Building a track cleaning car
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Building a track cleaning car

August 14, 2019

I’ll try and turn this into the track clean
car it’s just a cheap Bachman don’t know why even have southern I don’t model
southern and don’t model anywhere near there just a train set car
I’m gonna see if I can convert that into a track cleaning car so first they need maybe
something like that something cylindrical they can roll along the rail it’s wider
than when the rail heads like narrower than the car so that should work
these I need this to be heavy so it’s what it is it’s a couple of fur of
having a poly pipe so make it a little bit heavier just kind of piece of pie okay
give them there somehow you needs more heavy you okay pack phone emails now when I get sort of
centered so the belt that’s actually nice and heavy okay next step you stay
put please be able to put on the picture and then over do it
cut it down okay little settle down in there a
little bit mmm that’s not quite cooled off yet but it’s it’s firming off those
that guys stick my fingers oh that is love that much came detention mostly did I mention that I’m going to repaint
this eventually bottom here just a little split pin wait wait Snickers over these two of nubbins here
that’s fine I Lake wait in the car that’s good but that wasn’t going to be
in the way of cutting my hole in the middle of it you let that cool off
you know they’re all cool enough that I can touch them once it’s not that
anybody’s we’re gonna see this is just so I don’t hurt myself wait square yeah this is gonna get old food together
eventually reinforce it because I don’t think it’s gonna hold the way it is that’s gonna take the Chokin that holding stick dremel saw blade that’s more like it
and I didn’t hurt myself that’s awesome no all that’s left to do is clean it up
a little bit tonight popped it okay and a melted plastic okay
that can cope with that uh-huh there we go than that yeah that’s not bad yeah square that up with a chisel a
little bit I preferred my day okay yeah clean that up a little bit but I think
that’s gonna work well it’s pretty reasonable little tiny
bit the chowder here and there to clean up but that’s that can happen along the
way yeah and that still doesn’t slide
through there close okay I may have to end up just
knocking those side frames right apart after all that effort oh well they’re
pictured in there anyway well that’s me to mess the next thing to do is mark with the
corners on that and do that and drill that egg too you know this time I am going to save
the safe things because there is a lot of wiggle room in there this little brace laughs I think tada oh-ho that’s nice a little bit squaring
it up he’s a big file through this so that makes a nice flat surface there so that hopefully will roll along
in there that I’m gonna clean this mess up here I know that’s cleaned up carry on here a
little bit we tucked back in there again back in their homes gonna do that a
little bit of Walters you don’t have a lot left of it
it’s almost stuck together you know what good glue when you think it doesn’t need
much this is one of those adhesives little
stick just about anything to just put anything and smell nice and chemically
while doing it it doesn’t seem to attack most things those will be there we do ahead some
claps wait right yes I do have clamps Oh perfect Purple’s over there can I do while I’m
waiting you know a bit more time cleaning this up so weren’t the roll
for youi on the track I don’t snag on anything you don’t want the snake on the
side of this car I’m almost finished as you watch more of my videos as it or
if you go back and watch some of the older older ones even you’ll notice that
I seem to be making it up as I go along a good reason for that because I am
making it up as I go along which makes it real pain in the butt for me to add
it later so okay that’s not going to be very good track cleaning just the way it
is as a raw track the copper cuz it’s among other things going to short the
track we need a cleaning cost this is a generic version of Jake loss which I got
it Home Depot wait generic rather than the lien brand you go watching paying attention you
should figure that out right now it’s less expensive there was
they raided asked me a while ago about how to make this really expensive hobby
of ours more affordable and the general answer was stuff that you have to buy at
the hobby shop get their stuff that you don’t have to buy it the hobby shop buy
the cheapest place you can these craft stores and hello know if I wanted to
here boy okay so five starts hardware stores eBay Amazon Aliexpress any of
these places shop around keep your eyes peeled usually playing
something that’s similar especially on a scenic material layout building material stuff like that it doesn’t have to be
the most expensive hobby shop material in the world so that wrap around here in
a bunch of layers and if I cut it the right width it
should not be any exposed copper when I got here just before we’re already thick okay I’m gonna keep that from unraveling let’s try this this is one strand out of
a piece of cat 3 wire cat 3 where is Basin to your basic telephone wire it’s
copper it’s 22 or 24 gauge and it just got the
plastic cap it on it for insulation that’s gonna hold that on let’s see if
that’ll push this track here that I can tinker with that should it flaps that
way so I’m gonna want it to roll this way that should roll along there quite
