Eglinton Crosstown Construction Ep. 2 | Mount Dennis [CC]

December 16, 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! As
many of you are probably intimately aware, the construction of one of Toronto’s upcoming
rapid transit lines, the Eglinton Crosstown, is well underway with a projected open date
in 2021. Today, we will be taking you guys on site to Mount Dennis station, the western
terminus of the light rail line, and a future TTC and GO intermodal transit hub. Let’s
get started! Located east of the intersection of Eglinton
Avenue and Weston road, Mount Dennis will become one of the many “mobility hubs”
within the city, and it will become not just the terminus for the new Eglinton Crosstown,
but also an intermediate station on the GO Kitchener line and the Union Pearson Express,
not to mention the numerous TTC bus routes that will also serve this station at its attached
bus terminal. Even before reaching the station, you can
already see the guideway into the station being constructed all along Eglinton. The
guideway will go on this bridge across the Weston Road intersection, then under the GO
train tracks and into the station itself. We’re really loving all the progress we
are seeing here, and we can’t wait to see actual LRVs being tested here at the site. The LRT station itself is under the rail bridge
and the new Photography Drive bridge, and it is already taking shape and becoming quite a
pretty sight. You can see the glass structures taking shape, and they are well on their way
to being completed. The station will also have an off-road bus
terminal as mentioned before, and you can sort of see it in the distance over on the
other side of the guideway, even though we were not able to get any closer for
a shot. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact
that the station is actually built on top of the property known as Kodak Heights, a
site where Kodak manufactured their cameras. Instead of demolishing the building itself,
they are transforming the landmark and Heritage Interest building into a focal point for the
hub, where a lot of features like waiting areas and commercial spaces will be located. Besides the station itself, the Mount Dennis
area also contains the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility, where the trains of
the LRT will be stored, maintained, and serviced. The facility has already received a few of
the new Flexity Freedom trains, but unfortunately, we were not able to get more footage inside.
Still, it is great to see the facility up and running, and ready to service the route
in just a few short years. Alright guys, we hope you enjoyed this construction
update at Mount Dennis station. We will be going to other parts of the route like we
did here and with Kennedy, and we will also be back here to check out the Eglinton Maintenance
and Storage Facility in a couple of weeks for Doors Open, so you guys can get a behind
the scenes look at the operations here. Like, subscribe, and leave a comment down below
if you want us to visit any part of the route in particular, or if there are any other projects
you would like us to check out. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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