December 11, 2019

Hello! I’m Jan Kiliński and welcome to Dartmoor Bikes YouTube channel. 2020 is coming, and that’s why we made a cool series of short videos showing our 2020 product range. Apart from this video on our YouTube channel, you can also find videos for 2020 Enduro bikes, Fun bikes, and Dirt bikes! Today we will focus on Primals, one of our most popular trail bikes. From its early beginnings, Dartmoor has been well known for its wide range of hardtails starting with Dirt Jumping and Trail ones to the most hardcore which was always Hornet. Today we will check Primal, which is one of the most all-purpose trail bikes and can easily be used while riding in the mountains, having fun on pump tracks or even hitting smaller jumps. As you can see, a very versatile MTB bike, but already with modern geometry available on 27.5 or 29-inch wheels. Talking about numbers and angles, Primal frame will continue from 2019 with Boost standard and modern progressive geometry. But there are more changes in the specs and just the same as last year we have three spec levels: Pro, Evo and Intro. Let’s start with Primal 29 in the Pro version, so the one you can see behind me. Compared to last year, it will be a little bit cheaper but don’t be afraid, we’ve changed the spec, but not the quality of parts. Pro version of both Primals, so 27.5 and 29, will use a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork with Rail damper, which is comparable to Fox 34 Float. This stiff fork fits perfectly our Primal Pro Trail bike We can also see some big changes in the drivetrain. The Pro version has now a new SRAM SX Eagle shifter and derailleur, so the entry-level 12-speed option from SRAM, but it is equipped with a lighter NX Eagle cassette and NX Eagle chain. This is completed with Suntour Aion, light and stiff, enduro specific crankset with the aluminum sprocket. Primal Pro bikes are equipped with WTB Trail Boss tires with lighter and more durable Fast Rolling Light compound, size 29×2.4 or 27.5×2.6. Both tires and rims are of course tubeless ready. 29er uses Dartmoor Tomcat rims while 27.5 uses the wider Dartmoor Cruiser rims. Obviously, Pro versions are equipped with dropper posts, the X-Fusion Manic with 125mm up to 170mm travel depending on the frame size. Primal Pro 29 in 2020 gets a completely new color, the Sand Storm. This eye-catching paint job will also appear in Bluebird Pro 27.5 and Two6Player Pro 2020 bikes. This was the top, and also the most expensive version of Primal complete bike. But if you are looking for something more budget friendly, we have a mid-spec level, the Evo version. This cheaper version of Primal still offers a really awesome and reliable spec. At this level, you won’t find a dropper post, but there is still the complete 12-speed SRAM SX drivetrain, with a heavier SX cassette coupled with a strong, reliable but also a little bit heavier Suntour Zeron 2-piece crankset. We have here hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro and a bit simpler but pretty lightweight X-Fusion forks, which depending on the wheel size, are either Slide (for 29″) or Sweep (for 27.5″) models. Both forks are really interesting options for Trail bikes, with air spring, compression and rebound settings, and with 34mm stanchions. So, as you can see, the Evo version remains a bike that you can take out of the box, jump on and go riding in the mountains. This bike still has many Pro version features but with a more competitive price. If the Evo version is still a little bit over your budget, the Primal also comes with an Intro version, an entry-level Trail bike. This is the cheapest Trail bike in our lineup but all the components were chosen to create a bike that can be easily used in the mountains with some uphills or smaller jumps, and still feel that we are riding a proper bike without big compromises in the spec. For sure, the biggest change compared to the Evo version will be the drivetrain, which is only 9-speed, but with an 11-40T cassette which can easily handle, maybe not the steepest, but long uphills at our local trails or bikeparks. Another change compared to the Evo version is the fork. The Primal Intro uses a Suntour XCR-34 fork with coil spring, preload adjuster, lock-out, 34mm stanchions and 15mm through axle. And even though this is still a coil fork, which is a little bit heavier, it is a really smooth working one which gives quite a lot of joy on the trails. Although it is an entry-level bike, it’s still equipped with 2-piece Suntour Zeron crankset, Tektro hydraulic brakes, and durable tubeless ready rims: Cruiser in 27.5 version and Tomcat in 29 version. That’s all about our popular hardtail Trail bikes! One more thing at the end – from the year 2020 Primals get new “leaves in the woods” decals which definitely make this bike looking different from the 2019 version. For sure the Primal Intro can still easily be used as a Trail bike, it’s not like cheapest bikes with a lot of crappy stuff that won’t handle true mountain biking or give us a feeling that something’s missing. We always make a lot of effort to create our cheapest bikes totally capable, to make them so good that we wouldn’t be afraid to ride them even in tough terrain. So that’s how the Primal bikes range looks like. Everybody can find something interesting here. 29″ and 27.5″ wheel size versions, from the top Pro spec or the medium Evo one, even to an entry-level Intro. But stay tuned and check other videos at our YT channel with more bikes from Dartmoor 2020 collection. Thanks for watching, and have fun riding your bike!

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