neatly this doesn’t have to wait forever those that clamp a little bit let’s set
up I know it’s not fully set up and it’s close enough to be all the glue those
back into there now they’ve got little locating pins what I
don’t want is that the under the truck box doesn’t matter because the metal of
the weight is blocking it anyway why isn’t that going down are okay I can
live with that that’ll do it’s gonna work
no wait now what kind of a things to do until tomorrow or the next day okay a
bunch of time has passed that goo is going to be well and truly dried it’s
hardened cured whatever those aren’t going anywhere for now I’m going to
ignore the horn hooks the tender that’s there just
see where that sits at the oil be sneered where is my there it is okay
Oh move it down cut the hole you know it needs some reinventing I think I have
an idea I’m going to put some bits of styrene in one either side of that is
poking down to probably about just below the middle line of my roller and run
them up into here and glue them on hopefully that will nudge that guy on those have to be deep look that way so wait is that in any unit of
measurement doesn’t matter cut to fit kept almost it trim that later
so I think it would come pretty much the full height of her that’s what that is
for you so thank you yeah
well that’s interesting they could be on an angle oh okay those into kind of an
angle like that oh look at that just rolls around so nicely that’s what
I want okay drinking it come little bit higher so
higher I get the east the less obvious they become I have to lift up above the
skirt no and you don’t about there say anything so there we go already lost
a ring oh wait when I dropped it up that’s not a shoe you can just look like that that’ll do messing up the paint you don’t care
I suspect eventually I’ll repaint this into a cm browner box I read or do a
couple minutes of research and figure out what they mean into a color would
have been just enough cementing so it kind really don’t think that’s what it’s
doing but real maintenance lead doesn’t have yeah it’s time track cleaning this
is just going to be an old riveted gondola running in the Train
quick guess in the 70s there wouldn’t be a lot of riveted gondolas still
operating so let’s yeah yeah that’s the ticket that’s why it’s going to be
maintenance of way because it’s just an old decrepit car that’s in the fleet
which means it can have piles of ties or or any number of things like that in it
okay let that dry boy you do these five minute epoxy or something like that and
I’ll put on there just to reinforce it like and epoxy it is then this is some
rearrangement wafak weld brand five-minute epoxy if I was replacing it
I would just use and literally any brand a five-minute epoxy doesn’t matter I
could find some of the dollar so I would probably use the hottest if I can’t
anything simple squeeze out equal parts of the white and the black stuff certain
coats and even gray like there’s these blobs on this mixing board more streaks broke my toothpick even you
more are to fix oh good if I didn’t find still morally has never
Colton can’t figure that out you don’t subscribe to easy ease Maksim
the bigger the gob to bet at a job in this case it doesn’t need to be Purdy
the pretty stuff happens later it’s the fingerprint of epoxy smeared on
the painted surface and inside the car which means maintenance of a boxer he is
going to have to have a dent in it I think which doesn’t very surprised me
because that’s the sort of thing that would almost expect for ancient out of
the maintenance of a car they have a method to deal with that this
five-minute epoxy is already starting to harden up a little bit so give us this
five minute epoxy and I like that hardened for quit going to time no day
another step five minute epoxies head overnight the key we’re not going
anywhere scrape a little bit off here in there
without taking rivets with it but we’re able to leave cosmetics that’s their hmm okay it’s gonna be a
bit awkward to get our contract Oh okay it’s not actually rubbing moment on
the towel the problem is that wire that I put in there okay
new problem to solve if we twist up something else
fishing line who says modeling materials have to come from I’ll be dropped they’re cool for that okay now let’s try this let’s roll away you can’t see that’s rolling there
that’s what I want okay and there it is I’m layout just put a
bit of alcohol on my new pad Nathan saturated that’s just methyl alcohol methyl
hydrate denatured alcohol widow halt 99% pure is the important part because if
it’s not 99 percent pure well wait give it 70% pure rubbing alcohol
what’s that of the 30% oh it’s oils and weirdness and water and things will be a
residue so see if this works yeah whoo there she goes okay there it’s run ten plus laps I
guess or on the way out let’s see what we’ve got here oh there’s
a little tiny bit of hmm let’s put some more material in front of the autofocus there’s a little bit a couple little bit
of browning tracks on there you see a little bit right in there in there well
it’s picked up some crud I mean I’ve cleaned the layout by hand
fairly free fairly recently if I combine that with my other track cleaning car
which is this guy which is is the slightly abrasive hard board slider on
the bottom dampen loosen a little bit and then clean off wipe off run that in
the Train occasionally that should just keep playing out nice and clean without
me having to work at it and I’m all in favor of not having to work too hard


