Christy & Lois Share TheIr Travel Accessibility Challenges & Excitement For The High-Speed Train
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Christy & Lois Share TheIr Travel Accessibility Challenges & Excitement For The High-Speed Train

November 17, 2019

Lois has a really hard time with car trips…because
her car seats…the seats that they make for handicapped children are hard as a rock. And, it is not good…she has scoliosis already
and it hurts her back and her bottom, so we have to frequently stop, like every half-an-hour to forty-five minutes to let her back rest and be able to be in her padded chair, so that
she can get the pressure off of that area of her body…otherwise she’s in pain for
days. The Texas Bullet Train would be amazing for
our family, because our vehicle is not able to travel us down to Houston all the time. And I think it would open doctor options up
for a lot of people, and it would make it easier to get to more doctors…and in a quicker
time. It would take maybe a couple of hours to get
to a doctor that would normally take you a whole day that you’d have to stay the night,
and pay for a hotel room, which a lot of people don’t have that option. And we could make it down there and back within
a day…easily with this train. People with mobility challenges…not everybody
is really aware of it because they don’t have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis…And
they don’t have to try to maneuver around in different areas. Theres a lot of places that are not handicapped
accessible. They claim they are, but they’re accessible
for the walking handicapped — not the wheelchair handicapped. And, I think that having this train with the
wide area in the middle for wheelchairs to be able to park…and be able to travel…and
be able to get down to Houston to even just to go for day, to spend a day, you know, outside
of their normal area, is going to open up complete options for everybody.

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    This type of train maybe better technology for HIGH SPEED RAIL.

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