China Wants To Build Underwater Train To America

September 7, 2019

China can do a lot of things but America
unused a new who I guess proposal without but China wants to build and underground train to America underwater
travel could be the next frontier up
international travel if these futurists or dove you know find
their way and the whole idea is a state-run
Chinese news outlet said basically think they’re proposing
running China Russia Canada America Line that would be 8 thousand miles long 1800
miles long and the trans-siberian railroad the tunnel that you know China would
help poor beneath ICC’s will be four times the
length traverse for the English Channel now everybody in tiny thing to do this but
the rest the world like I’ll I don’t know what their nano I’m with the rest of the world but baby
I’m a skeptic we see each other P happen before people
wouldn’t believe we could do a lot of things okay people
never believed when they built Penn Station in New York
City they get extra credit on all under the Hudson River that could
connect New Jersey and New York underground right people
believe that could happen and how look it happen yes it did so this is indeed possible that this
thing could happen arm but it will be one astonishing rail construction costing us truly I’m
and I’m assuming that cost the price tag was in the trillions of dollars arm now where the Chinese will embark on
this astonishing road construction and nobody knows but they’re laying down ten thousand
there are already laying down tens of thousands a tracks hi sry let’s all across the
country which and I had to get on my bandwagon here I he to get on my high horse but I must America we want to continue being the
world’s economy can we please hi bag build some
high-speed rail lines China got on Japan gotta India getting ready to get out Europe
have them us train right train lines stock in the
dark ages come on y’all we get them we will in washington to do something profound do something astonishing do something
remarkable how bennett do we have to get by the
theater she meant when it comes to high-speed well creates jobs grows our economy awesomesauce getting to New you getting
from she usually get from Chicago teed watch for to from Chicago to Washington
Carver New York n and hour-and-a-half be a high-speed
rail that’s happening all across the world why can’t it happen fear I just don’t
understand I’m preaching to the choir getting up my
high horse now well home

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