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    October 19, 2019

    Okay, so we’re going to talk about 3D printing
    today. First thing is, we’re going to compare a two-dimensional
    inkjet printer to a 3D printer. So, as many of you I’m sure have at home,
    you have a 2-dimensional printer which uses paper and it uses an inkjet printhead with
    the ink cartridge, and the printhead rasters the ink onto the paper, and the paper comes
    out of the printer. So a 3D printer works very different. It uses a 3D plastic filament which is extruded
    through a heated print nozzle, and the plastic is printed onto a build platform layer by
    layer, and the build platform then lowers, and so this is the way that you build up a
    part. You build each layer on top of each other. This is just an example. So we take a computer model, and using software
    we then slice the model into different layers, and each layer is then printed one at a time
    in this way, and so here we’re printing a frog, layer by layer. Again, each layer is built on top of the previous
    layer, just like this. We can print just about any type of object,
    but there are certain types of objects that are more difficult to print. Those are objects which have large overhangs,
    and so shown here are some objects with a 45 degree overhang, and objects which have
    overhangs of greater than 45 degrees, the printer struggles to print because you need
    some sort of solid surface on which to print on. So, the software can print different layers
    of build support structures, which then you can detach from the part, and in this way
    we can build some parts with large overhangs. So right now we have the printer going. The printer is printing a space shuttle, and
    so the first thing that it does is it prints a small Hershey Kiss of plastic, and this
    is to get the printer plastic flowing, and so, in the corner here, it’s just printed
    the Hershey Kiss, and then it starts to print the part, the outline of the part. This is the first layer. And so once it builds the outline, it will
    then begin to print the first layer of the part. Our printer is called the Ultimaker 3. It has two different print nozzles, so it
    can print with two different types of plastic at the same time. Today we’re printing with an orange PLA plastic
    which is being extruded at 210 degrees Celsius. The build plate has been heated to 70 degrees
    Celsius, and so we use a heated build plate so that the first layer of plastic adheres
    well to the print bed. The first layer of the print is the most important
    because any imperfections in the first layer will then be multiplied through the subsequent
    layers, because each layer is printed on top of each other. In this way, we print the entire part. So currently we have… This is a space shuttle being printed. This part will take about 15-20 minutes to
    print. So it built the outline of the part, and then
    now it’s rastering in with plastic to fill in the solid layer of the first layer, and
    then subsequent layers it’s going to print at a 20% infill, so it’ll be partly hollow. This is done to save plastic and also to speed
    up the print time. The first layer was print at a slower build
    speed, but then the subsequent layers were print at double the print speed. Between each layer, the build platform lowers,
    and the build platform lowers, in this case it’s lowering about 0.4 mm between each layer. How long does it take to train someone in
    this? So 3D printing is fairly easy to learn. In fact, last year at Take Your Child to Work
    Day, there was a sixth grader who had his own 3D printer at home and he was playing
    with it in his room. So it doesn’t take a lot of skill, but it
    does take some… There is some learning in how to build certain
    types of parts, and so sometimes it does take some practice to get the print settings right
    to build a certain type of part. With some experience, that’s fairly easy
    to learn. And what happens with the extra layer of plastic
    around the outside? That’s just to help get the, again, the
    plastic flowing, so that’s just discarded at the end of the print. So that’s the part, and it’ll take about
    30 minutes to print, but we don’t just print toys at NCI. We also do some research. So what I have here, this is a print that
    we made. This is a torso of a one-year-old and this
    is called a phantom. This is a representation of the human body,
    which we use to test imaging devices. So if I open it up here, this is built in
