Delaware State Jobs- Setting up Email Alerts

August 20, 2019

did you know most job postings on the Delaware
employment link also known as DEL are typically listed for a limited amount of time and since
we don’t want you to take any chance of missing out on your next great career opportunity. DEL offers you the option to sign up for and
receive email alerts for positions as they become posted that are personally selected
by you. In this video we will show you the basics
for setting up your email alerts in the DEL system First lets go to the Delaware Employment Link
homepage found out to get started choose the email alerts icon
to begin creating your personalized job search agent You can narrow your search down by individually
selecting the occupational group that interests you, or broaden your search by clicking on
the check all boxes and then submit. You will then see comprehensive list of all
the job titles you selected. From here you then can either scroll through
each job title one by one from A to Z or you can further drill down your selection alphabetically
by selecting from the alphabetical listing found directly above the job titles also,
if at any time while scrolling through this page you should decide that you would prefer
to view positions listed by occupational group all you have to do is choose the select job
group option found at the top of the page. Not sure what jobs to be alerted for? click on any job title to open class specification. The class specification provides a detail
list of essential functions, knowledge, skills, and abilities and most importantly job requirements. After reviewing each job specification remember
to close the window to make your email alert choices When you’re done choosing all the positions
you are interested in, click the add all checked classes to my job search agent option located
near the top of the page to view a list of your selections. If you are satisfied with your choices click
the finish button to then be able to add your email address or click continued searching
classes if you would like to return to the previous page and select more job titles before
continuing once you have entered your email address click next to see the list of your
subscription choices and you will need to select subscribe to start signing up for emails. Thank you again for your interest in career
opportunities with the State of Delaware. Make sure you watch our other videos to help
you in your job search.

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