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November 9, 2019

hello friends, i naman jangid welcomes you
to the you tube channel ” Deep Talks”. So i will discuss today about bullet train,
like you already know and you must listen on news channel that bullet train is about
to start between ahmedabad and mumbai expected in 2022 which is high speed rail, the speed
will be 350 km/hr and this project will cost 1.25 lac crore rupees but i won’t discuss
all this with you people because you already know about all these things as you watched
on news channels but i want to discuss or share some points with you people as the points
compel me to think that ” was there really a need of bullet train in India” because if
we see in different countries bullet train has been in news. if we talk of japan , then this country has
more than 50 years of experience of running bullet train , on the other hand if we see
china then china is bearing loss .As per last year china had loss of 1.6 billion $, though
in japan bullet train is running successfully ,this is scenario of different countries,
but we will talk only of japan and India, i would like to give you comparision between
India and japan in order to make you understand that how these two countries are different
in order to run bullet train, will bullet train be successful in India? because if i
see the per capita income in japan then it is more than 32 lac and less than 1 lac in
India, but you will amaze why i am telling you about the per capita income of both countries,
as you know friends that bullet train is costlier than ordinary train or cost of travel is more,
if we look cost of travel for an hour then it will be about 100$ in japan and more than
4500 rupee in India. so first question is that ” will common men
of India where per capita income is less than 1 lac can afford travel in bullet train” on
the other hand japan has per capita income of more than 32 lac and people of japan can
easily afford the bullet train, “is common man of India where per cost is more than 4500
rupees can afford travel in bullet train ” but it depends on government that what price will
govt. decide to for an hour travel in bullet train , but if we see in present time than
the cost for 1 hour travel above than 4500 rupee in bullet train in India can be afforded
by common man? then why can’t he get flight from ahmedabad to mumbai less than cost of
bullet train. if we talk about the project cost than it
is 1.25 lac crore in which 88,000 crore is receiving from japan as loan, i would like
to initiate the talk when anil kakodkar committee ask govt. for 1 lac crore rupee to develop
and upgrade of present rail technology then govt. refused as there was no money with govt.
but now govt. taking special loan for bullet train of 88,000 cr from japan and government
clarifies it by saying that japan is giving it for free, it has only 0.1% rate of interest,
here we come on 0.1% rate of interest, the small rate of interest this appears , Is really
this is that small? because if look in to economy of japan and India then it has big
difference, as japan is having “deflationary conditions” because of this reason japan central
bank is trying to give money in advance or at negative rate of interest, and also urging
business man and MNC to take money with extra benefit, on the other hand India is having
the economy which has normal varying inflation rate of 3-4%, In this inflation rate where
we have 0.1 rate of interest, I have read a article of M.K Venu (journalist) that 88,000
cr rupee loan can reach up to 1.5 lac crore due to difference in inflation rate and we
took the loan for 50 years can not be determined the returning money, the much money we took
from japan will go back to japan as japan confirmed that if India want to get the benefit
of bullet train technology then India has to boy its technology, its engines and its
all equipment and all this money is going back to japan and India has no beneficiary
condition as we are giving rate of interest too and if in 20 years, 88,000 cr will be
1.50 lac crore than how much it will be in 50 years and this burden will go to future
generation only. i would like to share a true story when argentina
took money/loan from france for bullet train technology then opposition and public protest
watching the consequences impact of bullet train then govt. had to take back their decision
and returned the money but later they took the money from france but for development
of the present rail network.This is the awareness in other countries but why can’t we aware
ragard this i am saying bullet train is going to fail definitely as we only come to know
after in practice and how government handle the management. But as far as i concern about the cost of
traveling of bullet train and we took loan also, did we really in need of bullet train?
this is the topic of concern and i want you to think about thanks for watching
the vedio and do not forget to subscribe the channel. JAI HIND

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