    six different pieces, but the phantom has different regions of the body defined. So, we have the lungs here, and then the bone
    regions, and then also the muscle, shown in green here. And so the object of this phantom is that
    we want to be able to take this phantom down to the clinical centre and image it on imaging
    devices, and it’ll look like an actual human torso. So we use a special type of plastic here;
    the black plastic contains some iron in it, and that is used to simulate the bones. And so we have here, this is the lungs, these
    are the ribs, this is the scapula, we have the vertebrae, the small cavity here, that’s
    the oesophagus, and this is the sternum, and then we have the outer soft tissue remainder
    in this region here. This is the heart. This phantom is built in six different pieces. Each piece took about 15 hours to print, for
    a total print time of around 90-100 hours, and each piece used about one whole spool
    of plastic. And what are the benefits of using this for
    research? One benefit is we want to print our own phantoms
    as a cost-saving measure because commercialised phantoms are very expensive. Also, we want customised phantoms for custom
    research applications. In this case, this is built off of the specific
    geometry of a specific one-year-old, and then we can customise that and build our own phantoms
    for other applications, as well. We’re also interested in, not just imaging;
    we want to be able to measure the radiation dose received at different positions in the
    body, and so in future designs we’re going to include small slots where we can insert
    radiation dosimeters inside of the phantom so that we can measure the imaging dose received
    by the patient. In this way, we can then optimise the imaging
    protocols in such a way as to keep good image quality while minimising the radiation dose
    received by the patient. And do the colours you pick mean anything,
    like are different…? So, for our case, the colours are not very
    meaningful. For radiation attenuation purposes, the colour
    doesn’t really have any meaning to us. So in this case we chose green, and then we
    had a lot of the black plastic for the bones. So we can go back to our printer here and
    you can see how the print is doing. We’re about a third of the way done. Can you rehash what’s happening? So it’s still printing. It’s getting up to the… It’s just finished printing the smoke coming
    out of the space shuttle, and now it’s beginning to print the rocket. So it prints each layer, and then the build
    plate lowers 0.4 mm. Is this one faster than other printers? The print speed is primarily determined by
    the layer thickness, and that also primarily determines the quality of the print, so the
    resolution of the print. So it’s not so much dependent on the printer,
    but more the settings that you use to build. That depends on the quality of the part that
    you’re looking for. So right now, we’re printing with a nozzle
    which is 0.8 mm in diameter, but we also have nozzles with 0.4 mm in diameter that are used
    for higher resolution printing, and those print parts with finer detailing. You mentioned there were repositories where
    you could have the designs? So you can go online to find these. This part was found on Thingiverse.com. There are online repositories where you can
    find models that people have uploaded. NIH also has their own repository called the
    3D Print Exchange that they have some body parts and bones and other models that people
    at NIH have put online to share. And now it looks like the rocket ship is starting
    to come together. Yes. It’s almost finished. This last part goes much quicker. So it’s printing the part at 20% infill,
    so it’s partially hollow, and that’s done to save the plastic but then also speeds up
    the print time. Mostly we’re interested, for this type of
    part it’s a model so we’re interested in only the exterior of the part and we don’t
    care about the interior. So we can print it up hollow and save plastic
    and then also increase the print speed. Okay, the print just finished, so the build
    plate lowers and then it starts to cool off. And so right now the piece is still warm and
    it’s stuck well to the print build bed, so we let it cool down for a few minutes and
    then we can remove the part. And that’s how you make a rocket ship in
    15 minutes. Thank you so much for joining us, and thank
    you so much for being a lovely host, and we’ll see you all next Take Your Child to Work Day. Bye-bye.

