Could You Really Legally Kill Someone with a “Wanted Dead or Alive” Bounty on Their Head?
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Could You Really Legally Kill Someone with a “Wanted Dead or Alive” Bounty on Their Head?

November 18, 2019

A classic Hollywood trope is the idea of a
poster with the photo of a given criminal along with very large print text that would
say something like “Wanted- Dead or Alive”. But did these actually ever exist and could
you actually kill someone legally when such a poster was issued by the authorities? To answer the first question- yes, there are
many known instances of such “Dead or Alive” posters being put up by the state and other
entities, but that doesn’t actually tell the whole story. Just because a poster stated something like
“Dead or Alive” it did not grant any individual the right to kill the person without legal
consequences. For example, consider the infamous murder
of Jesse James at the hands of his outlaw buddies Charley and Robert Ford. Missouri governor Thomas Crittenden negotiated
with various rail companies to offer a $5,000 ($131,000 today) reward each for the capture
of Jesse James or his brother Frank. The subsequent posters noted “Wanted Dead
or Alive Jesse or Frank James”. Ultimately the Ford brothers arranged with
the governor in secret to bring their buddy Jesse in. Deal struck, on the morning of April 3, 1882,
the brothers had breakfast with James. After eating, the trio walked into the living
room. When James turned his back on the brothers,
reportedly to clean a dusty photo, Robert Ford shot him in the back of the head. Unfortunately for Charley and Robert, when
they went to collect the reward, they instead found themselves promptly arrested for murder
and soon after were sentenced to hang. You see, James was unarmed at the time of
his death, and just as importantly was not in any way resisting arrest or attempting
to flee. He seemingly didn’t even know the Ford brothers
were there to arrest him that day. To get away with killing such a person you
were attempting to collect a bounty on the person needed to be resisting in some way,
particularly in a way that threatened your own life. Thus, you could only kill them if it was self
defense, which wouldn’t have been any different than if someone attacked you outside of any
bounty scenario, with one caveat. For quite some time in U.S. history it was
legal to use deadly force against a fleeing felon, even if your own life wasn’t immediately
threatened. The logic behind this was seemingly that chasing
down a fleeing person could be dangerous in unforeseen ways. It also incentivized criminals to not try
to flee in the first place upon discovery. Granted, if no one was around to witness,
whose to say the dangerous criminal you killed didn’t actively threaten your life in an
imminent way to cause you to defend yourself? And given that bringing such a criminal in
across long distances used to be an extremely dangerous affair in many cases, anecdotally
it seems like it wasn’t uncommon to simply rid the world of the alleged criminal first
and then lie about what happened after. A body is so much safer to transport and people
were quick to believe a dangerous criminal would fight tooth and nail to escape because,
after all, in many cases they probably did if they knew being brought in was going to
likely result in a hanging. They really had nothing to lose. On that note, Teddy Roosevelt was once thanked
by boat thief Michael Finnigan for not killing him in this sort of scenario, despite the
extreme risk to Roosevelt at the time. In a nutshell a couple guys stole a boat from
Roosevelt in the dead of winter. Rather than let it go, Roosevelt dropped everything
and built a new boat, tracked them down and captured the thieves. The whole affair ended up being a few hundred
mile trek, which had to be partially on foot because ice made the river unnavigable at
a certain point. Near the end, Roosevelt had to stay awake
40 hours straight to guard the prisoners as they walked and rested. You see, he was escorting them alone at that
point and it was so bitterly cold that he worried the criminals would get frost bite
if he bound them in any way, so he didn’t. In the end, Roosevelt didn’t even press
charges against one of the men, noting he didn’t “have enough sense to do anything
good or bad.” As for the aforementioned Finnigan, while
he did find himself behind bars, he thanked Roosevelt for not killing him as most lawmen
would have done in the same set of circumstances. You can learn much more about this fascinating
saga on one of our favorite series of our BrainFood Show podcast titled The Bull Moose. Though perhaps a better title for that series
would have been: In Which Teddy Roosevelt Makes Men Everywhere Feel a Little Less Manly. In any event, going back to the Ford brothers,
they did end up getting off as the governor went ahead and pardoned them, something that
was met with mixed reaction by the general public. The speed at which the trial and pardon happened
had some accusing the governor of actually knowing before hand that James would be killed
and that the pardon had likewise all been pre-planned. Although this seems to strain credibility
because if Robert Ford had known it would be illegal to kill James in the way he did,
he could have killed him in the exact same way and just made up a story that James had
tried to attack him or flee. No one would have been the wiser in that case
and there would have been no need to trust the governor to grant a pardon. Whatever the case, going back to the Wanted
Dead or Alive posters, there are a few more caveats to consider as well. First, while depictions in movies and games
often show clear photographs, in reality many historical examples were simple sketches,
and often even got the descriptions of the person wrong. Further, in the vast majority of cases, it
was lawmen themselves who would take it upon themselves to go hunt down the criminal and
collect the reward, not someone in the general public. Naturally, while finding criminals was sort
of their job anyway, criminals that had bounties on their heads tended to get much higher priority
and a lot more effort. A caveat to that was that it was occasionally
the case that a member of the general public would be deputized specifically to go capture
someone. This brings us around to who pays. In most cases, as you might have guessed from
our former mentioned instance of Missouri Governor Thomas Crittenden getting railroad
companies to put up the reward money, this usually wasn’t actually the state itself,
but rather private companies or individuals who had particular interest in seeing someone
brought to justice and wanted to incentivize law enforcement to actually do something about
it. It was also these private entities that were
more likely to have something like “Dead or Alive” put in the poster if they were
involved. The legality of killing the person wasn’t
really relevant here- only what the stipulations were for getting the reward. And if the company or person just wanted the
alleged criminal out of the way, regardless of how it happened, they might state that
they were happy to pay even if the person was killed. This would incentivize more people to try
to capture the person as the risk would be less than if it was required that the person
be brought in alive no matter what. If the wanted poster and reward were coming
from the state alone, it was far more likely that the poster would say something more benign,
and more likely that a bounty would only be paid if the person was brought in alive and
in some cases even requiring the person be convicted. Again, all of this had more to do with the
stipulations surrounding how one could get paid, rather than the legality of anything
suggested in the poster. It should also be noted that if a private
citizen aided a lawmen in tracking down or bringing in alleged criminals, from accounts
we reviewed it would seem not uncommon at all for the lawmen to go ahead and make sure
they themselves got the lion’s share of the reward, in a few instances even when the
lawmen did little but recover the body after the private citizen had done their part. For example, in the aforementioned case of
the Ford brothers who killed Jesse James, for all their trouble, they ended up only
getting a small percentage of the bounty, with the rest going to Marshal Henry H. Craig
and Sheriff James Timberlake. But to sum up- yes Wanted Dead or Alive posters
were indeed a thing, though this did not technically allow people to legally kill someone if they
found them, as is often portrayed in movies. Doing so flagrantly might just see the killer
wind up on their own Wanted poster. England’s history, bail was not in the form
of money, but rather in the form of a person who would stand trial and potentially be sentenced
in your place if you skipped town. As you might imagine from this, bounties on
those who’d skipped town were most definitely a thing going back at least as far as the
13th century in England as those who had pledged themselves as bail, but had the person skip
town, were highly incentivized to get the person back. Using money, rather than a person, as bail
finally changed in the 17th century thanks to the Habeas Corpus Act. While you’ll often read that these 13th
century instances were the first known instances of bounty hunters, this isn’t correct at
all. It seems more likely that this has been going
on since as long as civilized humans have been humaning. As for one example drastically predating 13th
century England, at some unknown point in the history of Pompeii (definitely preceding
79AD for obvious reasons), someone wrote on a wall: “A copper pot went missing from
my shop. Anyone who returns it to me will be given
65 bronze coins. 20 more will be given for information leading
to the capture of the thief.” Moving over to China in the 3rd century BC,
Emperor Qin Shi Huang is known to have used bounties for various purposes. If you’re wondering if Wanted Dead or Alive
posters are still a thing, not really. While Wanted posters are still around, and
the FBI, for example, currently uses over 5,000 digital billboards at various times
for this purpose, the Dead or Alive variety went the way of the Dodo around the early
20th century. That said, we did find one instance occurring
in 2018. In this case, in California an unnamed homeowner
who was robbed put up Wanted Dead or Alive posters with the image of the person who had
robbed him. As you might imagine, local law enforcement
did not take kindly to this, though the person in question refused to stop posting the Dead
or Alive bounty, citing freedom of speech. The police did not do anything about it, and
they eventually captured the theif. However, they did note that had something
happened to the thief as a result of the posters, there very likely would have been legal ramifications
for the homeowner.


