Electro Magnetic Train Experiment (How to make a electro Magnetic Train?)
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Electro Magnetic Train Experiment (How to make a electro Magnetic Train?)

October 10, 2019

welcome back to kids in science my name is Ken today’s experiment is electro Matic train as always adult supervision is required what you need for this experiment is copper wire eighteen gauge a triple-a battery six magnets 5/8 inch pipe and a wire cutters to serve this experiment um using an 18 gauge 25 foot copper wire with a 5/8 inch electrical pipe I drilled a hole in the pipes so I can stick the wire in which it will hold the wire at one end and then what you’re going to do is continue to wrap the wire around the electrical pipe as tight as you can you can see there’s some gaps right there but every once a while I will pull up and get it flush because we wanted it tight as we can with the copper wire I wish I would have bought a 100 foot copper wire because then I could have made a circle and then my train could have went in a circle completely and I’m only going to have a straight tap for this for this experiment but definitely if you guys go out do this make sure you go out and get a longer copper wire and then also maybe even have a lecher drill or something hooked to the pipe so to get spin ously he had done a lot quicker even though it didn’t take that long to put the copper wire on and then the electrical pipe I guess you got at the hardware store same with the copper wire so here I’m checking back I pulled it up tight you can see it’s really tight here and about 3/4 of the way done and I’ll check back in just a little bit here on back again I’m just about to finish up here on the the wire and then I want to show you how to get it off you want to keep it as tight as possible when pulling it off because if it gets too loose the experiment is not going to work and so we’re almost there once I get to the end of this then I’ll be able to you’re going to use some wire cutters to get remember the other end I wove in piece of copper it’s in the pipe to be able to hold it on so it wasn’t slide off and I’m going to cut that and then slide it off and then we’ll village the experiment all right so I’m at the end of putting the water copper wire on to the pipe and now I need to take my wire cutters and cut the end where I drill the hole in and slid the the copper in take the piece out and now it’s free to slide off the end because not hooking to that hole right there and once I get it out then I’m able to do the experiment I’m going to use a triple-a battery and put the three new magnets on each end so you put once you have your magnets on each end of the battery it just slides on right on through and goes all the way down the tracks which is pretty impressive so one thing to set it up is you need to make sure that the magnets are placed on the battery correctly so the poles are facing opposite directions so if it doesn’t work make sure you switch the boundaries around and then you’re able to get it to work so how does the Train work well electricity and magnets are linked in the way that scientists don’t completely understand each can create the other so when we wrap the copper water into the coils and run the electric current through it it will create a magnetic field which I’ve done in another experiment which I’ll put in the description so you can actually see how to make a magnetic field if you rotate the permanent magnet and the opposite to the item that has been magnetized inside the coil the copper wire you create electrical current but in this project the magnets at the end of the battery create a bar magnet with the North and South Pole remember you have to have the opposite end otherwise it wouldn’t work when you put the train inside the coils it causes electrical current to flow around the copper wire which creates a magnetic field in a section of the wire coils right around the Train this magnetic field has its own North and South Poles which pushes the Train along the track you’ll notice a train will only run in one direction so go ahead and give it a try and go the other way and it’s not going to work because of the magnetic poles it’s pretty amazing science I hope you enjoyed this video remember to click thumbs up and to subscribe as we do a new video every day thanks for watching


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