Fitbit Charge 2 Review 2019: Track Your Overall Health
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Fitbit Charge 2 Review 2019: Track Your Overall Health

December 3, 2019

Hey guys the Fitbit charge – I’m so excited. I do have my Fitbit charge HR here And I did do a video a while ago of my Fitbit charge HR I had a purple one and I loved it so much, and I’m I said I was gonna do an update video And I never actually came back into an update video But I did get it in pink because I loved it so much and then it came out in pink and then look This pink just got so dirty somebody asked me. They’re like. Did you tie-dye your Fitbit? No? It’s just dirty and then they came out with a charge – and I’m so excited these have interchangeable bands So you can change the color for your band? so like I have I got a black one because black is it’s not gonna get dirty or Noticeably dirty and the screen look at the screen it looks so nice same price as this one was originally But this one’s probably cheaper now, and it has the heart rate which is my favorite part I love the heart rate it. Also has breathing techniques a guided breathing which is gonna Be really good for my anxiety it has all day activity and sleep multi-sport tracking smartphone notifications and interchangeable fans which means I can get pink and then wear it with a pink or Like with an outfit that matches and then put the pink back, so it doesn’t get dirty You know anyway is that let’s check it. I got this small because they did definitely make this one bigger like the band is like this small is as small as bigger than this small cuz they’re both small and How do we do it aha? Things like oh there it is So we have the band we have this little pack. What’s in here? This is like to set it up even though. I know how to set it up So it’s a little booklet in there and then this must be the charger and the Dongle or whatever that thing is I actually don’t ever know and have not Known, what that’s boring here is the actual Fitbit? I’m gonna go ahead and take off this thing So shiny I love it, and I goodbye pink Fitbit oh my gosh Such, sweet sorrow. I will not miss your dirty dirty appearance And trying to put this beauty on Definitely a bigger band. I’m on the sixth notch on this one I was on like the fourth notch on that one, and then the very first fit But I had I was like on the second notch, so they keep making them bigger like the band’s bigger even though I keep just getting the small So like make sure you Like test it because if you get the large if you think you might need the large you might not need the large because look Grab the small and this is where I like it to sit right here. Oh my god It looks so good, so I have my phone right here, and I’ll go ahead and set it up to my phone Right now I have to deactivate my Fitbit charge To make a hot remove this charge removed it alright set up a device we have the charge to the low Set up your Fitbit charge – oh we’re going to booted great charging cable, okay Make sure your screen turns on it’s not pressing the button. It is on and it is searching Connecting to tracker You guys look at this screen, I’ll look at this screen who enter the number you see on your tracker all right? Connecting to Fitbit oh, I love this look so much better Got a check mark We’re good to go Pair on the Bluetooth keep your tracker close to mobile device during update So looks like I have to update my tracker. I don’t know how long this is gonna take Looks like it might take a long time, but I’m so excited. I love my Fitbit. I love tracking my sleep I love checking my heartbeat when I’m having anxiety and stuff know I’m still alive and then I’m really excited for this guided breathing And I will come back and do an update video for this charge HR as well and also I want to get Some pink bands they are magnetic and I think on the bottom you just like click them out, and then you can replace them But yeah, this is gonna take a minute so So weird this still says updating whereas my Fitbit is already showing the main screen with steps and time and date and heart rate So weird and we’re done you can you? Walk through the basis to learn how to get the most out of your charge Use the button to wake your tracker and go through the menu or he did that? Tap on the clock to cycle just stats pressing it won’t work Not your typical touchscreen guided breathing 5 moments of calm throughout your day with personalized guided breathing session We can’t wait to do that actually all right, so I my Fitbit ready to go. Do you want to add me and Challenge me and daily Fitbit challenges go ahead and leave your email address below, and I will add you as a friend I’m super excited to use this especially the guided breathing I will be excited to come back and do an update about the guys breathing and as well as how well it Automatically tracks my activity because I always forget to press start when I work out So we’ll see but thanks for watching if you want a Fitbit charge – for yourself. I’ll leave a link below scribe

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  • Reply Orion Eli May 1, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    This is the first Fitbit video I ever watched – looks really interesting – the sleep monitoring sounds like something I'd like to try.

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