First UK-China Train Today, Whiskey On Board, To Pass Through 7 Nations

September 8, 2019

the first ever freight train from Britain to China laden with whiskey soft drinks and baby products started its mammoth journey on Monday along a modern-day Silk Road trade route and the 32 container train around 600 metres long left from the vast London gateway container port on the River Thames Estuary bound for Yvonne the Chinese east coast it was seen off on its 18 Bay 12 thousand kilometer journey with a string quartet British and Chinese slags and speeches voicing hope that it will cement a new golden age of trade between the two countries as the UK leaves the European Union the first train from China to Britain arrived on January at least filled with clothes and other retail goods and Monday’s the facce was the first journey in the other direction the rail route is cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight offering logistics companies a new metal option the driver gave a thumbs-up and tooted his horn as he got the wagons rolling at the port in stanford-le-hope east of London the train will go through the channels animal before travelling across from Belgium Germany Poland Belarus Russia and Kazakhstan before heading into China the containers will be taken off and put on different wagons at the Belarus border as the former Soviet Union country views a wider rail gauge the containers switch back to standard gay trails at the Chinese border an operation that typically takes around two hours we are proud to be able to offer the first ever UK to China export train said view bin saints the chairman of your voice I’m its industrial investment restoring the ancient Silk Road as a means by which China not Europe end now the UK can exchange goods is an important and exciting initiative I hope you liked this video and don’t forget to watch last video thanks for watching and have good day

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