Christmas Diss Track (ft. SSundee, Derp SSundee and JSKEE)

December 15, 2019

So uh real quick disclaimer, uh dudes this is all for fun I don’t mean any of this towards Crainer It’s just- it’s just words It’s all for fun, no harm. But uh, Real quick I wanna make a few shout-outs: Thanks to JSKEE again for making this track with me And also thanks to Drake for the animation of this track A lot of work went into this. And uhh, Yeah, hope you guys enjoy No hard feelings towards Crainer If you enjoy this video of course hit the like button down below and If you’re new to my channel Hit the subscribe button *laughs* I hope you enjoy Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho HO HO HO Is what your mom calls you My name is SSanta SSundee And, tis the season to give the disses to the misses And,tis the season to give the disses to the misses And,tis the season to give the disses to the misses (Who’s that?) Crainer Degenerous you’re a girl Ii’l be sure to wrap some burn ointment in your presents this year Crainer This one’s gonna burn Lets pass the mic to SSundee Whats good Crainer? (Whats good?)So I heard that you have an obssesion with my hair Its true Maybe you also have an obssesion with my wheelchair Ohoho no Yeah you know my wheelchair chair Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaas I Got it SSanta Talkin about my hair But I don’t care I’m own gonna your derriere Your disses can’t compare To the fire that I spit from this wheelchair And speaking of chairs Crainer (What about it?) maybe you should grab one and get in line for that twitter verification that you’ve been wanting Cuz its not coming Oh and also how did that last pixelmon battle go? Yeah you remember that you have yet to win That pixelmon battle is the story of your life Even your future wife knows That my disses cut like a knife Ouch! Your life is sad Crainer Even someone with no brainer Would know that your videos are only good cuz I’m the entertainer Oh my gosh ssundee Calm down geez this … this is for christmas merry christmas everyone and happy holidays Except you, Crainer lets do it crainer your so stupid that you look like an idiot (stupid idiot) you tried to win in pixelmon and you lost REKT if i tried to spell your name after this diss it would be cl … clainler becuase of all the L’s you’d take *fart* Oops sorry I- I just farted (My bad) thats odd this fart smells just like crainers breath Ohohoho Let me give you a hand Derp SSundee let me take one(One) more(More) shot pass me the mic one last time for my last few diss lines that will break your back spine and put us on dateline and you know what dateline is crainer it’s that news show about murder cuz i just murdered this diss now let me give you one more sign that you cant beat me online you say your channel is fine but we both know its like vine It’s dead J-Just move on go to McDonalds *McDonalds jingle* *outro music*

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