Awesome Chennai Metro | Round Trip from Ekkattuthanagal to Airport | Murali’s Vlog | Explore Vlog
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Awesome Chennai Metro | Round Trip from Ekkattuthanagal to Airport | Murali’s Vlog | Explore Vlog

December 3, 2019

Today we have come to Metro in Chennai. This is a metro which is located in Ekkaduthangal Chennai. I’m going to travel in metro from here and will let you know how it is. i have travelled 2-3 times from here, i liked it alot. Thought of sharing the same with you, so i m putting this Vlog. Follow me. we are waiting for lift. once the lift comes we will go up. I’m inside the lift guys, its quite plesant. it is cool and plesant after coming inside because outside it was hot. i hope the same plesant is there inside the metro station as well. lets see. Guys, this is kiosk machine, here you can enter only 10RS, 20RS note. And you can enter only 5rs coin, apart from that you should not insert any other coin. here you can insert only 10 20 Rs note only. After inserting you can buy anything you want. This kind of machine is available in many place. In T-Nagar even in street this is placed. it is there in many Malls, Many in IT park. This will be useful, because instead of buying in shops, you yourself can pay and get it without depending on others. I liked this concept. Tell me your feedback. 208 is the water bottle. i wanted water bottle, so i choose that. I’m waiting for it, let’s check if it comes or not. its been very long. They have written the instructions there on the top. Follow that. if you follow this you can buy the desired item. 204, 205, 206 all these are there, insert the note, then if you press the desired number here. like 206 or 207, then if you press ok. you will get the selected item. I dont know what to do. Guys we have to ticket vending Machine. On that vending machine it is written as Ekkaduthangal. i m standing in this place. it has Normal class and Special Class. i will choose Normal Class. After chosing that, I’m in a place called Ekkaduthangal. i m going to Airport. Ekkaduthangal is in Green line, Airport is in Blue line. where we need to change to blue line is Alandur. So i will choose Airport, because my destination is Airport so i choose that. Here there is the price list, like 10, 20 , 30, 40, 50, 60. Choose the price accordingly. And then book the ticket. Guys this is my travel card. I’m going to use it to book my ticket. Using this travel card you can park your bike or any other vehicle. so buy this, you can use this for buyung the ticket also. I’m using this. if you see here. i m going to travel from Ekkaduthangal to Alandur. From Alandur i need to go to Meenabakkam. so i will demonstrate on how to buy it. Normal Class … Alandur … 2 tokens , confirm. Destination is Alandur. Guys i have got 2 tokens. for me and cameraman. we are going to Airport from here. this is for declining, for climbing this is the place. i learn’t a new tamil word “Nadai Medai” for Platform. look there there is a train coming from there. i think that train is heading to Coimbade / mount road route. So guys if you can see, there might be approax 10-12 compartments. Train that goes to Airport also came. we are going to travel in this train. look on the opposite side its in on the way. we are going to travel in this train. this train is going to Airport. [Host]Ladies Compartment. !! [Cameraman] Ai ya yoo.. [Cameraman] its closing, its closing, Even that is ladies. Guys this the Airport Station, backside you can see it is the International Airport Next to this is the Domestic Terminal. if you are in Mount road / coimbade use metro for a easy transportation. you no need to face the traffic, and you can reach on time. City is facilitated in such a way. if you use metro properly, we can avoid traffic. Mainly you can save time. So guys we are going to reach exit keep watching. Thats it guys we have travelled from Ekkaduthangal – Airport and vise versa. Metro is maintained very clean. Maintenance is perfect. At last we finished our Metro ride. there is one more metro ride that connects Mount road to Airport, Even that ride i will post as another video. Keep watching. i hope you enjoyed, if you have anything to suggest, post it in the comment section. Until i meet you in another video. if you have anything to suggest, post it in the comment box. if there is any hotels / places around you, refer me. i will definitely come and review, so bye.

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