Chinese space station falling to earth – all you need to know @ breakthrough science
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Chinese space station falling to earth – all you need to know @ breakthrough science

August 12, 2019

welcome to breakthrough science Benjamin
here to this topic is not about malaria we will go one more time into space
research tiangong one the chinese space station will decent or let’s better say
crash the next couple of days so i decided to make the new video about that so what is tiangong one? It is the
Chinese space station- a prototype for rendezvous and docking of spacecrafts
to the space station. The Chinese spacecraft is called Shenzhou
and the docking of a spacecraft in space is a complex and tremendously important
aspect of space exploration. This test program should have ended 2013 but as by
March 2018 it is an decaying orbit so basically crashing back to earth. What
has happened there? In March 2016 China lost its telemetry signal for
communication and controlling of the space station so it is slowly entering
the Earth’s atmosphere the re-entry will be somewhen end of March or beginning of
April and it will enter somewhere between 42 north latitude and fortitude
south latitude of course there are multiple cities in this area but the
chance of anybody getting hurt through the decent of the space station
is very very small before that several unmanned and two manned mission were
performed on Tiangong one. The first manned mission in 2012 achieved two dockings on
the space station. One docking was performed by a computer the other one
by the crew. This first mission was a huge success for CNSA the Chinese
national space administration. Before that only Russia with Roscosmos
and the U.D. with NASA achieved the successful building of a manned space
station. Talking about NASA and Roscosmos their joint project the International
Space Station in short ISS is one of the greatest success stories
of space explorations. Meanwhile it features multiple countries and
astronauts keep performing experiments onboard. Launched in November 1998 and
continuously improved it is one of the best examples of collaboration and
peaceful interaction of multiple countries. By now the ISS is more than
7,000 days in orbit and we can just hope that this project will soon be continued
in the deep space gateway another international project to build a space
station between the Moon and Mars but that’s definitely worth an own video in
some time. Tiangong one was a great success story of the Chinese space
agency and its successor tiangong 2 is already in orbit. The first mission to
Tiangong 2 was launched in 2016 and the astronauts stayed on board for 30 days
another breakthrough for China’s space exploration program, anyhow,
Chinese human space travel program is developing fast and I’m very curious
where it will lead to. This was another session of breakthrough science next
week we finally go to a more terrestrial problem and talk a little bit about
malaria and a new treatment for malaria I hope you’re with me and until
then stay tuned!


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    Cool video, you might want to sound a little more energetic!

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    Do you think people had sex in space!?

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