Future Public Transportation [Top 5 Complementary Means] – Disruptive Tech Series Part 1
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Future Public Transportation [Top 5 Complementary Means] – Disruptive Tech Series Part 1

October 10, 2019

now this is the first video of five-part
series for the five coming weeks where we release one video each week showing
the top five disruptive technologies from the most important industry sectors
consisting of spaceflight the energy sector biotech computer related
technology and transportation so stay tuned to find out which are the top five
disruptive transportation technologies in our opinion for the next few years Number 5 Flying cars here’s one where Elon
doesn’t partake in and where we disagree with Elon in fact Elon has been quite
vocal against flying cars to our surprise there is a challenge of flying
cars in that they will be quite noisy the wind force generated would be very
high they that this let’s just say that if something’s flying over your head a
whole bunch of flying cars going all over the place that is not an
anxiety reducing situation it’s an absolute no-brainer that flying cars
will happen sooner or later because there are so many companies already
working on flying cars like for example uber Kitty Hawk Airbus Boeing Lilium
Ehang, Volocopter, LIFT Bell Aeromobil, Terrafugia Alaka’i Urban Aeronautics and probably a few more that we have forgotten because they are just so
many so you see there are many companies actively working on flying cars it’s not
just vaporware. this stuff is really happening and coming sooner than you
think from what we’ve gathered we can expect flying air taxis to be used by
2025 and really become main stream by 2030 depending how fast regulations will
be in place of course and this will certainly disrupt the public
transportation sector and taxi services Number 4 boring company tunnels so apart from Elon’s other ventures like Tesla and SpaceX the boring company certainly
gets less exposure and media coverage but nonetheless we’d like to talk about
it because we think that it will disrupt the transportation sector significantly
Elon started boring company back in 2016 shortly after being stuck in LA traffic
and being mad about it and getting this crazy idea of how to circumvent these
brutal LA traffic jams and now a few years later a 1.14 mile long test
tunnel already exists in Hawthorne near Spacex’s facility and the first
commercial tunnel is planned for the Las Vegas Convention Center to be completed by 2021 just imagine every larger city having one boring tunnel network imagine
being able to travel to anywhere in the city in a matter of a few minutes and not
having to be stuck in traffic jams imagine doing that for the fraction of
the cost of regular public transportation or taxis now you understand
that the ones being disrupted will be the public transportation companies and
of course traditional ICE cars because they won’t be able to use the boring
tunnel Network only pedestrians and self-driving capable electric cars will
be once you understand this you suddenly grasp the full potential of disruption
going on here Number 3 the Hyperloop we have spoken already quite a bit about
Hyperloop even dedicate a bit of a longer video on it which you can watch
right here so why do we think that Hyperloop is so important well first of
all we didn’t have a major breakthrough in transportation speed since like over
50 years now so it’s really about time for a new disruptive transportation
technology interestingly the concept of pneumatic transportation in tubes is
really absolutely not new in fact it’s about 200 years old in the 19th century
there were actually many different train concepts being tested based upon that
technology of which we also talked in our Hyperloop video now Elon came up
with the idea for the Hyperloop back in 2012 and detailed it in a 2013 white
paper link in the description now
the interesting part about Hyperloop is not only that you are over three times
faster than a normal high-speed bullet train in fact you are even faster than
most airplanes you will travel at 700 miles per hour or 1,126 kilometres per
hour in the Hyperloop but it’s also far cheaper costing only around 10% of a
classic high-speed railway it can be entirely operated by solar panels fitted
onto the Hyperloop tubes so it produces less carbon emissions and it’s also
safer than classic railway we think that Hyperloop will be very disruptive
to classic high-speed bullet trains and will be the transportation of choice for
medium trip distances of the order of thousand kilometers number two
the supersonic electric VTOL jet now Elon has been teasing the idea of an
electric supersonic passenger VTOL jet on quite numerous occasions take a
listen well an exciting thing to do would
be some sort of electric vertical takeoff and landing supersonic jet
likely I think the optimal sort of air transport solution is a VTOL electric
supersonic plane I mean I’ve been sort of toying with the design for an
electric supersonic vertical takeoff and landing electric aircraft for a while electric supersonic vertical takeoff and landing plane a supersonic vertical takeoff and
