I know that we’re
hoping somebody become more mobile. I see Michigan coming back and being exciting for us to be part of that are our five year plan
says we’re gonna be a much bigger company and we have make sure that we have the
finances and the ability to to get there. We have added to our
workforce number areas and then we also are
currently looking for people to expand in our
engineering and A&D area we are growing internationally and we
feel that that’s a big part of our growth is in the international arena and in fact one of our employees is right now in Brazil working there
working to expand our sails we picked up in the last year new
distributor in Germany and the United Kingdom our sales in Canada have tripled our future growth we feel beyond the US
will be in the international arena this. This an
example one of our standard health care products this is the ones that are really highly
customized for the amiga owner to use are smaller they’re built me use in
homes or outdoors which is really great because we don’t want
people to be stuck in their homes, we want them to be out enjoying their lives, pursuing their passions. I actually got
to see an amigo in use first hand I had opportunity to it go road trip with an amiga owner and I could see all the thing that she could do and
there was almost nothing she couldn’t do with the help of her amiga, With the amigo they can go they can go with pride dignity. What we love about Governor Snyder and this administration if the
economic gardening that they believe in helping existing businesses in the state of Michigan, not soley focusing on new businesses being
recruited to Michigan so in the past I think we felt a little
ignored, today we feel special and we’re getting
the assistance to grow our business on an international
spectacle. There is we want to leave Michigan. It is a great state Alice certainly is a very big part of that he loves being a
part of Saginaw and being a part of the Greater Michigan
area. We can’t think of a better state to grow our business in and improve life through mobility. Amigo is
proud to be part of Michigan and the comeback state, proud to bring more
manufacturing to the area and proud of the people that we
attract as our employees.

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  • Reply Robin Drumm June 9, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    I need one. With COPD and having lung surgery, it would come in handy. The basket could hold my oxygen! Love it.

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