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October 11, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to my channel
we find ourselves today for a new camp, this time located at the
of the elevator of the monorail, finally a whole little bit further, so on this
structure that makes it possible to create a camp inside so I know there is
already had some videos on this place and I wanted to do my version
so at camp level we can put it where we want, what I
advise it is to ask a little higher up there up this
which saves a little bit of height
So to go up there without using
jetpack or anything else this that we can actually do is go along the
rail, here it is on the other side and go on for
come back on the structure and be able jump at this level we can come back
We see there are some logs that are posed to allow us to go
on the rail. Before going on the rail, I advise you
to use the assisted armor Simply because we will have to jump and for
avoid dying and have to start all over again so let’s go we’re on board 51-B
express * tchou chou *. We arrive on the structure we can set up camp here right now
but it does not matter because of suddenly we do not have access to the ground, we will not be able to lay foundations. Most is to jump and we will land at
the inside of the ring there we can pose without problem, it is not too much trouble to try to try to put it higher because there we are
limit at ground level by against what we can do is
offset it a little bit if you want incorporate the junk deposit
I did not take personal account of it so it’s laid Now we’ll see what that
given * * Tadin so this is the second
version of the camp I did. The first version, the foundations were
this side and I wanted to integrate the left foot of the structure which resulted in a budget too good to finish the Camp So this is the second version and suddenly the start he’s right here at
left That’s the structure, I put a little
walls all colors for no that it’s too blockhouse because
that all metal, it was a bit strange So let him go here:
the interest is that we can use part of the structure
so here for everything that is resources and water and there to make a sales area The windows are a bit empty because of the limit of
budget There we inside the
structure, in the foot of the monorail we will see what it gives a little more
high Here in front of the workshop we’ll see it a little closer, but before
on the bottom: the generator We go back to the workshop
the essential i have it here mi I still had a little room with this
long corridor that is inside of the structure
I did not want to put too many coins or anything because suddenly
as it’s a place of passage for to position a few objects it was
complicated so I made another thing so I’ll let you guess what
that it is, with some clues to the wall And yes, it’s a shooting stand, you’ll notice
that my weapon is not terrible, she has a mad retreat; with a small terrace
on the side to admire this splendid panorama We will continue the visit Here a small relaxation area cooked a dining room Above, a salon We can see Watoga at the bottom and so the last floor on which I
make a room a small bathroom so that was my first
video in hd since the time that I wanted to make one, I hope it
you liked it, and I say thank you for watching and see you soon schuss!

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