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1080HD) Travel Video
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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1080HD) Travel Video

    October 19, 2019

    Located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia
    the capital city of Kuala Lumpur is the sparkling jewel in Malaysia’s crown, a heady mix of
    cultures and nationalities from Malaysia’s rich past blending into a futuristic metropolis. This dynamic city has the fastest growing
    economy in Malaysia and with an ultra modern skyline and frantic pace of life, Kuala
    Lumpur offers the visitor the chance to experience everything that twenty-first century Malaysia
    has to offer. More than just a modern city, Kuala Lumpur
    has a rich and colourful history which can be seen in the many colonial era buildings
    nestled amongst the towering skyscrapers, as well as beautiful hillside temples offering
    a tranquil escape from the chaos of modern city life. The shopping heart of Kuala Lumpur, Bukit
    Bintang offers the visitor an exciting and colourful adventure around every corner with
    streets bursting with every imaginable shopping opportunity from the most extravagant indulgence
    to affordable roadside bargains there is more than enough to satisfy every taste. The dazzling colours and sounds of Jalan Petaling
    Street in Chinatown attract both visitors and locals alike to the infinite variety of
    goods on display in this bargain hunters paradise. There is a vast array of food and drinks on
    offer with rich flavours and aromas too tempting to resist, and the laid back and friendly
    atmosphere of the night markets will help you unwind with a cold beer after a long day
    of shopping. Situated in the centre of Kuala Lumpur the
    Petronas Twin Towers rise dramatically above the city’s skyline to a dizzying height
    of over four hundred and fifty metres and occupy 100 acres of prime, downtown real estate
    housing parks, cultural and science centres and providing countless recreation and leisure
    activities for all. Kuala Lumpur is a city of endless variety
    offering every modern luxury as well as all the flavours of a people rich in history
    and culture.

    Gatlinburg Tennessee Fall Harvest Fun 2019
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    Gatlinburg Tennessee Fall Harvest Fun 2019