  • Reply Today I Found Out May 22, 2019 at 5:58 pm

    Thank you Brilliant for making this possible! Check out Brilliant here: And for those interesting in listening to our Teddy Roosevelt "Bull Moose" series of our podcast here you go or or Seriously, this story with the boat is just the tip of the ice berg with this guy. He was incredible.

  • Reply ferdonandebull July 6, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    All felony warrants are dead or alive. Just resist hard enough.

    Fleeing felon rules have moderated but all states still have them..

    Now in Europe a lot of countries had outlaw statutes. England kept hers for a long years and Germany kept theirs through ww2.

    Since most states adopted English common law the ability to cry outlaw probably did exist.. codification of law is not necessary when you are a common law state..

    To be an outlaw was to be without the protection of the law and you could be killed with impunity..

  • Reply ferdonandebull July 6, 2019 at 11:00 pm

    Pay when a sheriff cry’s possy was this way..

    The sheriff and his deputies were paid by the county. Sometimes they were allowed to keep a reward.

    If the sheriff cried possy the possy men were exclusively paid by reward.

    This was a hold over from England…

  • Reply ferdonandebull July 6, 2019 at 11:02 pm

    Today if there is a reward offered and an officer catches someone the employing entity gets the money.

    Years ago the feds paid fifty bucks for deserters. Depending on your Sgt (in my organization) you might get it…

  • Reply Daniel Atkins July 7, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    Ned kelly was the only person ever to be declared an out law by the British crown. Meaning he was no longer protected by laws alowing anyone to kill him at any time without repercussions.

  • Reply Andrew Hawthorne July 7, 2019 at 10:29 pm

    "Dead or Wanted posters were a way to draw in registered and recognized bounty hunters. Wanted Posters were a warning and cautionary public announcements about individual(s) that were at large. This tactic was also used because of wanderers who walked in town. If you were a bounty hunter looking for quick cash. Wanted posters or seeking information from the Sheriff usually offered a way to aquire funds."
    -A.H. Roberts

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