landing electric jet to work on something which is a vertical takeoff
and landing supersonic electric jet a vertical takeoff and landing supersonic
electric jet in try to create an aircraft that is supersonic vertical
takeoff and landing electric jets to do an electric aircraft do you want to do
an electric Erica yeah supersonic and vertical takeoff landing actually work
well with electric and I do think one could create an electric jet that that
it’s really exciting something that would be supersonic vertical takeoff and
landing pure electric now it can be shown that should the energy density of
batteries near the mark of 500 watt hours per kilogram battery-powered
Electric Jets start to become really viable now in order in the future not to
have these huge airports anymore that take up a huge amount of space we want
to be more economical and therefore the jet should be capable of vertically
taking off and landing this is called VTOL of course they should be faster
than regular airplanes we only had the Concorde which is the only supersonic
passenger airplane that ever flew and was in operation from 1976 to 2003 it
actually first flew already in 1969 but apart from that there hasn’t been any
breakthrough in the aviation industry and airplanes are basically identical to
those from the 50s or 60s which is an absolute embarrassment to say the least
so this industry needs brutal disruption and the electric supersonic VTOL jet
would be exactly that now there are a few startups already working on the next
generation of supersonic jets such as Boom who are working on a mach 2.2 jet
which will have no sonic boom despite the name or Aerion Supersonic with their Mach 1.4 jet however none of those jets are electric yet and have VTOL capability
but it’s still nice to see of course some progress going on in this area because
let’s be honest as with Space Flight it’s just extremely disappointing and
quite honestly embarrassing that in the year 2019 we still fly with the same
speed as 50 years ago it’s it’s embarrassing no actually fly with less speed than 50
years ago because the Concorde had the first maiden flight in 1969 so yeah
embarrassment all over again so it seems that we need our favorite disrupter
again to brutally disrupt this industry sector that has been dormant and lazy
and complacent since the fifties and judging by Elon’s success with other
industry sectors we think there will be a brutal disruption and we’re looking
forward to it Number 1 self-driving cars okay so we didn’t include the starship in this
top five list because starship is more space related technology and we will
talk a lot about starship in our space technology related top five disruptive
technologies video so don’t worry we did not forget earth to earth travel by
starship no we didn’t forget it so self-driving cars this is the most
obvious one and here we already have a multitude of companies developing this
technology but according to some recent reports it seems as if there is one
which is four years ahead of all the others yes
Tesla’s full self-driving technology is according to some analysis four years
ahead of any competition why because they can use the entire data from their
pretty gigantic fleet now over half a million cars which are constantly
gathering data from autopilot and in this race to level five full self-driving
autonomy data is the most important asset and Tesla just has by far the most
data available to optimize their full self-driving algorithm also they have
developed their own chip to handle all the data their FSD neural net processor
that employs the latest neural net AI technology they are so far ahead
actually that they plan on releasing a self-driving Robo taxi service by late
2020 meaning full level-5 autonomous self-driving capability now your Tesla
will be able to drive anywhere on its own and will in the process also be able
to earn you some money now in this case it’s quite funny because not only the
legacy car makers will be disrupted but also the disruptors themselves will be
disrupted who are disrupting the taxi industry and the legacy car makers and
now they themselves will also be disrupted but one thing is sure
self-driving will absolutely change the way we commute and the way we view our
cars because suddenly your car becomes an extension of your home an extension
of your living and working space and commuting to and from work will not be lost time anymore it will become a home or an office on wheels where you can do
productive stuff or relax or do whatever you would do at home or at work so do
you agree with the top five disruptive transportation technologies on our list
which one would you like to add or even remove none because our list is perfect
there’s nothing to change we thought about it for I thought about for like
five minutes therefore it’s perfect so this was the
first part of our five-part series which will be released every week on
disruptive the most important disruptive technologies and we’re only releasing
currently one video per week because sorry we’re on a huge America trip right
now and you can find the entire playlist for this 25 top disruptive technologies
right here such that you don’t miss a single episode see you soon ciao


