Getting from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris by Train

September 7, 2019

Located 25km north-east of Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport is the
largest in France and the seventh-busiest in the world , serving more
than 65 million passengers a year. From wheels down to downtown , the RER B train is one of the fastest and
most convient ways to go from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris city
center. Here is a step by step guide to show you how to do it. First thing after disembarking you will go through Passport control and then head towards baggage claim. Allow yourself 30 minutes. Once you
collect your bags you will head through customs. In general the customs
officers spot check passengers and only stop those who rouse their
curiosity. Once through customs you
will exit into an unsecured area free to make your way to Paris. Through out the Airport are signs for the RER B Train to Paris follow the
arrows to the RER station. Charles de Gaulle Airport is quite large and has
3 Terminals. The RER B train line has station stops at both Terminal 2
and Terminal 3 of the airport. . If you arrive in Terminal 1, take the free
shuttle train to Terminal 3. Continue to follow the signs to the RER B Station. The RER is a regional train network with stops at major railroad stations and
Métro hubs in Paris. From the RER platforms at Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can reach the Gare du Nord, Châtelet-Les Halles, Saint-Michel,
Luxembourg, and other stations of RER Line B. The Train Station in
Terminal 2 is the main station. Here you can also take the TGV and other
regional trains. When you arrive at the CDG Terminal 2 train station, you will be on level 4 of the atrium. You can buy train tickets on level 2. There are two ways to buy tickets: #1
from one of the blue ticket machines not the yellow machines, which sell TGV tickets only Île de France”
ticket-vending machine, which won’t accept banknotes and may not
work with your credit card unless you have a “smart card” with an embedded
microchip and a PIN , or #2 At the ticket counter, where you can pay with
cash or a credit card. (Good news: Foreign cards are accepted; bad news: The ticket office is closed late at night.) Tickets cost 10€ one-way, Children under 4 travel free, and children 4
through 9 years get a discount. The journey can takes up
to 50 minutes. Once you have your ticket, follow the signs to the platforms When you’ve
descended the escalator check the electronic signboard for train departure
times and platform numbers. Trains normally depart every 10 to 20 minutes
between 5 a.m. and midnight. If possible, take an express (direct) train, even if it means waiting a few
minutes longer on the platform. . Local trains stop at 10 suburban stations on
their way into the city, adding 15 minutes or more to the normal 30-minute
trip time. If you’re traveling with anything larger than a carry-on suitcase , look for a
bicycle compartment behind the driver’s cockpit. These compartments have
their own set of doors. You’ll have to stand during the trip into Paris, but
you’ll be out of other passengers’ way and you’ll find it easier to get off if the
train gets crowded. Next stop Paris. Finally, your RER train ticket is also good for connections onto the Paris
Metro and other RER train lines once you’ve arrived in Paris given that your
connections are made within 90 minutes

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