Electric Fence 101: Corner Brace Installation Guide – Zareba® Systems
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Electric Fence 101: Corner Brace Installation Guide – Zareba® Systems

August 12, 2019

In this segment, you’ll learn how and when
to build bracing at end and corner post locations. You’re now ready to build bracing at the
end in corner post locations. As a rule, any fence with six or more
wires requires double bracing. Set the vertical brace post 42 inches
deep. A single brace assembly works for fences of
five wires or less. The horizontal brace post length affects
the strength and holding ability of the entire brace assembly. Horizontal braces should be eight feet
long. Using a tape measure or the horizontal brace as a guide, mark where you will drive the vertical
brace post eight feet from the end post. With all vertical brace posts in place,
the next step is to measure and drill the holes for the brace pins
that will hold the horizontal braces in place. These braces are best placed between the
top two fence wires. Brace spins are 3/8th inch diameter
galvanized steel pins in both five-inch and 10-inch links. To install use a 3/8th
inch diameter by 10 inch long drill bit. Drill into the end post approximately
2.5 inches. At the vertical brace post, drill
completely through the post. Next, pound the brace pin into the center of
the horizontal brace post. Slide the horizontal brace post with the
5-inch brace pin into the hole on the end post. If necessary, trim it to fit snugly
between the end and second vertical post. Pound the 10-inch brace pin through the
second brace post and into the horizontal brace. Leave about two inches expose on the far
end for anchoring the brace wire. Or if you’re building a double brace,
leave the exposed pin to hang the second horizontal brace. Now that all posts are in position, it’s
time to install the brace wire that holds the brace together. First, drive a staple horizontally about
four inches up from the ground, on the outside of the end post. Next,
lace the vertical brace post with high tensile wire, in a double figure 8 pattern. Position
the wire under the staple on the end post and on top of the exposed brace pin. Pull out as much slack as possible. Next, install an inline strainer in the
upper half for the wire wrap. Use at least two crimping sleeves to
attach the strainer. As you tension the wire, you’ll notice the other
strands pull around the posts, so there is even pressure around all
strands. For safety, trim wire close to crimping sleeves.


  • Reply Cotronixco March 31, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Wrapping the brace wire twice is the same as wrapping it once.

  • Reply Exploratair April 21, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    Notches are helpful to keep the horizontal brace piece from moving up and down, but a typical saw cut notch will not keep it from slipping out either side. A pin solves the issue of slipping motion of the horizontal piece both up and down, and side to side.

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