Gobi Desert: Mongolia Is The New Final Frontier (Trans Siberian Railway Stop)
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Gobi Desert: Mongolia Is The New Final Frontier (Trans Siberian Railway Stop)

August 20, 2019

What’s the first thing you think of when
someone mentions to gobi desert? Mountain-high sand dunes and maybe a few thirsty camels? But did you know that the gobi Asia’s
largest desert, spanning a surface of over 1,000 square miles, is also home to
the first dinosaur eggs to have ever been found? Or that this is one of the
most sparsely populated areas in the entire world, with one square mile of
land, housing fewer than three people? As our first stop on our trip through Mongolia
we decided to join an 8-day group tour exploring the highlights of the Gobi.
Just twelve people in two vans and about 5000 random goats ganging up on us
around every corner. We finally made our way off the transsiberian railway and into the big nothing. Welcome to Mongolia. We just spent all of today and most of yesterday driving here, where we are now into the Gobi Desert I’m so looking forward to staying in this camp. In this ger camp! Just look at that sunset. A ger is like the typical Mongolian dwelling, it’s like a semi permanent dwelling. and I say semi permanent because no it’s not concrete it’s just a type of tent. A yurt, that they put up, to live in it for two or three months for a part of the year and then, because they’re nomads they move off somewhere else. You see these everywhere I mean you don’t see them very often, but like once every 10 to 15
kilometers you see a couple of them. It’s really where they live in and they make
these themselves and tonight we’re going to sleep in it. Come on inside! It’s gonna get dark! We made it into our ger! This sleeps 5 people of our group. There are 12 people in our group, but we can’t all fit into the same ger. Because it’s
not that large. But I’m super happy that there were beds. I know the locals sleep on the floor, so I wasn’t really really sure. But we don’t have to sleep on this beautiful wooden looking vinyl that we have here. Because we have actual beds! They’re not super comfortable. They’re a bit hard, but I think they’ll do the trick! We have our sleeping bags so we can keep ourselves warm. I think these gers are pretty warm, because people sleep in them during winter time, when it’s minus 30 or minus 40 outside. This is the central piece of the ger. This is actually like a window that opens up. When it’s good weather, or not night time. Or for a stove or fire. Then they open this up and it’s not to covered. You’re not supposed to stand under it! For
some reason it brings bad luck. There are a lot of things you can and cannot do in someone’s ger. Normally men sit on the left side and women on the other side. You need to move clockwise? Yeah you move clockwise as well. And of course, a girl is completely round. There are no corners in it, which is supposed to bring a better
energy to the place. It only takes the locals, the people who live a nomadic lifestyle, 30 minutes to set up a ger! Just putting each of these up would take me 30 minutes. The current world record for setting it up is eight and a bit minutes! In the world nomad games! So we started the morning in a lovely way. After breakfast they uh… They slaughtered a goat and we could watch the whole thing. From when it was frolicking outside one of the gers, until now that they’re
cutting it open. They sort of take out the heart and then the goats alive for like about another five minutes. I am very happy that I
opted to have vegetarian meals only, on this trip. I think I’ll stick to that. At
least for the next few days We’re heading off to hike to go to a canyon here. Good morning! After the goat, which was a
little lovely moment in our day. After breakfast and the a goat which
was a lovely moment, we are now hiking to the canyon over there. It’s all the way
in the back, you cannot see it from here. It’s called flaming cliffs, which is supposed to be very beautiful and one of the highlights as well on the trip. Yes, because they’re
bright red cliffs and it’s a canyon. You could call it a small Mongolian version of the grand canyon. The small grand canyon? The not so grand canyon? Yes, the not so grand Gobi canyon! We keep saying this but the landscape is amazing. Let me … This is a panoramic view. Can you believe this? There is nothing else besides us and a few tents. A few gers and over there we
can maybe see… It’s like 500 meters, maybe a kilometer, we can see a ger camp over there like with ten gers and that’s it! That’s the only thing that we can see.
