GPI – Using Drones to Map a Railroad Corridor
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GPI – Using Drones to Map a Railroad Corridor

August 31, 2019

When Keolis commuter services came to GPI
they asked us to provide an accurate measurement of vegetation within their rail corridor. In order to accomplish this task, GPI deployed
drones to capture imagery along the right-of-way. After the individual images were processed,
they were then compiled into one orthomosaic image of the corridor. Because the images themselves were geo-referenced
with X, Y and Z coordinates, the orthomosaic could further be refined into a 3D, or point
cloud, model. By importing this model into CAD through the
use of templates representing the clearance path of the maintenance equipment we could
then calculate the volume of vegetation that need to be removed to clear the right-of-way
of all obstructions. In the future we can expand on the initial
information by recognizing vegetation species in the scan data and knowing growth rates,
a complete and efficient maintenance schedule can be produced.

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