Breaking Ground: RIA works in South Yarra
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Breaking Ground: RIA works in South Yarra

November 16, 2019

We’re here at the South Yarra siding reserve,
which is an important site and plays a pivotal role in the project. It’s where the above ground railway will connect
into the new Metro Tunnel. We started off the new year with a bang, with
the successful completion of the January occupation here at the Eastern Portal. During the January occupation we successfully
completed a range of works, including the installation of 96 piles for the decline structure,
and also the demolition of the Arthur St car park. The next stage of the works will include the
demolition of the Williams St bridge, and additional piling works within the rail corridor. The temporary retaining wall, which we’ve
constructed to the north side of the rail corridor, will allow us to complete the permanent
retaining wall works later on in the year. Because we are working with a live rail environment,
it’s very important that we plan and execute this very carefully. In the few months that we’ve been here we’ve
been busy setting up site, conducting geotechnical investigations, relocation of services, and
we’re already working hard in preparing for the next rail occupation which is going to
be later this year. With the team already accomplishing so much
in only a matter of months, this year is ramping up to be an even bigger year. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1
Treasury Place, Melbourne.

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