CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic
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CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic

September 15, 2019

– Los Angeles is known for
its incredible car culture. But is the car really the
best way to get around? Well today, we’re gonna be racing through rush hour traffic, in
the city with the worst traffic in the entire country. I’ve got my car, Zach’s got his bike, Raghav is gonna be taking
public transportation. ‘Cause he doesn’t own a car or a bike and he’s the only one we
found who would do it. Racing 13.6 miles from downtown LA to our office in Santa Monica, this is car versus bike versus public transportation. (car engine starting) (bike helmet clipping) – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. – Oh wait, are we going for real? – Alright, I guess this is it. – Alright. – Start us off Nolan,
give us the countdown. – Okay, three, two, one. (car roaring) – Raghav, have a great day at school. – Oh camera’s rolling, oh
geeze, Zach just passed me. Zach just passed me. – We’re here at the office
and we’re gonna track the guy’s progress with
this state of the art lap top computer and
global positioning systems that each of them have
on their cellphones. – This guy just walkin’ through. – Nolan has moved two
feet, looks like he hit some traffic right away. – It’s called a cross walk. – Yesterday I was like, I
don’t really care if I win, right now I really wanna beat Nolan. – My car 2006 Mustang GT,
save your crowd jokes, I don’t wanna hear ’em,
I’ve heard ’em all before. (upbeat music) – I’m just tryna time the lights right now as best as I can. – I’m using Google Maps which is giving me the fastest route. (upbeat music) It’s not hard to see why
people like driving their car to work, you know,
you got your own music you can listen to, you got
your climate control, and you can kinda just
have your own space. Totally forgot dude, I got pizza. – Ridin’ a bike, you get
immersed with the locals, see your neighbors. What’s up? – Hell yeah, pineapple
and ham, again, save your jokes, I love pineapple and ham. – What’s up man? What’s up? – It’s like hating on
Bruno Mars, you know, he’s a great musician. (train passing) (crowd chattering) – Or maybe we lost Raghav
’cause he’s underground. Ooh, Nolan and Zach, neck and neck. That’s not, that doesn’t
bode well for Zach. That doesn’t. – I have no clue where I am. – I’m excited, this is really fun, this is the most fun I’ve
had sitting in traffic. – Unless something happens, I
think Nolan just passed Zach. – Let’s give Zach a call. – I think I’m gonna call Nolan soon. (phone ringing) What’s up Nolan. – Zach, how are ya? – Good dude, where you at? – Probably east of Culver I think. I’m pretty comfortable, got the AC on, I’m feelin’ good man. Yeah I think that the
final stretch is gonna be key I think. I realize I was using my
phone while I’m driving. Not supposed to do that. It’s dangerous. – I like when people are
like, ah man, I’d move to LA but how do you guys deal with the traffic? That’s where Nolan is right now. – C’mon. – Zach didn’t have to make any turns. Zach is just like whew. – Wonder how Raghav’s doin’. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat music) – Why is everyone on the road? What are you doing, going to work? With your jobs. (super fast zooming) – No, no, no. I’m legit like stressing
out (laughing) over this. – Five minutes away. – Err, oh my-are you kidding me? That would’ve been Raghav’s train. No dude, no. – [Train Announcer] Now
arriving Expo Sepulveda Station. – Five minutes, goin’ crazy. (upbeat music) – Did I win? – Yeah. – Ahh. – You just smoked him. – Dude I’m exhausted, like I
need to go home and shower. (laughing) Yeah I need drive back. – Agh, well done, well done. 10 is just like you change lanes, ’cause one’s faster and then it just becomes slow immediately. – Yeah. (applause) – We actually clap for
Raghav, everyday when he comes into work, I dunno how the joke started. (laughing) – The takeaway is I think
the bike is probably I won’t say the best.
– Fastest. – The fastest way to get around LA. – During rush hour.
– During rush hour. But you get really sweaty. Public transit is really
cheap, but it takes a while. – Cars, you gotta spend
a lot of money on gas, but it is comfortable. – [Crewman] And insurance. – And insurance and
everything else, but I think the best way to get around
LA, is on a motorcycle. (laughing) – So Zach forgot his helmet
and we knew we couldn’t make a video of him, with
him not wearing a helmet so Eddie did this commute twice. – [Nolan] Yeah. – To go get Zach’s helmet from his house. – Especially in La, it
never rains and you can split lane so, it’s basically the best. Thanks for watchin’
please like this video, tell us in the comments
about your commute, we’d love to hear about
it, maybe we should make more motorcycle videos. – I guess we have to go to work now. – Yeah (laughing) yeah dang.