    October 19, 2019

    Jared and Lindsay down here in the Great
    Smoky Mountains of Tennessee continuing our fall slash Halloween 2019 tour and
    today we are in the great town of Gatlinburg Tennessee I don’t know that
    there’s any better place to spend a fall weekend than Gatlinburg Tennessee and
    today what we’re gonna do is walk up it on the strip check out all the cool
    harvest decorations they’ve got out from 2019 and all these cool little
    scarecrows lining the streets these particular ones are right in front of
    the Anna Kista attraction hey each one of them is different I also
    got these cool little harvest baskets full of flowers this is a kind of stuff
    I love seeing one of the cool things going on in Gatlinburg this fall is the
    legend of Halle mountain in Anna Kista it’s a it sounds like a fun Halloween
    even I’m not entirely sure what all is involved in it but we are gonna check
    that out tomorrow I’ve always loved this little house and they have in the back
    of this truck here in front of an icky stuff and now they got it all decorated
    up for Halloween they were gonna head in check it out it looks like there’s a
    little mouse in there or something well here’s the scoop your noise is
    coming from inside there so I think I’m gonna go in here and check this out what
    do we got oh okay yeah this is decorated up different for
    sure than the last time I was in here I mean last night was just like I’ll bring
    a little house Oh get out once when you get out all
    right well I think this is the exit so I will oblige especially like this I
    should do something like that in my front yard it’s pretty clever we’re
    getting here just as the Sun is starting to set behind the mountains tonight wow
    what a beautiful sight Becker at the side entrance to the village and this
    year they’ve got this all decorated up with these cool little cookie scarecrows
    how about that I’ll leave that one with the watering can is for a head this
    one’s also got a watering can but I like the little sunflower eyes it’s a real
    clever idea for a decoration the other thing I noticed what the scarecrows I
    made the legs out of that black corrugated tubing one of my favorite
    traditions is walking all up and down Gatlinburg looking at the pumpkin people
    or in the winter though the snow people this is the second guy I found so far
    and the end of the video tell me how many you think we found okay here’s
    another one right in front of old red in fact this one must be the old red one
    because he’s wearing the shirt it’s also got himself a dock companion I believe
    that’s a hound dog am I right or wrong I’m not sure
    over here in front of Ripley’s Aquarium the Smokies I got a bunch of pumpkins
    down there on the rocks I also got a couple of black bears up there that I
    never noticed before who else I think I see some bump came in yeah corn stalks
    all up and down the walkway here leading up to Ripley’s oh I see some more
    pumpkins do sure what’s going on here are these uh pumpkin people torturing
    this larger pumpkin by putting out their cigars on him and that’s a mangry
    pumpkin people they seem to really be enjoyin kidding burnt though doesn’t he
    if you’ve never been to Ripley’s Aquarium the Smokies you don’t know what
    you’re missing out on because this is actually a fantastic aquarium
    there’s sensi or it may be a little twisted what I assure you their displays
    inside are awesome here’s another one this one’s also kind of in front of
    Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies we’re trying to remember we saw this one last
    year or if it was one of the snow people that were fishing or maybe they have one
    of each this looks a lot like something I’d like to have in our front yard back
    at home for the Halloween season I think I’m gonna steal this idea I may put some
    little bit spooky or props in there though I think this dude’s done said no
    more I’m not delivering any more mail you’re out of luck yo gallon burger
    I definitely know that there is a snow people version of these to the little
    pumpkin bullying its dog or in front of Cooper over Gatlinburg this year one
    cool thing that Hoover gallon burg does every year they do have an Oktoberfest
    looks like they’re running seven days a week
    I think they run to November I’m not entirely sure I did look it up on the
    website as far as like pictures you look like a cool event but one that we’re not
    gonna be able to attend this year that’s a friendly looking pumpkin man you stand
    by very good wasn’t sitting here though no no migrate
    it down oh she read you guys a story
    the words J looking pretty good back here mind the
    old smokey moonshine this is a pretty fun area back here an
