Cute Japanese Shinkansen Bullet Train Stickers
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Cute Japanese Shinkansen Bullet Train Stickers

September 5, 2019

How’s it going, guys? I got a set of really cool stickers as a gift,
thought I’d open it up for you guys. It’s a train themed sticker set, featuring
trains from the Shinkansen trains of Japan. It opens up like this. The stickers are here. There’s a lot of them. Oh yeah, and here. When you move the packaging up and down, you
can see the holograms move. Very cool. Over at the back, there’s some writing in
Japanese. When you move this up and down, you see the
hologram lighting change also at the back. Very psychedelic. All right, now it’s time to open it. So these are the stickers. They’re attached to the cardboard by a piece
of tape. The adhesive is a very nice thing that sticks
to it without getting messy. The packet is resealable. Here’s the biggest one. It says Bullet Speed. And a train is coming out of that Bullet Speed
logo. Very cool. Some of them are glittery types. Now if I tilt this, you will see the hologram
making it shiny and glittery. It also has a very cool three dimensional
effect. This one also has a cool glittery effect when
I move it up and down under the light. This is it! The Shinkansen Train sticker set. Thank you for watching. Just wanted to show you guys this very cool
sticker set that I got for the holidays.

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