Gatlinburg Tennessee Fall Harvest Fun 2019
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Gatlinburg Tennessee Fall Harvest Fun 2019

October 19, 2019

Jared and Lindsay down here in the Great
Smoky Mountains of Tennessee continuing our fall slash Halloween 2019 tour and
today we are in the great town of Gatlinburg Tennessee I don’t know that
there’s any better place to spend a fall weekend than Gatlinburg Tennessee and
today what we’re gonna do is walk up it on the strip check out all the cool
harvest decorations they’ve got out from 2019 and all these cool little
scarecrows lining the streets these particular ones are right in front of
the Anna Kista attraction hey each one of them is different I also
got these cool little harvest baskets full of flowers this is a kind of stuff
I love seeing one of the cool things going on in Gatlinburg this fall is the
legend of Halle mountain in Anna Kista it’s a it sounds like a fun Halloween
even I’m not entirely sure what all is involved in it but we are gonna check
that out tomorrow I’ve always loved this little house and they have in the back
of this truck here in front of an icky stuff and now they got it all decorated
up for Halloween they were gonna head in check it out it looks like there’s a
little mouse in there or something well here’s the scoop your noise is
coming from inside there so I think I’m gonna go in here and check this out what
do we got oh okay yeah this is decorated up different for
sure than the last time I was in here I mean last night was just like I’ll bring
a little house Oh get out once when you get out all
right well I think this is the exit so I will oblige especially like this I
should do something like that in my front yard it’s pretty clever we’re
getting here just as the Sun is starting to set behind the mountains tonight wow
what a beautiful sight Becker at the side entrance to the village and this
year they’ve got this all decorated up with these cool little cookie scarecrows
how about that I’ll leave that one with the watering can is for a head this
one’s also got a watering can but I like the little sunflower eyes it’s a real
clever idea for a decoration the other thing I noticed what the scarecrows I
made the legs out of that black corrugated tubing one of my favorite
traditions is walking all up and down Gatlinburg looking at the pumpkin people
or in the winter though the snow people this is the second guy I found so far
and the end of the video tell me how many you think we found okay here’s
another one right in front of old red in fact this one must be the old red one
because he’s wearing the shirt it’s also got himself a dock companion I believe
that’s a hound dog am I right or wrong I’m not sure
over here in front of Ripley’s Aquarium the Smokies I got a bunch of pumpkins
down there on the rocks I also got a couple of black bears up there that I
never noticed before who else I think I see some bump came in yeah corn stalks
all up and down the walkway here leading up to Ripley’s oh I see some more
pumpkins do sure what’s going on here are these uh pumpkin people torturing
this larger pumpkin by putting out their cigars on him and that’s a mangry
pumpkin people they seem to really be enjoyin kidding burnt though doesn’t he
if you’ve never been to Ripley’s Aquarium the Smokies you don’t know what
you’re missing out on because this is actually a fantastic aquarium
there’s sensi or it may be a little twisted what I assure you their displays
inside are awesome here’s another one this one’s also kind of in front of
Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies we’re trying to remember we saw this one last
year or if it was one of the snow people that were fishing or maybe they have one
of each this looks a lot like something I’d like to have in our front yard back
at home for the Halloween season I think I’m gonna steal this idea I may put some
little bit spooky or props in there though I think this dude’s done said no
more I’m not delivering any more mail you’re out of luck yo gallon burger
I definitely know that there is a snow people version of these to the little
pumpkin bullying its dog or in front of Cooper over Gatlinburg this year one
cool thing that Hoover gallon burg does every year they do have an Oktoberfest
looks like they’re running seven days a week
I think they run to November I’m not entirely sure I did look it up on the
website as far as like pictures you look like a cool event but one that we’re not
gonna be able to attend this year that’s a friendly looking pumpkin man you stand
by very good wasn’t sitting here though no no migrate
it down oh she read you guys a story
the words J looking pretty good back here mind the