    old smokey they got the moonshine distillery back their winery this little
    7 D theater and they also got live entertainment up here on this stage all
    day and they pretty much do this I think all day long pretty good stuff sure do
    have a lot of pumpkin friends yeah Wow hey you just poked your friend in
    the eye coffee is too hot for coffee it is pretty roasting out the old shooting
    gallery next to the 7d shoot-’em-up cinemas gone looks like they put in a
    retro arcade now let’s go find out what’s a retro about this place oh look
    at this Ghostbusters pinball machine ha that’s awesome man it’s very similar to the pinball museum
    up there by the Space Needle I wonder if they’re associated with one another or
    if this is a completely different operation dude look at this
    gaunt and dark legacy I used to play this all the time as a kid I loved this
    game it’s not nearly as large as the pinball
    museum but it is pretty cool I do like it they
    do have a lot of old retro games as does the pinball museum there’s a couple I’ve
    seen in here that the other place does not have what’s the deal buddy why’d you
    get rid of the shooting gallery huh give me an idea how busy it is here today
    look at all the people on the sidewalk and all those cars trying to get in
    it looks like the Riggin Terrace mall it’s hopping today that’s a pretty cool
    area back there they got mini golf escape rooms one of those rope course
    there’s a lot of cool stuff back there and a hot sauce museum are you
    befriending the whole village oh that one looks a little not like the other
    here’s no pumpkin people back here in the marketplace but it’s kind of a neat
    little alley I like the marketplace alley because
    it’s kind of like narrow just I don’t know it’s pretty cool it’s kind of like
    tucked in back here just out of the way it’s like they made this sign up and
    then we’re like oh shoot we’ve screwed up cross out half of it it’s like this
    dudes exhausted from shopping either that or he’s just watching his
    significant other shopping bag while they’re shopping up a storm somewhere
    else I don’t know he looks looks pretty happy about the purchases though I’m
    gonna head into the village and look around now it’s my absolute favorite
    place where he took a look at the side entrance out here in the front
    the scare girls have rakes foreheads and gourds fries just inside the villages
    this couple I’m gonna be a little bit cuter actually he was trick or treat and
    we’ll check this out check on the detail on the the pumpkin people I’m not sure
    what that’s supposed to be pumpkin dandruff I love it back here because so
    quiet just I just love the way it looks – there’s all kinds of shops tucked away
    cleany this one I’ve never noticed before this used to be a gallery looks
    like it’s not here anymore any orgonite bands out there does this
    remind you of the Bill and Ted show last spring when I was here I watched him
    tear this thing out and bust it all up I wasn’t sure what they were doing and I
    was really afraid that they were completely gonna remove the fountain
    from back here because I loved it this fountain but it looks like they put it
    back in so right here and put an old smokey Tennessee whiskey I think this is
    a different scene than they had in the window last year in fact I like this one
    better I think it’s especially clever that the marshmallows are toasted not
    loved spooky scary stuff but I’m still I have a place in my heart for this kind
    of fall decoration actually a lot of interesting detail in
    this little scene book Jimmy it’s back to RJ and his scooter I love the live
    entertainment they have that walk up and down the streets of Gatlinburg
    especially this little tree oh man pretty talented I think these three
    little pumpkin people are inspired by that awesome little tree oh I just
    witnessed looks like the same instruments they’re playing I do believe
    they were pretty good I said listen to them for a while
    whose particular problem people in front of the Gatlinburg in found another one
    outside of flapjacks I like this one he’s serving up more she
    he or she serving up some paying gigs I think I may have seen one like this
    before last year but in a different location is it just me or do these bears
    and I look too happy that there’s a bench on top of them man there’s some
    more of them I don’t understand what’s going on with the pumpkin kids in this
    town the crazy also look at this dude this little guy looks like he’s trying
    to inch his way to the street it’s part running from those crazy pumpkin kids
    think of the guys ready to ride at the top of this gallon Byrd Space Needle
