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November 14, 2019

We’re Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers and this series is about new Nordic cuisine We’ll be traveling across three Nordic capitals exploring the culinary revolution that’s turned this region into one of the most dynamic food destinations on earth along the way we’ll be meeting locals, eating drinking and having a great time hope you’re hungry in episode three we’re traveling from Copenhagen to Stockholm 9:47 in the morning and we are about to leave Who is it? Who is it with the camera in my face? After last night, that was wild at War Pigs lets go, lets go man well as if we didn’t have enough beer last night we are heading to Carlsberg brewery we’re going to do a brewery tour have one last beer in Copenhagen before we head over to Stockholm well we safely arrived to the Carlsberg brewery and we’re going to do a little sampling and a tour of the brewery whenever I come to breweries I always kind of feel like i’m in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory Where are the Umpa lumpas? I don’t know, that’s the question they made a lot of beers in the first years and lots of late night testing just to make sure the beer was right but this was also the start of the industrialization in Denmark because this was the first place where you lived on your work place and you didn’t have a family so you put everything into your job alright so we are learning a little bit about the history of this place and now we are going to go behind the scenes at the Jacobsen brewery this is like that scene in Star Wars now the walls start coming together we’re now underground in the, basically in the basements, of what used the be the place where they stored all the beer that Carlsburg made which was supplying all of Scandinavia and much of the world it’s also where they used the store the intergalactic spaceships which they used to transport all of the beer across Scandinavia I think they need to start having house parties down here, which would be really cool tonight we have the crazy techno party in the underground so are we ready to do some beer tasting? we certainly are, do you have any particular interests you want me to take into acount? make it good make it good? I will what we have here are four of the Jacobsen beers which are actually made on sight here at the brewery we have the Jacobson velvet, an ale we have the Extra Pilsner, Sans Blonde, and in the end the most popular one, the Brown ale let’s drink it there he is, there he is alright to the airport we’re headed to Stockholm, Sweden alright guys we just got to the airport, i’m stoked, we’ve never been to Sweden before it’s going to be new, we’ve heard good things about Stockholm it’s supposedly really pretty The Venice of the north is what they say, the Venice of the north the Venice of the north, let’s see Bye Copenhagen, you’re awesome, stay awesome nap time ladies and gentleman welcome to Stockholm dude, Stockholms airport, it leads to the Bat Cave this is an insanely fast train it’s traveling towards Stockholm at 200 km/per hour it’s basically a bullet train we’ve been super lucky with the weather it’s 24 degrees, it’s super beautiful I haven’y been here long but I have a feeling I like…I like this country welcome to Sweden I can’t sit though it’s time to explore the city, we’re only here for like less than 24 hours it’s time to turn and burn hope in say hello to our friends here, hello Amelia, Rebecca alright so we are showered cleaned and ready to go explore Stockholm we’re going to start off with the Spirits museum my liver’s already hurting from the last couple days I think by the end of this trip our blood stream will not be blood it will just be like acohol I think it will just be pure happiness Stockholm is actually made up of 14 islands and in total there are 30 thousand islands in the whole Swedish archipelago so we just went from downtown Stockholm to another island called Djurgården which is where the majority of the museums are found guys this place is so pretty! My god and we seriously scored with the weather this is just an absolutely stunning evening super warm and just really happy to be here in Stockholm So my buddy Nick Iverson and his girlfriend Kabi are right here, let’s go say hello yo yo yo Welcome! hey how are you? alright guys we just go to the Spirit Museum and we’re going to do a bit of a taste test Yes so we have Nadia here who is a Sommelier, how would you..? Ya i’m the drinking expert and what are we going to try today? you’re going to have some Swedish things that one smells nice this one’s got the horseradish smell it’s also like….pepper rod not liking that pepper rod I don’t want it the other one, the pink one kind of smells nice it’s like rosey how do you say cheers in Swedish? Skål? notes of horseradish, horse manure I