Dessin animé feu de circulation voiture. Dessin animé en francais educatif. Voiture pour enfant.
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Dessin animé feu de circulation voiture. Dessin animé en francais educatif. Voiture pour enfant.

November 15, 2019

And that everyone was expected winter
has arrived, with real snow and ice. It snowed all night
and all day. All houses the streets are covered with snow. all
the city is covered with a thick coat White. Happy snowflakes twirl
and reminds us that Christmas and New Year’s Day coming soon. These are the favorite holiday
children. This means that we will have full of guests in our homes and even
more gifts to the tree feet. I am sure you wait impatiently gifts
no ???!!! Have you already decorated your Christmas tree ? Handy Andy just
decide to go to town to buy a Christmas tree and decorate it. It goes you
talk about it now !! Hello friends!!! Congratulations on the
first snow !!! Winter has arrived – and I changed my car for a red SUV,
it will be easier to drive on the roads Snowy. But even today I will
not able to go there too city- of snow!!!! Whatever I know how to do-
I called a bulldozer. He will come and clearing the road of snow – for
other drivers and I can have go to town without problems. while we
the expected, this car is going very slowly because at the same time it gives off the road., see
see how it goes and what it can do. So!!! Here is the bulldozer – one of the vehicles
to clear the snow. He chains instead of wheels, they help to better
advance even on very enneignées roads. There is a large shovel to it before …
can even go on the sides and help … to clear the road. Like that the snow will
thrust on the sides of the road. WOW !!! friends look how big it is and
heavy !!! I think it can easily clean the road even if there are many beaucou
of snow! Look !!! bull dozer hurries to
help us!!! Wow !!! I’m surprised the see progress so quickly and right in the snow !!
and watch the shovel away snow from the road !! that’s great!!! We can see
clearly asphalt behind the bulldozer !!! Hoorah !!! Now I can go to town
no problem. And I hope they have already cleared the roads. Start our car and give the engine
time to warm up. It’s cold outside !! Now let’s get friends !!! I must
buy a christmas tree and decorations You remember ?! Because Christmas
be there soon !!! Ooooop !!! the roads of the city are also
Snowy … But our bulldozer just give us a hand it is fair
in front of!!! and cleans the road !! thank you mr the bulldozer for your help !!!
I see Christmas trees !! See you soon my friends! Bye!!


  • Reply Jean-Marie le boxeur August 18, 2017 at 8:46 am

    moi jaime pas les feux noire

  • Reply Eveline Mendes April 27, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    c'est intéressant didonque

  • Reply Eveline Mendes April 27, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    je rigole pas😶

  • Reply PIERRE HALID September 11, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Ouah quelle oeuvre vive robot rigolo

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