    check em out here’s one sitting on a bench at the clipboard and an apple
    looks like they’re debating the pros and cons of visiting the Hollywood car
    museum err I hope that one of the cons on that list that they’re contemplating
    is that the museum is closed and all the cars are covered up so first we weren’t
    sure if this little guy was this like pumpkin guy’s ventriloquist puppet or if
    it was a kid and I think it is a kid but it looks like he’s actually harvesting
    the child that’s what the true meaning of the gatlinburg fall harvest is
    pumpkin children being harvested I love this it’s a pumpkin tic-tac-toe on a hay
    bale I wonder huh how many pumpkins do you think accidentally get broken people
    dropping them playing this Lindsey look Tennessee squirrels got to that pumpkin
    just like they get to our pumpkins or was it you did you eat the pumpkin you
    look guilty yeah very satiated was it people look a
    little bit happy like maybe they put a hit out on a relative up there by the
    golf course so far Lindsey I have two good suspects for the pumpkin mystery
    that bear and those pumpkin people over there
    I look like they’re just minding their own business like nothing happened or
    maybe it was her maybe she called in the hit on that poor pumpkin up there and
    she is on her phone some sort of car show in Gatlinburg this weekend so all
    day up and down this Parkway the event cars revving their engines you can hear
    it get here a minute ago starting to slow
    down a bit for the evening this is the best time to walk through Gatlinburg
    when it’s starting to clear out this is the last pumpkin guy I’m gonna
    show from the night there’s a lot more around here than the ones that I showed
    just this year they were really hard to get to people kept sitting by them
    it was difficult filming them all well that’s gonna do it for us for our first
    night back to Gatlinburg this fall what an awesome night man running around
    checking out all the decorations and the pumpkin people and now we finally get a
    shot at this photo of the sucker has been crowded all day long when we’ve
    been here with people filing in but what do you think when you think of all the
    awesome fall decorations this year yeah see last year we caught it at the very
    tail end I think it was actually Halloween or November 1st and they were
    already taking all this stuff down and putting up Christmas lights and we’re
    kind of watching it go on but we did catch some of it last season but a lot
    happier this year that we’re right in the thick of it for sure and it’s
    awesome and you need to come out to Gatlinburg this is probably this is
    probably the best place to spend a fall day on any given day you know what I
    mean Tenace yeah Tennessee fall is beautiful
    or fallen that yeah Tennessee in the fall is beautiful it’s late I’m tired
    can’t think or formulate sentences good night thanks for watching a quick little
    bonus clip here we bought a bottle of wine from a little wine store backed by
    old Smokies and gallon bird I think it’s called bootleggers but we’re not a
    hundred percent sure just a winery outside the store facade let’s open this
    up and take a little taste so I picked out pumpkin spice because I was hoping
    Gatlinburg had sort of like some fall food or some ball taste going on and I
    didn’t notice anything did you know like anything fall so I was like well
    I’m not like this right I’m not a bug a big pumpkin spice fan but I thought that
    goes with fall so that’s why I got it certainly smells like pumpkin spice and
    I hope it doesn’t taste like it smells that’s pretty good but it’s really sweet
    so this is the second sort of I don’t call it specialty people wine with a
    bottle of wine we bought from a specialty wine store in Gallagher both
    of them so far been super super sweet for wine my kind of wine yeah here kind
    of wine but it’s like it was like so sweet all the saliva left my mouth
    almost like if it was really try and you like it but it does have a
    strong we’re all pumpkins fight more like mulled spice internet media read
    those like it malts place that you can kind of throw in with your apple cider
    and boil it up and drink it you ever tried that Lindsay
    oh well that’s what it tastes like and you’re about to try it all right Lindsay
    like sweeter wine a lot better and I do go ahead give it a shot real quick v-very pumpkin-spice yeah I didn’t think
    his pumpkin spicy but what do I know she prize a better understanding of
    pumpkin spice and I do well no I know what you’re I understand what you’re
    saying with the molds legs malt spices yes I think is what they’re
    called but it is pretty strong but 10% alcohols is gonna get interesting all
    right good night

