CANADA | Train to Halifax | One of the best scenic train trips

November 14, 2019

its 11:30 am I left my seat and came to this coach This is a Dome coach probably these coaches are attached in every long-distance train in Canada You can see in every direction There is one more Dome coach at the end of this train This is for Economy class passengers that is for Luxury class passengers There are very comfortable berths in those coaches every Coach has its name So all the coaches on the rear side of this train are luxury coaches There is a Pantry car, Canteen, Restaurant in this train The restaurant has a fixed time of opening and closing At 10 am I heard an announcement This is a final call for passengers The restaurant is going to close now I purchased Falafel for breakfast from the Canteen Cost around 7.5 CAD Last time I had Falafel while travelling from Ottawa to Quebec city but that was cold This time I went to the canteen and asked the person Is it possible to warm it? He put it in the oven I paid him only 7.5 CAD After sitting there for almost half an hour After sitting there for almost half an hour I came here. This is a Canteen I refilled my thermos with warm water So it isn’t necessary to buy packaged water bottles You can get warm water for free He helped me a lot This is the canteen You can buy many things from here There is also a restaurant at the back here are a few kids That’s the upper deck now I am going back to my coach kids are playing and singing the river is frozen this car is running with us for a long time I just bought a bagel to eat I paid 4 CAD for it around 220 INR according to the gentleman, I can toast it This is a restaurant even charging points I could have sit here This is the bagel 2 cream cheese now I am going to toast it its 5:30 here but 4:30 pm in Quebec and Ontario Time zone changes when you enter Nova Scotia probably it changed while entering New Brunswick I should have reached Halifax by 5:30 pm but the train is late by almost 1.5 hours We have just left Truro they made an announcement that canteen is going to close passengers wanting to buy something to eat can come now I went to buy these Brownies for 3 CAD Around 170 INR Also bought Hot Chocolate cost 2.5 CAD During this train ride, I am getting a lot of time to spend on Internet I wanted to plan my next 2-3 days in Halifax I also wanted to plan my return journey to Toronto I was looking at different options to travel back rideshare, flight or train So this is what I did for the whole day I am using Bell’s network for internet Though it goes out of coverage when train passes through jungles or the areas almost deserted I found a lot of rideshare groups on facebook So when I search for Halifax on facebook search bar I get a lot of groups for Ridesharing… or carpooling Though one of my local friends also helped me with this Saurabh from Halifax He got to know about this train trip through my Instagram He approached me He watches my videos so this is how we got in touch Now I have joined the facebook groups and posted my requirements mentioning from where and till where I am looking for a ride and this is my profile So if anyone is going in that direction, I am ready to share the fuel expenses He also told me about a few websites like so these online platforms can help you get a ride You can also get other important information from such local groups For eg, I am looking for a place for hiking I found a facebook group – Halifax hiking… something I posted my requirements mentioning about my likings and preferences I also sent requests to many people on Couchsurfing though most of them got rejected or weren’t answered but thats common on Couchsurfing to be on a safer side, I have also booked a hostel This hostel is a part of Hoteling international (known as Youth Hostels in India) Youth Hostel organise a lot of programmes in India including treks, campings, cycling and many other expeditions They have hostels all over the world So I found a hostel near Halifax station Cost around 25-30 CAD for a bed in a dormitory I am a life member of Youth Hostels Members can also get some discounts or other benefits So this is how I used the internet for getting all this information Now I am going to enjoy these This is Halifax station weather is pleasant its around 6 or 7 degrees its plus… otherwise, till yesterday, I was talking about temperature in Minus The cart behind me is like the one which you must have seen at the airports they transfer your luggage between the airport building to the aircraft then finally you get your luggage at the conveyor belt area likewise, large sized items of baggage are kept in a separate place in Via Rail trains Then passengers get it at their destination station We also have such system in Indian railways There is also a separate place for large baggage Passengers travelling with heavy load can book their baggage in those compartments usually, they are in the front or rear side of the trains and its not that expensive but we generally do not follow this and I am sure, Indian railways do not handle the baggage in in such professional way like they are doing here we have a lot to learn from them look at this Ice was till this level

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