Doha Metro Qatar Rail Opening
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Doha Metro Qatar Rail Opening

September 6, 2019

Alright it’s 08:51 right now, we arrived to
the Metro station. And we’re gonna try and see how it works. It opened today, so come and join us for a
tour of the Doha Metro line, let’ see! You’re watching the Ultimate Freggle’s Adventure
Channel! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for
more adventures in Doha and abroad! And of course hit the LIKE button, if you’re
enjoying this video! Hello, I tried to buy tickets in Al Meera
but they were sold out, can I buy them in the station? Yes, you take the escalator, turn left, and
one of my colleagues will be there to assist Perfect, thank you so much, have a good day! Alright, let’s take the escalator up! For your info, at the Wakra Metro station,
there is a big car park available, just outside. Good morning! I just wanted to try the Doha Metro! Sure sir. And I was just thinking to buy maybe like 10 single journey passes today, is that possible? Sounds good, how do I do it? If you need a single journey ticket, go for ‘single journey’ Adult So I put 5 yes? And then select ‘Pay’. So I can not put more than 5 maybe? Yes Insert Card Ok! Exactly.. Alright.. that was pretty easy! You know what, I’ll stick to 5, and next time I just buy more.. A receipt? Why not, yes! Scan it here? Ok off we go! Good.. Allright! Good, we arrived at the station, looks like the train is ready.. so let’s go! And we are off! – Look here in the front! So far I’m pretty impressed, the ride is very smooth.. And it seems to be working very easily! For those of you that didn’t know, Doha is the capital of Qatar. In the Middle East, one of the fastest expanding countries around here. And the Doha Metro line is part of the infrastructure project that is needed for the World Cup 2022 that will be held here in Doha in the Middle East! Right now I’m on a day off, but I work at the airport, so taking the Metro from Wakra to work at the airport will definitely be possible! These are our tickets, for me and my wife.. Thank you So far I’m really enjoying the ride, it’s going really well. We’re just approaching the Corniche station, we’ll ride it to the end, see how it is! And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, the Ultimate Freggle’s Adventures, For more adventures based in Doha, and travelling around the world! And this is what the Gold Class looks like, it’s definitely worth buying! How are you today? I’m fine! Yes? Trying out the Metro or you are going to work? No no just trying out the Metro I just wanted to ride it today.. Ah exactly like me as well I’m trying it for the first time! How do you like the ride so far? Woww so unique, so great! I think it’s the best experience you can have. Where did you board today? I came from ehh Najma In front of Crowne Plaza I came from there then I went to Msheireb Then to West Bay.. From West Bay.. I’m proceeding! I just want to… – to enjoy the experience right? Exactly! Ok great, and then? Just walk around and come back again.. Yes walk around and come back into the train.. First to see every area, its so beautiful, wonderful.. I really credit the Qatari’s, their doing a great job to their country! It’s very impressive right? – Very impressive! – I can only agree with you!! I really like the experience as well, thank you so much. Have a great day! al Qassar, I think we’re coming to the last station right? Last one, ok, great, how do you like it so far? Yes it’s very nice I’m enjoying, it’s beautiful! Nice, I agree, having a good time right? It’s very smooth ha? – Very smooth!! Yes and the speed is very good! I was thinking because the stations are very close It’s gonna be late but it’s very good. Great, I agree, amazing! And this is the end of the line as it is right now al Qassar station. So we’re just gonna have a look around upstairs, see what it’s like. And so far, I’m very impressed, the time now is 0931 AM. It didn’t take too long at all and it was very easy too! Thank you. And there we are the end of the line. So we ended up very close to Katara. Just right next to the St Regis Hotel behind me. And it was a super smooth ride, really enjoyed it, very easy to do. I’ll definitely be using it again! Alright let’s go home.. And that was the journey, let’s head back to al Wakra. It’s 09:44 AM. Let’s see when we get there.. This is what I just received. I have the route map here of the Doha Metro So far it’s difficult to get lost, there is only one line. But here we go. Today we’re going all the way back to al Wakra. Nice! Hello! How do we like it? Nice? Beautiful! Very good! It’s fast right? No traffic! Exactly, no traffic haha!
Amazing.. Very nice Wowww One more stop, and now we missed the train.. And there we are 10:42 AM, back at the house in al Wakra.. A round trip on the Doha Metro to Katara, al Qassar station and back again. We loved it, it was really fun. I hope you enjoyed it too! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, hit the LIKE button.. And we will see you again on
The Ultimate Freggle’s Adventures!! Ciao!


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