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  • Reply Rolf Jacobson October 7, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    tunnels are such a great idea.

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    Amazing video! I disrupted my day to watch it! Love your videos keep up the good work!

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  • Reply Raven Bishop October 7, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    1. Gravity freely holds the car against the ground while It takes a lot of energy to lift one. 2. It cost less money to put a road on the surface then under it by tons. 3. I strongly believe autonomous vehicles are a fad along with electric vehicles " we're all gonna die from climate change!. 4. 5G can be bad for all life. Sebastian and Jixuan there's you an assignment, negative effects of 5G 5. Man did not create coal, natural gas and oil but instead uses it to produce electricity and products which we all benefit from.

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    You two rock. Are you guys getting ready to visit the U.S.. I hope you have an uneventful flight, and enjoy your visit. Let me know if you stop by the Denver area. Perhaps get a face to face. Also looking forward to SpaceX launches of wifi sats in the near future. Will you get to see any of those? Thanks for being proactive and friendly with fans comments. Your the best.<3 ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Reply Steve Martin October 7, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    Fun piece, guys. Hope your travels are going well!
    Timeline when addressing futurism issues like this are important.
    Impact to 2025:

    1. Electrification – gains traction.
    2. FSD cars –
    3. Boring Company Tunnels
    That's all the major impact I'd bet on that time IMO.

    Impact to 2035
    1. Electrification
    – ICE becomes limited to unique niche applications.
    2. FSD Cars – Changes sub-100 mile transportation landscape. Car ownership slashed.

    3. Starship point-to-point – Changes > 2000 mile transportation landscape. ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. VTOL air transport (flying cars?) – Connects (3) to (2) and 100-500 mile transportation

    5. Supersonic Aircraft 300-2500 mile trips.
    6. Boring Company Tunnels – helps (2) work better and 7 work at all.
    7. Hyperloop – I see it as a possible eventual 150 to 1000 mile solution, but not in the next 15-20 years.

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    Thanks as always for watching ๐Ÿ™‚ so currently we are travelling and we recorded this video already weeks ago XD we hope you still liked it, though. Have we forgotten something? Would you add another disruptive technology?

  • Reply Jim Meeker October 7, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    I pretty much agree with everything you said in this video. My one exception is flying cars, I share Elon's view on this. If flying cars become a thing, there will have to be a LOT of regulation. I'd hate to be walking along the sidewalk and have someone in a flying car toss their trash out the window and hit me or worse a flying car above me malfunctions and crashes on me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you're enjoying your trip!!!

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  • Reply s3xyScorp October 8, 2019 at 2:15 am

    Boring tunels for cars wont work,bc of grid locks at the Entrance and Exits.
    Plus what if cars break down or crash inside,then what?
    Hyperloop wont work either,plenty o vids explaining why on YT
    ,good old Bullet train or Maglev is better .
    Last year I flew on jetliner it moved at 900km hr not too shabby.
    Going faster would use more fuel and be more dangerous imo
    Electric planes for training or short distance are here already.
    Flying cars wont happen bc to earn Pilot licence
    one must have good physical and mental health and lots of training
    Majority o people cant even drive properly

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    Great video guys. Thanks for sharing.
    Just a few thoughts.

    Flying cars are a bad idea unless or until auto-pilot can take off and land the thing consistently safely. I've seen the other drivers on the ground. These idiots do NOT need to fly a two ton vehicle over head.

    Boring company seems like it's got some great ideas and I hope they get some decent tunnel systems going all over the country.

    The hyperloop is, I think a really really bad idea. Too many ways for a tube to fail with the weight of the planet's atmosphere trying to crush it. If they can find a way to avoid the constant threat of implosion, maybe.

    A supersonic electric VTOL plane would be cool as hell, so there is that.

    And the self driving cars are a great idea. Too many idiots think they know how to drive. And, the development of the software can help with the flying car idea, because without it, they just wouldn't be safe.
    Enjoy your trip guys. have fun.

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  • Reply DavesWorld October 10, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    I think flying cars are probably coming but it's not going to be ubiquitous like owning a car even if their cheap enough. The main problem would be maintenance. Some people won't always afford or will just slack off on the maintenance and insurance. So flying cars will mostly be provided by companies whose job is to make sure their vehicles are properly maintained.

  • Reply DavesWorld October 10, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Elon's vtol jet idea probably has a better chance of becoming the next big thing in flying cars than the ideas of other people who are actually trying to make flying cars.

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