Disneyland Hotel Room Tour & Review!
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Disneyland Hotel Room Tour & Review!

September 10, 2019

Enjoying our first morning here and Disney
Hotel is actually awesome. I could totally eat some of this right now. So here I am like a total goof with my giant
hat how do you like it everyone? And we’re here in Disneyland, the Disneyland
Resort. Julia’s doing all the hard work over my shoulder,
wait wait, I don’t even know what my wife looks like. She’s the cutie in the red, there that’s her. We made it we made it. We’re here. A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re
fast asleep. Look at this. And look! There are Mickeys on the carpet. Ben doesn’t see it he’s looking really hard. Oh there they are! And look there’s the castle there’s Walt. Some of you geeks would know that the castle
was actually installed backwards, the top part yep. The top part of it was. And it was going to cost way too much to flip
it so they just went with it. Betcha didn’t know that. Okay I want to see what else is here. Ta dah! Ooo it’s actually quite fancy. Look at that! Look at the Mickey hands holding up the light. Cute. Kinda cute and creepy at the same time. Yeah, I was gunna say. I like that the pooper is in a separate room. They have a shame den. Yes. and there’s the shower. Little Mickey handle. And then the nice little closet. Ooh fancy. And a big in wall safe, that looks secure. That looks very secure. First though I just want to take a look outside. K guys, it’s been a long day. We flew from Maui to Disneyland and we are
waking up in 5 hours. so Yay! It’s 11:11 Ben. 11:11! 11:11. Caught on film. Angel numbers. A great bed is like key for any good hotel
and this is a great bed. Slept very well for 4 and a half hours so
can’t complain. But it’s actually one of the nicest hotels
we’ve stayed in in a long time. Like if you were to take out all of the disney
stuff, you’re just staying in a really nice hotel with really nice people. so and breakfast showed up on time actually
just a little early by two minutes. Marmalade? Who the heck still eats marmalade? My grandma. Look at how excited we are. We just arrived. we’re in Disneyland. Welcome to the pool at Disneyland resort. the cool pool the pool for the cool. Whoa! Oh no he did it again! Okay, Ben just finished his ride Ben turn
around. Oh! Savage! Just take a look. Not only is there this but there is also this. Ah there is so much going on right now. Yeah, real trooper! They’ve done a very wonderful job setting
up the beds, my hat, and they’ve put Julia’s ears over here like we’re a weird couple from
the sixties that sleep in different beds. But that’s okay. But we had room service, and that was two
days ago. They set this up very nicely, they put our
gross bag of cookies from Hawaii in that little basket which I don’t know what’s going on,
they left our empty coffee carafe and they left the two day old cream that is still right


  • Reply Honest Hotel Reviews December 5, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Have you guys stayed at any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels? What did you think? Let us know below 🙂

  • Reply The River Pirate 13 December 7, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    I had no idea the Disneyland Resort Hotel rooms were so nice! They definitely are making sure by the decor in the hotel room that you know that your staying at a Disney hotel! The water slide pool looks like it took a bucket of blood from Ben's back! Arrrr!!!! I wonder if Goofy is responsible for putting the cheese grater cover on the pool bottom filter system? The last time I stayed at a Disney hotel was in 1977 at the Contemporary Resort at Disney World. It was cool in that the Disney monorails run through it. Now there are SO many Disney hotels plus other hotel chains around the Lake Buena Vista area of Disney World I couldn't name them all in a day or even a week!

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