Experience Sri Lanka: Ella to Kandy by Train
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Experience Sri Lanka: Ella to Kandy by Train

September 6, 2019

Jump onboard one of the world’s most beautiful
train rides in the heart of Sri Lanka. You can embark on this magical 7-hour train
ride which will take you from Ella to Kandy, through lush green jungles, rolling hilltops
and tea plantations that seem to stretch on forever. Along the way, stop and visit one of the many
tea plantations in Sri Lanka’s countryside to learn how this aromatic beverage is created. Participate in the harvest before heading
inside the factory where you’ll learn how the leaves are processed and packaged into
the delicious tea so many enjoy around the world. Once you’ve enjoyed a cup of the good stuff,
continue towards Kandy and keep your camera ready to snap the perfect photo. Or hold on tight to get up close views of
the countryside. Or just sit back, relax and let the green
hills race past you. Are you ready to experience it for yourself? Then head over to TourRadar. Need another dose of inspiration? Then stick around to watch more. Just don’t forget to hit that subscribe
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