Fullerton Railroad Days: Traveling with Kids
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Fullerton Railroad Days: Traveling with Kids

August 24, 2019

We are at Fullerton Railroad Days. This event is a chance for the public to see what railroading is all about. You can see Amtrak, and freights trains go by, here at the Fullerton Transportation Center. I am walking on the tracks. Now we’re going inside an old train. Why don’t they have trains like these today? I am looking for another train to pass by the station. Now it’s time for a train ride. This is the smallest train I’ve ever ridden in. All aboard! We are going on the Disneyland Railroad. This is Disneyland Railroad Marsh Locomotive Number Four. I am going to pull on the handle. (whistle) (whistle) [Engineer] Do it again. (whistle) (whistle) [Engineer] Good job! I am going to ring the bell. Now we’re going to look at some model trains. This is the weirdest train yet. And then I saw my favorite. Snoopy and Woodstock on the huff-n-puff. I wish I had these train sets at home. Now it’s time to ride on a train that doesn’t go on tracks. I had so much fun at the Fullerton Railroad Days. Please hit the subscribe button for more videos. Also like and share this video with your friends.

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