Forests You Should Never Visit Alone (and the Terrifying Reasons Why)
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Forests You Should Never Visit Alone (and the Terrifying Reasons Why)

August 13, 2019

By day, the scenery can be incredibly calm
and beautiful… even stunning. However dusk begins early in a sea of trees,
and as daylight begins to wane, the hapless visitor may realize, he has not allowed for
enough time, to get out of the forest before nightfall. If only he had partnered with another hiker,
he may not have ended up at night, in one of the forests, you should never visit alone. Robinson Woods in Illinois covers land that
was appropriated from three different tribes of Native Americans, the Pottawatomie, Ottawa,
and Chippewa nations. Robinson was the European name adopted by
the last family of Indians to remain, the family of Chief Chee-chee-pin-quay, who was
also known as Alexander. After their house was burned to the ground
in 1955 by offenders unknown, the wood became their final resting place. In winter, in the vicinity of the indigenous
burial ground, people report the smell of lilacs in the air. During the day a herd of deer may defy the
nature of the animal, by running circles around visitors, for no apparent reason. At night appear orbs of light, believed to
be the spirits of the family. Another house that was burned to the ground,
from colonial times, gives its name to the “Old House Woods” of Virginia. This forest, near the Chesapeake Bay, is bordered
by the Atlantic Ocean, and the nearby port town of Mathews, was visited in the 1700’s,
by British soldiers and pirates. Here the ghosts of the British are said to
be occasionally joined, by the spectre of a headless dog. A lesser bay on the coast, known as Whites
Creek, is also the site where in the 19th century, a fisherman is reported to have seen
a pirate ship of old, sailing inland on the bay. But the vessel did not rest when it came to
the shore… instead it continued to sail, over the beach and dry land, as the spectral
ship disappeared slowly into the forest. A forested area in the city of Wildwood, Missouri,
adjacent to the Meramec River, is truly the haunted wood for unbelievers. Visitors often get the feeling of being watched. Its only access is the infamous Zombie Road,
which runs parallel to the river, and the bed of the railroad, which also once followed
the waterway. In the daytime, footsteps may be heard, coming
from just inside the forest, flanking the road. To lay its tracks in 1863, the railroad company
employed mainly Irish immigrants. The work was dangerous, as the men were required
to position the iron rails over the cross ties, by brute force. More than one worker lost his life, by means
of grisly accident, and their souls may still walk the line at night. The phantom bodies are said to glow with a
light of bluish-white, but if they are approached, they disappear. In Northern Ireland, ancient stone circles
buried deep in the forest of Ballyboley, gave the site its reputation, as a place of worship,
in the religious ceremonies of the ancient Druids. Another legend claims that Ballyboley conceals
an entrance to the Celtic Underworld. The legend says that an alarming number of
disappearances took place within the wood, between the 15th and 17th centuries, with
no explanation as to where the missing people ended up. In 1997, a scream was heard by two men who
were hiking in the forest. Their search for the victim, ended only with
the discovery of a tree, which was covered with gore. As they retreated along the trail, the men
could not help but look back. Standing next to the tree, four human figures
now appeared, with hoods over their heads, who evidently were watching them leave. In 2016, a rave was held in the same wooded
area. It is said that none of the participants can
remember a single detail, of their attendance at this event. In France during World War One, the forest
of Verdun was the site of the longest battle in history. Throughout the year of 1916, it reduced both
sides, German and French, by a total approaching one million human casualties. Artillery transformed the battlefield into
a crater-filled moonscape, that remains to this day. It is still littered with so much unexploded
ordinance, barbed wire and arsenic, that crops refuse to grow.


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