From Moscow to Minsk by train (Part 1)

September 9, 2019

How do you know this is a German train? By wagons, by windows… These wagons with air conditioners … These wagons are ours. They just repainted. Our wagons are still heated by coal… Look there Heat by coal? Can you smell it? The XXI century already. What are you talking about? So what. “The train leaves in one hour, 44 minutes” It’s just the condensate is draining. “Railway platform number 3” “Diesel locomotive will go to Odintsovo station at 21 hours 44 minutes” “The fast train is leaving soon …” “The train leaves at 22 hours 11 minutes” Hello Hello “Поезд находится на втором пути…” You’re already here? These are real. Slippers? Real! Flowers Touch it! Nope Radio This is an outlet. This is light. How did you turn it off? Like this. Do you understand? There’s even a toilet somewhere. If you look, you’ll find it. No. This is an indicator that shows if the toilet is busy I’m kidding “The Union State” Basically people live in villages on the same level. There are no rich people. Expensive houses are located near Minsk … Социализм здесь. Yep Shard of the Soviet Union The village is picturesque … On the river bank … Military unit The man is training. Cops. Machine-gun dots. Wow! Why are they here? The bridge is guarded. Concrete machine-gun dossier On this shore, too. Cool! Surveillance cameras… “Smoking area”. When driving through Russia was the inscription “Smoking is banned …” “Penalty from 4 to 6 basic units” Goodbye! Goodbye! Bye. All the best. Goodbye! Goodbye!

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