like that that’s good, I feel the hair growing on my chest it was better than i expected alright more alcohol… I mean, i’m not gunna lie horseradish is like my least favorite condiment I have nightmares of like waking up covered in horseradish sauce you’re a weird person now we say skål Skål into your skull no I have a question about mid summer, I used to live with some Swedish girls and she told me that you guys dance around a large phallic object during mid summer and you sing a song, like a drinking song about bumblebees Can we clarify? What was she talking about? this is the penis pole exactly, that we dance around but why are the balls on the top? you never know, we’re Swedes What is this? the funny thing is, this is from the old days and he was putting Vodka in it and then we were going over the fields and spreading the seeds and it’s really true I mean i’m not joking now this was used to be a good harvest learn something new everyday Mark’s just finishing up inside at the Spirit Museum but i’ve just had to come outside right now it’s so nice you guys there’s something about those nice warm Scandinavian summer sunsets Where we headed? so now it’s time for dinner we’ve got a beautiful sunset looking at the Venice of the north we’re going to go hop on the other island onto this boat, let’s go! interesting fact, this right here is a fresh water lake and that’s the Baltic Sea behind me and where i’m standing right now is a lock that’s actually sinking so this whole area here is going to have to be destroyed because they have to rebuild it well we’ve only been here a few hours but i’m very fast to fall in love with Stockholm this place is absolutely gorgeous, the people are beautiful and friendly and now we’ve just walked across this bridge to Södermalm it’s an island so we’re going to dinner at Woodstockholm like Woodstock and Stockholm together and it’s supposed to be….it’s a new restaurant, but there’s been a lot of great things been happening there, good news so… we’re going to go check it out we were walking through this place and we just could not just walk through it so we’ve had to sit down and have a beer how about a slow motion beer shot? slow moo…. Cheers, Skål, Skål, Skål, Skål they make eye contact right? so the Swedish way of toasting is, you look someone in the eye and then you drink, you can say Skål then you drink now you can break eye contact and you look again you look again? ya and this, they say, is that in Viking times people apparently used to poison the drink of your enemy and if you can look me in the eye twice you wouldn’t have poisoned my drink so that was a beautiful sunset beer and now dinnertime, you hungry? I’m starving is this place called Woodstock? ya so it’s Woodstock, it’s called Woodstockholm kind of like a play on words there ya it’s like Woodstock and Stockholm, Woodstockholm…Woodstockholm ya my name is Simon and you’re at Woodstockholm this restaurant started out unlicensed in the head chefs’ moms garage where people didn’t know what they were going to eat they just knew how much they were going to pay and that we would more or less guarantee that they would be satisfied and that later on evolved into this people walk out of here with a smile on their face and a full belly so radishes are really important in Nordic cooking because before the arrival of the potato root vegetables were one of the only things they could grow up here in this climate so we have some carrots and radishes with kimchi sauce and some red crops we’re told that double dipping is ok that’s good that’s real good how nice is that carrot? That’s a beautiful carrot it’s like all and perfect love it it just keeps getting better we have poached oysters in a butter and white wine sauce garnished with roasted almond this is a special treat Swedish oysters are said to be some of the best in the world because they’re grown in cold waters and there’s only 15 tons harvested per year so, this is really special and i’m excited to try this thing i’ve heard a lot about it oh my god like butter baby like butter bye guys thank you peace alright next stop is the cluuuubbbb this is regular me this is how i started this trip and this is how i feel now well guys it’s been another amazing day up here I can’t believe that we started the day in Denmark and now we are finishing it in Stockholm it’s insane and Stockholm is a seriously cool city we just got here, first time here but it’s got super tons of style and this club’s awesome! and so we have a little bit more to explore here tomorrow so tune in for that episode coming out in a few days in the meantime if you like the video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends subscribe to our channel for new travel videos every week as always stay curious keep exloring we’ll see you guys on the road peace


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