It’s crazy! It will be about half an hour. That’s they told us. But Mongolians are not that good with time. We think they some kind of other definition of time. It’s
all very relative. I don’t know maybe it’s like a small bump in the time-space continuum. Half an hour is usually not half an hour. No it’s not! Yesterday when we asked them how long it would take us to drive all the way from
where we started yesterday morning and did we mentioned it’s windy? It’s a
little bit windy! I’m hoping you can even hear us above the wind. But anyway…
Yesterday we’re like how long will the drive take to get to the Gobi Desert, to
the ger camp? About seven hours! I think we spend a good nine maybe more in the van. In the end we asked: ”How far is it?” ‘Thirty kilometers’ they said. Then we drove 30 kilometers and they we asked: ”How far is it?” Yeah maybe you know another thirty kilometres maybe two times thirty
kilometres. It’s all in multiples of thirty. Time to head to the the flaming
cliffs. you can see them over there in the distance. It looks like it’s not that far
but I mean it’s very treacherous here. The landscapes are so vast, that you
can think ‘Oh, I can already see it’, but you’ll be walking for quite some time before
you actually get there. Wow! We have arrived at the flaming cliffs! This looks incredible! So bright red! Remember those dinosaur eggs we were
talking about earlier? Well this is where they were first discovered. In the early
1920’s, American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, led an expedition here to the flaming cliffs in the South gobi. and found numerous dinosaur fossils, as
well as the first ever discovery of Dino eggs. You won’t see these finds on
display here, as they were whisked off on camel-back, to various museums. But, according to a paleontologist from Taiwan. whom we randomly met in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to this day, remains a hot spot for Dino related discoveries. Being a landlocked
nation, there were no large bodies of water here for much of history, allowing
the fossils to remain buried and intact under layers of soil
we’ll just take his word for I guess. It’s a really good view! The Mongolian
version of the Grand Canyon okay it’s smaller it’s small it’s not as deep
but it has the same bright red color it looks awesome and it doesn’t have the
crowds that the Grand Canyon is because there’s virtually no one here. Exceptfor
our group. You can’t even see those. They’re so small they’re ants? Yes they’re ants! We’re travelling in a group of ants! In a desert, you expect sand
and sand dunes, but not like these really Red Cliffs really beautiful. If you look at them from a distance it really looks like they’re on fire and that’s probably
how they got their names. Let’s get off them before they go on fire! Now, for the hunting portion of this video, we are on the tracks of some wild goats I think… Follow them back to the camp and
we’ll find food oh. well we’ll definitely find good food at the camp because we
offed a goat. I think it’s a goat or Or it could be just a baby wolf, looking for
it’s mother and crying for its mother. They’ll be here soon I guess. Now we’re just the two of us groups already a bit further. I think we’re pretty safe. I can outrun you and I don’t need to outrun the wold. We made it back just in time
it’s starting to rain and it’s lunch time serving lunch! let’s go! Hungry! Thank you!
Usually the guys get their food first but since Naick wasn’t in the tent I had to
take his food. I almost ate all of his french fries but decided to leave a few. According to Mongolian custom
apparently men get their food first. On the first day they explain the basic you did everyone when they were handing out
the place because they were like trying to find all of the men and skipping all
of the women and they were like yes sorry, it’s a local thing it’s a custom thing The food is actually pretty good on this tour so. We just packed our bags everything we
have in our bags now pack them all up leaving our nice ger behind. I’m gonna
miss it! It smells a bit like camels. Goin outside and back in, it smells a bit strange but otherwise it’s pretty cool. Today we’re gonna drive 200 km,
nothing like yesterday and then we arrived to the sand dunes! – that should be
pretty good and spent two days there! That was it for today, for this video
we’ll make a next video out of the beautiful sand dunes and really the
deserts and the next video is going to be the highlights the highlights the
trip to the gobi so be sure to check out the next one! If you liked the video
give a like, comment, a thumbs up, subscribe if you want to follow the rest of the
journey and we’ll see you in the next one! Bye bye!


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