old smokey moonshine this is a pretty fun area back here an
old smokey they got the moonshine distillery back their winery this little
7 D theater and they also got live entertainment up here on this stage all
day and they pretty much do this I think all day long pretty good stuff sure do
have a lot of pumpkin friends yeah Wow hey you just poked your friend in
the eye coffee is too hot for coffee it is pretty roasting out the old shooting
gallery next to the 7d shoot-’em-up cinemas gone looks like they put in a
retro arcade now let’s go find out what’s a retro about this place oh look
at this Ghostbusters pinball machine ha that’s awesome man it’s very similar to the pinball museum
up there by the Space Needle I wonder if they’re associated with one another or
if this is a completely different operation dude look at this
gaunt and dark legacy I used to play this all the time as a kid I loved this
game it’s not nearly as large as the pinball
museum but it is pretty cool I do like it they
do have a lot of old retro games as does the pinball museum there’s a couple I’ve
seen in here that the other place does not have what’s the deal buddy why’d you
get rid of the shooting gallery huh give me an idea how busy it is here today
look at all the people on the sidewalk and all those cars trying to get in
it looks like the Riggin Terrace mall it’s hopping today that’s a pretty cool
area back there they got mini golf escape rooms one of those rope course
there’s a lot of cool stuff back there and a hot sauce museum are you
befriending the whole village oh that one looks a little not like the other
here’s no pumpkin people back here in the marketplace but it’s kind of a neat
little alley I like the marketplace alley because
it’s kind of like narrow just I don’t know it’s pretty cool it’s kind of like
tucked in back here just out of the way it’s like they made this sign up and
then we’re like oh shoot we’ve screwed up cross out half of it it’s like this
dudes exhausted from shopping either that or he’s just watching his
significant other shopping bag while they’re shopping up a storm somewhere
else I don’t know he looks looks pretty happy about the purchases though I’m
gonna head into the village and look around now it’s my absolute favorite
place where he took a look at the side entrance out here in the front
the scare girls have rakes foreheads and gourds fries just inside the villages
this couple I’m gonna be a little bit cuter actually he was trick or treat and
we’ll check this out check on the detail on the the pumpkin people I’m not sure
what that’s supposed to be pumpkin dandruff I love it back here because so
quiet just I just love the way it looks – there’s all kinds of shops tucked away
cleany this one I’ve never noticed before this used to be a gallery looks
like it’s not here anymore any orgonite bands out there does this
remind you of the Bill and Ted show last spring when I was here I watched him
tear this thing out and bust it all up I wasn’t sure what they were doing and I
was really afraid that they were completely gonna remove the fountain
from back here because I loved it this fountain but it looks like they put it
back in so right here and put an old smokey Tennessee whiskey I think this is
a different scene than they had in the window last year in fact I like this one
better I think it’s especially clever that the marshmallows are toasted not
loved spooky scary stuff but I’m still I have a place in my heart for this kind
of fall decoration actually a lot of interesting detail in
this little scene book Jimmy it’s back to RJ and his scooter I love the live
entertainment they have that walk up and down the streets of Gatlinburg
especially this little tree oh man pretty talented I think these three
little pumpkin people are inspired by that awesome little tree oh I just
witnessed looks like the same instruments they’re playing I do believe
they were pretty good I said listen to them for a while
whose particular problem people in front of the Gatlinburg in found another one
outside of flapjacks I like this one he’s serving up more she
he or she serving up some paying gigs I think I may have seen one like this
before last year but in a different location is it just me or do these bears
and I look too happy that there’s a bench on top of them man there’s some
more of them I don’t understand what’s going on with the pumpkin kids in this
town the crazy also look at this dude this little guy looks like he’s trying
to inch his way to the street it’s part running from those crazy pumpkin kids
think of the guys ready to ride at the top of this gallon Byrd Space Needle
