FIRST #INDIAN #RAILWAY EXPERIENCE 3AC Train from Goa to #Hampi (Hospet)

December 14, 2019

Good morning! “Oops! too loud!” Good morning! 5:30 in the morning. We are ready to leave Goa. Well,
Some more than others… We booked a taxi for 5:40am,
so in 10 minutes. We are a bit sad
that we are leaving Goa. It has been 3 months
and it has been super nice, all the people we met,
all the food we had. The weather,
I can not say the same. Cause it was monsoon
and it was pretty rainy. but still,
very beautiful landscapes. And… what a lovely street
we are in. So yes, we are staying
at this Casa Marquito’s. Beautiful huh? Oh it’s fresh outside,
so good. Last night
we had our last Susegado IPA and White Owl
at the legendary Joseph Bar. -Cheers!
-Cheers! It was so nice. We visited also
the Bonderam festival. But we didn’t stay long. Because It was far on the island
and we needed to sleep early. But it was very fun,
good music, nice atmosphere.
Everybody dancing and drinking. It was good,
families and… it was last..
last good memory of Goa. And now we need to
get to the taxi to go to… So we arrived at the station,
Vasco da Gama. We are gonna check our train,
platform whatever. And maybe go back
outside again to get some Samosas! Oh yeah, Howrah Express, 7:10,
platform No.1. With dumpling and coffee sir? Thinking… Okay, Sir.
Thank you. Welcome to Goa, sir. -No, we are leaving Goa.
-Are you departing? Yeah leaving. Yes! Here, sir. I think we came too early. And we have to wait around 50 minutes. But we have breakfast so… that’s a good thing. Samosas!!! Hyekyong… What numbers? Maybe
these? Hello? And I will go there. We are in the train
from Goa to Hampi. And this is way better
than we expected. We reserved 3 AC and it was equipped with
air conditioner. Maybe,
Next time we go lower. Because we like to see
how it is. This is how it looks.
3AC class. Since it was a morning train,
instead of sleeping, we read a book or enjoyed
watching beautiful sceneries over the window. It was our first
Indian railway experience and we really liked it. Where are you guys from? Actually he is from Portugal.
He is my husband. After 7 hours train journey,
we arrived at Hampi, one of the most
historical places in India. On our next episode Monkeys Hungry Monkeys Thirsty Monkeys Temples Monkeys in Temples Elephants in Temples Scenic Views Powerful Gods Kingdom Ruins Selfies More Selfies Religious Passion Holy Cows And you Subscribe! Lifetime Travelmates

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