  • Reply Bill Sponaugle October 18, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    Just watched your video. Nice job, I have the exact same gondola and i think I'll give it a try.

  • Reply RC Hobbyist Extreme September 24, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Because I have my interests into so many types of hobbys,I tend to cross reference over into others when I come up with stuff. Using an abrasive pad like a scotchbrite pad cut in a strip and glued to a floating brick of some kind would also work as a track cleaner. I would use varying weighted blocks to get the desired contact to the track,mabe even mount steaps with springs over the block to gently push down on the scotch brite pad. The saying whatever works is not wrong,its more like whatever works best. Even running a pad with the cloth on afterwards to clean up the raild. few drops of alcohol to the pad mabe even helps. I worked our festival of trains during Christmas and 90 percent of what I did was track cleaning,just to keep things moving. Comming up with track cleaning cars saved alot of time and effort.

  • Reply Kiwi British Rail October 19, 2017 at 5:59 am

    G’day, just found your channel, nice collection of videos. I have joined you and will follow your journey from down here in New Zealand…………..cheers Mark

  • Reply david barrera November 17, 2017 at 8:06 am

    I would have cut a little bit of the styrene out of the inside of the car and added some weight inside the car then covered it with a fake coal load.

  • Reply Neisz Ron December 17, 2017 at 10:33 am

    Easy and on the cheap side. I just love this idea. Great video.

  • Reply Frank Kopke December 27, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Just finished test running this past week and must say how pleased I am with the result. The only real difference in mine to yours is the use of lead shot instead of nails in the middle which is held with two part epoxy which was dribbled in very wet and allowed to set fully. I then filed and sanded the ends flat and set the roller as you suggest.
    I did add a 'load' over the roller which is removable with a magnet and it too (the load) has lead shot mounted under it to balance the car heavily over the axles. I also added brass baring cups (reused from percussion caps as used in historic weapons) for the pin point axles to allow for these added weights on the non-conductive wheels.

  • Reply Educated Manholecover December 28, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    This chap does not work like a professional. Not a clue.

  • Reply Edward Werick January 7, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    I've wondered why some one hasn't made a track cleaning  car which is modeled after a rail grinder. It would be more prototypical. You could even incorporate a flint wheel from a disposable lighter driven by a small motor hidden inside the car. Way cool! (as long as you don't start your layout on fire) 🙂

  • Reply Brent Nicol January 20, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    I just love it when a plan comes together but even better that it is that long. Cut to fit. I like it. Thank you for sharing.

  • Reply Terry Taylor February 28, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    You ought to invest in some new hacksaw blades

  • Reply Lauren Santos March 7, 2018 at 3:11 am

    See video tracks clean car –

  • Reply Giulius71 April 27, 2018 at 7:12 am

    Great build…and I enjoyed watching you figure it out as you went….so I don't have too!!!!

  • Reply Gerry Clough February 27, 2019 at 6:51 am

    Hey , if you happen to see this comment, just wondering if you were happy with the results.
    I use 3 wagons, the first with a masonite pad like your other cleaning car and 2 others of same design but 1 with a piece of plastic non scratch scouring pad and the last with a felt square soaked in alcohol.
    Seems ok but wondered if this was better or worse in your opinion.

  • Reply Edward Fry April 23, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    Nice idea, but doesn't the wire wrapped around the roller cause a short when negotiating a turnout?

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