check em out here’s one sitting on a bench at the clipboard and an apple
looks like they’re debating the pros and cons of visiting the Hollywood car
museum err I hope that one of the cons on that list that they’re contemplating
is that the museum is closed and all the cars are covered up so first we weren’t
sure if this little guy was this like pumpkin guy’s ventriloquist puppet or if
it was a kid and I think it is a kid but it looks like he’s actually harvesting
the child that’s what the true meaning of the gatlinburg fall harvest is
pumpkin children being harvested I love this it’s a pumpkin tic-tac-toe on a hay
bale I wonder huh how many pumpkins do you think accidentally get broken people
dropping them playing this Lindsey look Tennessee squirrels got to that pumpkin
just like they get to our pumpkins or was it you did you eat the pumpkin you
look guilty yeah very satiated was it people look a
little bit happy like maybe they put a hit out on a relative up there by the
golf course so far Lindsey I have two good suspects for the pumpkin mystery
that bear and those pumpkin people over there
I look like they’re just minding their own business like nothing happened or
maybe it was her maybe she called in the hit on that poor pumpkin up there and
she is on her phone some sort of car show in Gatlinburg this weekend so all
day up and down this Parkway the event cars revving their engines you can hear
it get here a minute ago starting to slow
down a bit for the evening this is the best time to walk through Gatlinburg
when it’s starting to clear out this is the last pumpkin guy I’m gonna
show from the night there’s a lot more around here than the ones that I showed
just this year they were really hard to get to people kept sitting by them
it was difficult filming them all well that’s gonna do it for us for our first
night back to Gatlinburg this fall what an awesome night man running around
checking out all the decorations and the pumpkin people and now we finally get a
shot at this photo of the sucker has been crowded all day long when we’ve
been here with people filing in but what do you think when you think of all the
awesome fall decorations this year yeah see last year we caught it at the very
tail end I think it was actually Halloween or November 1st and they were
already taking all this stuff down and putting up Christmas lights and we’re
kind of watching it go on but we did catch some of it last season but a lot
happier this year that we’re right in the thick of it for sure and it’s
awesome and you need to come out to Gatlinburg this is probably this is
probably the best place to spend a fall day on any given day you know what I
mean Tenace yeah Tennessee fall is beautiful
or fallen that yeah Tennessee in the fall is beautiful it’s late I’m tired
can’t think or formulate sentences good night thanks for watching a quick little
bonus clip here we bought a bottle of wine from a little wine store backed by
old Smokies and gallon bird I think it’s called bootleggers but we’re not a
hundred percent sure just a winery outside the store facade let’s open this
up and take a little taste so I picked out pumpkin spice because I was hoping
Gatlinburg had sort of like some fall food or some ball taste going on and I
didn’t notice anything did you know like anything fall so I was like well
I’m not like this right I’m not a bug a big pumpkin spice fan but I thought that
goes with fall so that’s why I got it certainly smells like pumpkin spice and
I hope it doesn’t taste like it smells that’s pretty good but it’s really sweet
so this is the second sort of I don’t call it specialty people wine with a
bottle of wine we bought from a specialty wine store in Gallagher both
of them so far been super super sweet for wine my kind of wine yeah here kind
of wine but it’s like it was like so sweet all the saliva left my mouth
almost like if it was really try and you like it but it does have a
strong we’re all pumpkins fight more like mulled spice internet media read
those like it malts place that you can kind of throw in with your apple cider
and boil it up and drink it you ever tried that Lindsay
oh well that’s what it tastes like and you’re about to try it all right Lindsay
like sweeter wine a lot better and I do go ahead give it a shot real quick v-very pumpkin-spice yeah I didn’t think
his pumpkin spicy but what do I know she prize a better understanding of
pumpkin spice and I do well no I know what you’re I understand what you’re
saying with the molds legs malt spices yes I think is what they’re
called but it is pretty strong but 10% alcohols is gonna get interesting all
right good night


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