  • Reply Donut Media January 26, 2019 at 2:16 am

    LIKE this video so we have an excuse to do more stuff with Raghav. He'll hate that 😅😅

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    Ragave have a nice day at school

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  • Reply Arnis August 26, 2019 at 11:53 am

    I believe the fastest is to use public transportation and… electric scooter that can be carried with one hand. From Xiaomi or smth similar.

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    In Germany the train (die bahn) would take 2 days

  • Reply Chilly Dawgg August 26, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Woukd never bother with a car in a city that size, not worth it at all

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    I lost it at "LA, known for its car culture"  Um, yeah not outside of LA.

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  • Reply GoldmineGaming August 27, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Now instead of a bike use a motorcycle that has a narrow frame and narrow steering bar. Bet yo ass that you will be there in 40 mins if you are good at lanesplitting. [which is legal in California]

  • Reply Calvin Witt August 27, 2019 at 3:51 pm

    Having driven and taken transit in LA each has a pro and a con. Pro of transit is parking is $3 + $ 7-day pass and hey presto city is yours. I would park my car at NoHo Red Line and explore. Perk is no worries about parking and total flexibility. Have done a modifid

    If I drive in LA it is because of hauling lots of items and/or going places that taking transit too is impossibly long. Good luck hauling a giant 3D printer and camera gear on a bunch of trains and buses.

    I have once taken a 20' moving truck into LA with furniture for a family member, dropped it at a Uhaul near a subway stop and taken the subway to Union Station and we rode Metrolink out. Not the most efficient but it worked!

  • Reply Ryan Al August 27, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Did you say city with the worst traffic in the country? My man has definitely not been to the east coast. NYC, Boston, philly

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  • Reply Ondřej Matějka August 28, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    I like bikes and public transport, but when you need to get thru whole city 20 km, you will die on bike because of hills. But e-bike would be interesting for city transportation.
    Train is good if it's working nad not staying in fields with malfunction. 😀 In my city (Prague) metro is the best, it's going every few minutes and you can go cross whole city in 20 – 30 minutes.

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    Hey you guys should make a video with a motorcycle vs train and driving commute, I would really love to see that great video by the way.

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    All of y’all saying train is the best option haven’t been on a train in la lmao 😂 public transportation is sketchy dirty and smelly af 😂 but it’s a lot quicker during rush hour

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    public transit, takes a while? LOL he showed up 10 mins after you both and walked like he didnt give a fawkkk

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    Fuck the expo metro train. I almost got injured from a brawl in the expo. A black dude againts 3 white guys. Damn black guy was on crack. Taking my car now

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  • Reply Matt Sezer September 10, 2019 at 1:41 am

    In NYC it takes me 25 minutes to bike 6 miles to work, 35 minutes to take the subway, and 45 minutes to take a cab/Uber. The big thing is that parking can add another 20+ minutes and costs a small fortune.

  • Reply Brandon Hofmann September 10, 2019 at 4:08 am

    Cool video. But Raghav would have won had he been using a adult kick scooter combined with metro, i do all the time and saves loads of time. But between the 3 I would have to choose public transport. I won't be sweaty or need to look for parking. Biking would be a very close second option especially for short to medium distances.

    Also, I was walking around the west LA area and randonly came across the donut media studio. it was kinda cool.

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    Car – frustrating and slow and only saved 10mins.
    Bike – great for a work out – but need a shower add 15mins
    Public transport – the win here – only ten minutes longer, Also – can the trains in LA accept bikes? Get a folding bike and ride to the metro – prob save another 5 or so minutes.

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