    Milan à 360° – VR
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    Milan à 360° – VR

    October 19, 2019

    Milan in 360° Milan Cathedral Royal Palace of Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II On the roofs of Milan Cathedral Inside Milan Cathedral Inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II On board the tramway – line 1 Arch of Peace Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio Does it need a bikini?

    中国高铁 China High Speed Rail 1/2 [HD][CC]
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    中国高铁 China High Speed Rail 1/2 [HD][CC]

    October 19, 2019

    Definitely very fast and safe There is no doubt this is the pinnacle of technology The train is so smooth, the water bottle can stand upside down HSR [high speed rail] brings highly dependable and convenient travel to the Chinese And demonstrates to the world what is possible [March 2010, United States Ambassador Jon Huntsman] [Huntsman] we Americans can learn a lot from the Chinese HSR is a proud accomplishment for China Holding numerous world records The high speed line from Wuhan to Guangzhou is 1068.8km long, the longest in the world construction included 684 bridges and 226 tunnels designed for top operating speed of 350km per hour this daunting project … from ground breaking to operation took only four years, six month and three days, another world record [railway official] China’s HSR program can be described as having six world class accomplishments the most comprehensive technical system highest passenger capacity highest service speed covering the longest distances the largest in infrastructure coverage largest group of skilled personnel and technical expertise the facts all support these conclusions China’s rail network is positively received and praised by people across the world People can’t help but recognize the technical advancements it demonstrates. China’s high speed rail network began a new chapter in rail transport. It’s hard to believe only 6 years ago, high speed rail did not exist in this country. Yet in developed countries, high speed rail has being in operation for 40 years. 6 years ago, the fastest train in China had speeds only half that of the world’s fastest [Chinese official] I studied and worked in Japan for a while traveled on the Shinkansen sitting on Japan’s high speed train I realized there was another way to build railroads that trains can be made to run at speeds this high that high speed trains can bring these enhancements to people’s lives. I really respected was I saw and admired its possibilities. for many years, Chinese rail builders played catch up. on one hand they pursued the dream to build world leading railroads, on the other hand they faced the reality of China’s relatively primitive rail infrastructure that can not satisfy the demands of its people lagging behind in both passenger and freight capacity… severely hindering economical and social progress Generations of rail builders devoted their lives to bring improvements. [Ministry of Railways official] Our predecessors have done a lot of ground work. In 1992, Ministry of Railways founded the branch dedicated to making high speed rail a reality This branch promptly began studying existing high speed rail development in other countries To most quickly adopt and build upon HSR technology the government recognized that China should pioneer a new approach. The question was how should China develop its rail infrastructure? The Ministry of Railway quickly realized the need to gather technical expertise and build up production and assembling capacity With strong support from the government, high speed rail development was fast tracked. A mid-long term rail network plan was passed Thus begun the realization of China’s high speed rail dream [Beijing China] January 2004, Chinese State Council approved the mid-long term rail network development plan. The plan included over 12,000 km of high speed rail lines Four lines will cross China North-South
    Another four lines will connect east-west That year [2004], China’s fastest line had speed of only 160km/hr or three quarters of Japanese Shinkansen’s initial operating speed 40 years ago [Ministry of Railways Official] When we went to other countries to discuss our plans They were impressed with our ambitious objectives but I got the impression that they felt our plan was a dream
    with materialization far off in the future However taking a unique path allowed China to gain an extraordinary leap in HSR development When we started on high speed technology, we did not take the beaten paths taken by many others For some countries, the speed increase was gradual Taking almost 50 years to go from 200km/h to 300km/h For us, our current economical and technical capabilities allowed us to directly adopt the best technology By acquiring existing knowledge, digesting it and further innovating we set our goal to build with the most advanced technology anywhere In 2004, renowned international companies entered bids One company quoted 350 million RMB yuan per train [approx $50 million] and a 390 million Euro fee for technology transfer Ministry of Railways’ negotiation team held fast that price for train be dropped to below 250 million RMB [~$35 million] and technology transfer fees must be no greater than 150 million Euros That company felt it was impossible to deliver under that price At that time we were negotiating agreements between Chinese companies valued at 1 billion yuan [~$100 million] with foreign companies’ that are worth over $150 billion USD Had we not emphasized and utilized our tremendous market potential, our negotiations would have came to stand still, This country’s ability in bringing people together to pursue immense projects formed a crucial and formidable component of the negotiations. In the end, the central government reached agreements with other companies and the company that lost the HSR contract dropped in stock value From then on it was clear China was determined to acquire world class HSR.technology [Ministry of Railways official]; China had to catch up with decades of development in HSR technology The HSR program attracted leading experts from aerospace, material science, electronics, electromotive and more and combined their innovative talents They shared in the spirit of scientific exploration
    and common purpose of developing world class technology The Chinese understood – collaboration is fundamental to development December, 2009, Wuguang HSR went into service on board were leading foreign HSR experts the experts were first skeptical to what can be accomplished in four years time there was doubts regarding the 350km/hr designed speed and smoothness of the train more doubts on whether 350km/hr speed is sustained the whole distance from Wuhan to Guangzhou The ride cleared all these doubts and was well received by international experts. China now has world class HSR… its said that the first locomotives were slower than horse drawn wagons (carriage) 140 years past before the coming of HSR the progression from 200km/hr to 350km/hr took developed countries 40 years from 2004’s railway plan to operating 350km/hr service, China used just four years [Official] and we are not slowing our HSR development Later this year, trains designed for 380km/hr will be rolling off production line [passengers cheering] According to China’s Mid to Long Term Railway Network Plan by 2020 there will be, four north-south and four east-west HSR corridors and HSR services between numerous provincial capitals and mid-large cities regarding China’s lighting fast HSR growth U.S. President Obama remarked in the 2010 State of the Union Address [Obama] “There’s no reason Europe or China should have the fastest trains” Discussions are also underway in other countries regarding how China quickly earned the international spotlight for HSR behind the success is the philosophy of adopting, reflecting and reinventing please stayed tuned to China’s high speed rail progress