Bikes on VTA (December 2009)

December 6, 2019

Hi. Today we are going to talk about how
to get a bicycle safely on a VTA bus, so that it can get you to your destination and you
can unload that bicycle and peddle on. The first thing we MUST do is to wait for the
bus to come to a complete stop. At that point we can then lower the rack,
lift our bicycle on the rack, then secure it. And then we’re ready to board the bus. Before you push your bicycle — and yourself — in
front of the bus, be sure to make contact with the bus driver. Now I’m going to put my bicycle on the front
rack of a VTA bus. Since I’m the only person here with a bicycle,
I should use the portion of the rack closest to the bus. Let me show you how that works: You simply
pick up your bicycle and set it in the wheel slots. The instructions are listed here in case you forget. Then you pull this arm out. It is on a spring load.
You set it like so and your bicycle is aboard. Now we have a second bicycle that is going to
be put aboard the VTA bus rack. The bicycles will always face in opposite
directions because this secure arm is necessary to hold the front wheel in place in order to keep
your bicycle safely on the front of the bus. Now that I am on board the bus, and my
bicycle is secure at the front, it is important to try — if at all possible — to sit where I can
see my bicycle, because my bicycle is NOT the responsibility of VTA. Well, this is my stop and I am going to get
off the bus. Before I do, I will notify the bus driver that I am
leaving and that I have a bicycle on the front. I have a bicycle to remove.
Bus driver: OK. Thank you.
Thank you very much. I am going to have to get my bicycle off first.
It is not awkward, but there is a little trick to it. You pull your bicycle out, until you can grab it nicely,
and away you go. If your bicycle is the last one to come off the
rack, it is important to make sure you put away the rack properly. Remove the arm from
your front wheel, lift your bicycle off the rack, squeeze the handle to unlock it, and make sure
it is latched back into place against the bus. Well, I have had a nice ride on the bus. Now
I have to take my bicycle off. I would encourage you to use VTA and if you
have any questions, please call Customer Service or take a look at our website,, and you can see this training video on YouTube.

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